Meningitis strikes fear into the heart of every mum – and with good reason, as it kills more under-5s than any other infectious disease in the UK.

You can help raise awareness, and money to support affected families, by joining one of the Meningitis Trust/ Meningitis UK’s nationwide Toddle Waddles.

Toddle Waddles are a fun, short sponsored walk or waddle for the under 5s and are a great way to help children and families whose lives have been affected by meningitis. They are easy to organise and can be as long or as short as little feet can manage. And, as they walk, the toddlers will be raising funds and awareness of meningitis.

You can waddle pretty much anywhere – the local park, the nursery playground, local hall, back garden or even indoors, it’s up to you!

Once you’ve signed up they will post you your very own Toddle Waddle kit packed with everything you need to have a quacking time.

Riley’s story


Riley contracted meningitis and septicaemia when he was a year old. As a result, he had half of his left foot, including his toes, amputated and part of his nose. He has also been left with severe scarring on his body and will need ongoing operations.

Mum, Bev, said: “I’d urge you to organise a Toddle Waddle. If it wasn’t for people, like you, raising money, the Trust wouldn’t exist. They have helped us from day one; through phone calls, family days and having a home visit.

“We’ve also received financial support to assist with travel costs for hospital appointments. Taking part also means you’ll be armed with lifesaving information, should you need it – I can’t stress enough how important this is.”

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