From the latest potties to safety gates, nightlights and carriers these products are our top essentials for getting organised with a toddler in tow.




Potette Max & 3 Liners & Hard Liner, Cheeky Rascals

Starting potty training? Never get caught short out and about with the new Potette Max. It can be used at home with the hardliner or on the go with its disposable liners. It can even be converted into a seat to go on the toilet!




First Cups, Babycup

These baby and toddler sippy cups are perfect to introduce when weaning and for cup-feeding infants. They are recommended by health experts and are perfectly-sized for little hands and mouths.




Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate, Fred Safety

Protect your little one with the latest safety gates from Fred Safety. From gates that screw fix to pressure fix, clear glass or wooden, there’s a range of gates to suit every home.





Home Safety Starter Pack, Fred Safety

With a toddler on the move protecting them from the dangers in your home is no mean feat. This set from Fred Safety covers it all, from doorstops to cupboard locks.




Toddler Carrier, Izmi

Take on trips out with the toddler carrier from Izmi. Tired legs can be a pain and lugging a pushchair around can be an even bigger problem. This carrier from Izmi can be used from 9 months up to 27kg which is the average weight of an 8-year-old!




Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes, Amazon

Save getting into a mess with eco-friendly and biodegradable Aqua Wipes. These wipes are made from 99.6% purified water and are great for cleaning up those toddler mishaps. What’s more, they biodegrade in just 15 days!




Toilet Seat, Beaba

If your little one wants to progress in their toilet training journey and test out the big toilet, this training seat from Beaba is great for keeping small bottoms from falling in.




Moonlight, Shnuggle

Being afraid of the dark usually starts at toddler age and can last through the preschool years and even in older children too. The Moonlight from Shnuggle is great and can be carried around for night trips to the toilet.




Dragon Toddler Backpack with Rein, Little Life

Keep your toddler safe when out and about with this backpack with reins from LittleLife. They come in a range of fun designs and their newest addition to the collection is the Dragon. Little ones can store their toys and carry them around while you have hold of them at all times.


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Child iD Bracelet, LittleLife

Kit your toddler out with one of these iD bracelets on days out to be sure they have relevant contact and medical information with them at all times. They come with two cards one for contact information and one for any medical information.




Moisturiser, Childs Farm

Young skin can be susceptible to the heat and the cold, so keep your little one’s skin healthy with this moisturiser from the UK’s number one sensitive toiletry brand Childs Farm.




Love To Sleep Suit 2.5 Tog, Love To Dream

Making sure your toddler is snug and safe at night is key. These Sleep Suits from Love To Dream are specially designed for kids that like to move around. They come with grip pads on the feet which can either be left on as socks or folded back for playtime.




No Touch Thermometer, AlexandAlexa

The No Touch Thermometer from Tommee Tippee is a must-have in my opinion. You can keep your child’s temperature monitored without having to wake them. Infrared ensure readings are fast, consistent and accurate. It also has a memory function so you can keep track of previous readings.




First Aid Kit, Mini First Aid

A first aid kit that’s been specifically designed for the needs of a family. It comes in a handy pouch that can be stored in a change bag or buggy and it’s kitted out with everything for first aid on the go including a handy First Aid guide.




Coverall Weaning Bib, BIBaDO

Toddlers are still very messy when it comes to dinner time and these coverall weaning bibs are the business. They provide brilliant coverage over clothes and attach to the highchair for maximum protection.


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