It’s great to see a new British brand appear on the market and Castlemil are already doing great things. Made in the historic town of Kendal, the heart of the British Lake District, they’ve just launched their innovative whole milk formula range for babies. What sets Castlemil aside from other products on the market is that by using whole milk, they avoid adding the high quantities of veggie oil needed to reach the required fat content little ones need, which means Castlemil baby formula is much easier on a baby’s digestive system. We thought we’d find out a little bit more, so turned to leading nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire who explains why whole milk formula can be better for baby. 

British brand: Castlemil plays an important role in supporting the dairy industry. All their milk is sourced from local Cumbrian dairy farms. Their cows are grass fed and free roaming, which adds to the fat profile of the milk. Castlemil uses only high quality, British red tractor, farm assured whole milk in all their formulas.

Research & experience: Castlemil manufacturers are a team of research scientists, microbiologists, engineers and technicians with over 50 years of experience in infant nutrition to ensure they deliver the very best in early life nutrition.

Infant development: Castlemil focuses on every stage of infant development, and whole-milk is a great natural source of fat and fat-soluble vitamins, vital to help your baby grow and develop.

Vitamins & Minerals: Castlemil’s whole milk provides the perfect balance of 13 vitamins, and 12 minerals. 8 of which are an array of different vitamin B. All of these important ingredients ensure your baby has a nutritionally balanced diet to help them grow and develop in the most natural way.

The whole milk also contains:

Iodine which is important for infants mental and cognitive development

Choline, a B vitamin important for infant brain development

Biotin (also known as vitamin H) which is essential for normal human health, growth and development


Essential fatty acids which are naturally found in whole milk and therefore do not need to fortify as much as the traditional skimmed milk formulas do to reach the required level.

Did you know about Castlemil’s range of infant cereal? A fantastic line of products, nutritionally balanced to provide your infant with all the important nutrients they need when weaning. All cereals in the Castlemil range are low in salt, with no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives. What’s more, the Creamy Banana Porridge and Pure Baby Rice are also gluten free. Yum!

Castlemil is available in all Iceland Food warehouses and is available to buy online via our Castlemil Shop.  For more information about our products visit our main site. Castlemil will soon be retailing on Amazon – watch this space!

Dr Emma Derbyshire BSc, PhD, RNutr (Public Health) is an established nutritionist who has published over 100 publications within the field of nutrition and public health, winning several writing awards. Her areas of speciality include maternal nutrition, functional foods and health. She is also the author of the successful text ‘Nutrition in the Childbearing Years’ published by Wiley Blackwell.

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