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By London party experts, R.S.Currie

1. Get spooktatsic – Don your coolest, spookiest outfit and make sure you add a splash of fake blood to really freak out your friends.

2. Dominate the dance floor with your demon moves – always terrifying!!!!

3. Put the pumpkins out and make sure you have carved something extra spooktacular!

4. Make sure The Monster Mash is booming through the party speakers and making all the skeletons shake their bones.

5. Remember Vampires and bats only come out in the dark so make sure the lights are turned down low to really get the party rocking.

6. Don’t forget to pin the tail on the Werewolf and keep your eyes on the ghoulish prize.

7. Always smile and never frown when the zombies are in town.

8. Make sure you prepare plenty of party drinks, double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.

9. Never be afraid to get stuck in at a halloween party, no ones like a lazy cat sat on the mat.

10. Easy on the sweets, a mummy does not find it funny when halloween candy fills up your tummy!

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