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Top 5 Green Apps To Educate Your Kids This World Environment Day

Finding the time to sit down with your kids and go through environmental issues may sound somewhat laborious.  It can be hard to keep your little ones attention for more than three minutes when tackling such a heavy topic! However this shouldn’t deter you. With so many interactive apps available at our fingertips, there is no reason to miss out on the fun this World Environment Day!

At My Baba, we have done our research and made the process even easier by finding the most engaging and educational green apps and developers. You’ll be surprised at what you learn yourself!

1: Tinybop

The wonderful people at Tinybop have created 14 brilliant apps that divide educational topics up accordingly. From the human body to space, they have efficiently covered all aspects about ourselves and the world around us. We suggest downloading ‘The Earth’ app. This particular one looks into matters above and below the surface of our planet, as well as the geological forces that affect it everyday. Learn about erosion and tectonics with this incredibly interactive app and watch your kids enjoy the learning process.

2: BrainPOP

This application focuses more generally on all aspects of learning and education within the same app. Ranging from arts and music to science and social studies, this application has it all. After exploring the science section of the app, we found some relevant topics regarding World Earth Day, such as the earths atmosphere, global warming and the greenhouse effect. There is so much to choose from!

3: Care for Our World

Slightly differing to the apps above, this unique app sets itself out more as an animated book, showing how every generation should care and look after their environment. Not only does this app serve as a self-narrating book, but also has other activities such as colouring pages and the ability to create your own imaginary habitats! If a techy, wizzy app isn’t your families style, then this is the app for you.


4: World of the Wild

Set out as a game, this app subtly teaches your children about saving animals and their habitats. Let your kids make their way through pop quizzes and various scenarios, whilst learning about the world around them. Better still, this app has partnered up with 17 charities and involved them in the game by presenting them as certain animals!

5: Recycle Hero

Recycling isn’t always the most exciting topic to learn about as a child, but with the Recycle Hero app it has never been more enchanting! With six mini games, your children will learn how to save the planet and combat polluting the world we live in. The main objective is to clean up and learn where certain materials should be disposed of properly.

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