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Kids Room / 13 September, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

Top 6 Beds for School Age Children Perfect for a Dreamy Night’s Sleep

With many children experiencing their first few days at school this week and the rest returning to their classrooms, all our children will be busy settling into new routines.

The hot summer packed with adventure and endless playtime will have inevitably meant later bedtimes for most. After a long summer break it’s not unusual for children to struggle to adjust to the earlier bedtimes the school terms brings.

If you’re scratching your head to come up with ways to entice your little tikes up the stairs, we’ve come up with one way to ensure they’ll be longing for bedtime… These six fabulous kids’ Happy Beds will definitely do the trick!

Cookie Oak Wooden Cabin Bed

The Cookie Oak Wooden Cabin Bed is a solid, stylish and practical option ideal for children needing a quiet space to do their homework. The cabin bed is a brilliant combination of bed and compact work desk, perfect for those needing to save space in a smaller sized bedroom. Kids can work at their desk by day, and have their own space a night – perfect for nighttime reading.

The Cookie Oak Wooden Cabin Bed has it all – with desk, bedside table, drawers and a storage area. It’s a stylish bed that will look fantastic in any child’s bedroom, whatever the décor.

Bibop Acacia Wooden Bunk Bed with Underbed Trundle Frame

The Bibop Acacia Wooden Bunk Bed is perfect for twins or siblings, and has lots of cool storage space for both children, with places for alarm clocks, books, pencil cases and toys. The Bibop Acacia also features a pull out single bed, which neatly tucks away underneath the lower bunk. This makes it a great option for sleepovers, come half term or the weekend.

If you’re on the market for bunk beds, this one is has been designed with safety in mind. The side steps and accompanying rail provide a more solid and safer way up to the top bunk. The upper bunk has raised sides to ensure there’s absolutely no possibility of rolling out of the bed.

Paddington Pink and White Wooden Cabin Bed

A minimalist, compact cabin bed, the Paddington Pink and White makes for a striking choice for a little girl’s bedroom. It’s modern design and attractive colour scheme is bound to appeal to many.

The Paddington Pink and White Wooden Cabin Bed provides excellent storage space, including deep drawers and generous cupboards. The frame is solid, sturdy and secure, and able to accommodate any kind of child-friendly mattress for a dreamy night’s sleep

The Cameo Sleep Station

There’s pretty much nothing The Cameo Sleep Station can’t do. Aesthetically, it’s beautifully traditional looking with its lacquered stone white finish that would compliment any bedroom. It makes the most of storage and space with its four drawers and shelving units. There’s a non-detachable pull out desk providing your little one with a quiet space to get on with homework away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family. The bed also includes a wonderfully crafted two door mini wardrobe providing even more storage.

The Cameo Sleep Station is part of a wider collection of wardrobes, drawers and tables, so you can build the perfect bedroom to match.

Paddington Blue and White High Sleeper Storage

The Paddington Sleeper Storage is the ultimate in beds for boys. It’s a high sleeper, oozing in style and practicality in equal amounts.

Another compact sleep solution, this bed offers incredible amounts of built-in storage space, accommodating a spacious wardrobe as well as shelf space. The Paddington is made from a durable blue finish that makes a huge statement. The sleeper is easy to clean and there’s an in-built desk the perfect space to do homework, or use as a station for a TV or games console. We have to admit it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

Saturn Grey Fabric Bunk Bed

The Saturn Fabric Bunk Bed is unique in appearance with its grey fabric upholstery and sumptuous buttoning effect. It’s a modern, luxurious bunk bed with an emphasis on comfort, and makes for a stunning centrepiece for any shared bedroom.

Not compromising on safety, the Saturn combines functionality with aesthetics and comfort. The upper deck is suited to children over six years of age, and the high-lipped top bunk ensures little campers are kept firmly in place during their peaceful night’s sleep.

The bunk bed has a simple and elegant three-step ladder for ease of climbing, and both bunks have a sprung slatted base for comfort and support.

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