Once all the presents are unwrapped and thrown aside (quite likely, let’s face it!) you’ll need to come up with other ways to entertain the kids on Christmas Day, and let me tell you, the Queen’s speech probably isn’t going to cut it. We turned to party entertainers Sharky & George to give us some ideas on games to keep the kids amused, and here are six fabulous ideas.

The Farmyard Carols

One musical(ish) person is nominated “Conductor” and everyone else splits into groups of 3 or 4 people. The Conductor tells each group what farmyard animal they are for the carols and they should practice their noises loudly. The conductor then uses a stick, or spoon as their baton to silence their choir. They then choose a favourite carol and when they point at a group, who start singing the tune through the medium of their animal’s noise. The conductor chooses when to point at different groups throughout the song, the effect is magical.

Indoor Fireworks Display

Always brilliant fun, after Christmas lunch. Make sure you remember to do them on a foil covered plate so you don’t burn holes in the table.

Rocket Balloon Mega Launch

Give everyone a rocket balloon and straw and get them all to blow them up and launch them at the same time in the middle of lunch, everyone has to catch their own before it hits the ground

Challenge Under the Plate

One person in the family writes out a challenge for each person who will be at lunch and puts it under the corresponding place mats or plates. When you sit down to lunch, you secretly read your challenge, and you have to do it during the meal without being busted by anyone else there.

For example, “smuggle a sprout into your neighbour’s water glass”. If you get caught there should be a bowl full of forfeits that you have to choose from and do a forfeit. (example forfeit, dance around the table as a chicken)

Decanter Banana, Banana Decanter

Now this is messy but is utterly brilliant! Get a decanter or bottle with a wide neck and put a couple of shots of warmed brandy in the bottom. Peel a banana. Light a scrap of paper or napkin and drop it into the decanter. Let the brandy catch fire and then place one end of the banana into the mouth of the decanter. As the flame uses up all the oxygen in the bottle, the banana will revoltingly get sucked in and plopped into the bottom of the decanter! Make sure you have a decent bottle brush to wash this up afterwards.

Christmas Practical Jokes

The best Christmas practical joke to play on the most annoying relative is the animal game. You set up the game as “animal charades” where the rest of the family must guess what animal the actor is portraying. When choosing the ‘victim’ make sure you select someone who is very confident in their acting ability and someone who won’t mind being teased a little. Before you take the actor (or victim!) out of the room to tell them what animal they must be you secretly tell an accomplice what the actor is going to be. When you are outside he can then tell everyone which animal the actor is trying to be. When the actor returns everyone guesses every animal they can think of EXCEPT the correct one! Watch as the poor actor tears their hair out with frustration!

Christmas Boxed Up

We will put together 5 bespoke boxes – one for each family member. Each will be linked to the other with corresponding contents, but the contents will vary specifically for each person. We will base everything on a traditional Christmas theme with an awesome twist. Whilst getting creative the family will discover clues to crack a secret code that will open a mysterious locked briefcase. The family will need to work together to decipher each part to reveal the final surprise in the case! Let us know if you would like more details.

Companies at Christmas

We have organised and provided entertainment for children at hundreds of corporate Christmas parties over the years. If you are thinking about having a family Christmas party in your office this year, do get in touch – we’d love to help out. We love the challenge of looking after children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. With a combination of big games, a huge range of activities, arts and crafts and of course, our ace team of guys and girls, we will make sure that everyone is joining in the fun – even the grown ups!