It’s the start of a new decade and we all know what that means – fresh new beauty trends!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen it all. Brows got bigger, make-up got brighter and the role of online beauty influencers took the industry by storm.

But what will 2020 look like in the beauty world and how will this impact the way we view true beauty? From hair to skincare to the ultimate make-up trends, 2020 is set to be an exciting year ahead and we can’t wait to get stuck in.  

Here’s what we believe will be the top beauty trends that will be taking over 2020.

Beauty Trend No.1: Hair Accessories 

Let’s talk hair. 2019 brought back some of our favourite hair accessories that we couldn’t get enough of! Did you ever think that scrunchies and butterfly clips would make a comeback in fashion?

If you couldn’t quite get into the hair accessories game last year, then here is your chance, because hair accessories are here to stay for 2020.

From bold pearl clips to knotted headbands, there is now more choice than ever and something to suit everyone!

Green Velvet Scrunchie, Accessorize

Beauty Trend No.2: Twilighting 

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word twilighting? To us, it definitely sounds a little Edward Cullen, but really it’s an exciting new hair-colouring technique.

For all the brunettes out there who are looking for a little brightness, you’re going to love this go-to hair trend of 2020. 

The look is achieved by painting warmer balayage pieces throughout your hair, plus a few baby-highlights around the front. It looks super natural and would be perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance hair transformation this year. 

Twilight hairstyle


Beauty Trend No.3: The Messy Look

A common theme you’ll notice throughout this piece is that au naturel is back! 

When it comes to hair, there’s always some variation of a bob or ‘effortless beach waves’ that overshadow the rest. However, this year there is a new hairstyle in town, which might just knock the blunt bob off the top spot. 

The shaggy hair look adopts typical features, such as choppy ends, optimal layers and lots of texture. We think it looks very rock ‘n’ roll and creates a messy yet effortless look.

Unlike most hairstyles, this look is guaranteed to suit every hair type and is perfect for an easy everyday look.

Whether you have long hair or shorter hair, we think you could rock this 80s inspired look!


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Beauty Trend No.4: Cleaner Skincare

Skincare is definitely evolving as we head into 2020. Gone are the days when using harsh scrubs and exfoliants are the “in” thing to do. Although they’re not bad for all skin types, overusing these types of products can end up worsening your skin causing breakage and breakouts.

Cleaner and more natural products are on the rise and are guaranteed to feel gentle on your skin and leave it feeling fresh and hydrated!

Botanical Serum, Vinter’s Daughter

Beauty Trend No.5: Sustainable Beauty

If you’re someone who is thinking more consciously about what and how much you are consuming, beauty products are a great place to start.

Two trends that you will definitely be seeing more of in 2020 are multi-use and refillable products. Multi-use products are popular for those looking to simplify their beauty regime and refillable products will encourage those to think more consciously about their product waste – two great trends that will help you do your bit for the environment!

Brands like The Body Shop have adopted the Return. Recycle. Repeat initiative and we think this is an excellent way to help people cut down on their waste and do their bit for the environment. 

Coffee Body Scrub, Upcircle

Nourishing Shampoo, Hairy Jayne

BeautyTrend No.6: Floating Eyeliner

Looking to be more inventive with your eye makeup? We believe 2020 is definitely the year to do so. 

Floating eyeliner is said to be huge this year and perfect for those wanting to mix things up with their makeup looks. Simply grab a colour that suits your mood and draw your eyeliner on the crease of your lid to create this cool and edgy look with little to no effort!

Neon orange floating eyeline

Feline Flick Eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury

Beauty Trend No.7: Less-Is-More Foundation

Bringing it back to au naturel, we are so pleased that a more natural foundation finish is coming into play. Are the Kim Kardashian contour days slowly dying out? 

With lightweight and water-based foundations becoming a more popular choice, brands are starting to see that less is definitely more. 

Why not swap your matte finish with something more soft and dewy that will have you glowing all year round? 

Make the switch and see how much you love it!

Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani

True Match Liquid Foundation, L’Oréal Paris

Beauty Trend No.8: Shiny Lip Gloss 

Another blast from the past – lip gloss is back and better than ever. Forget about matte lipstick, 2020 is the year of the gloss! 

Opt for a bold lip colour or a sheer nude to give your lips that extra pop. Glosses are a great finish to any look, whether it’s date night or just a touch of shine for work. 

We think this is a makeup trend you’ll definitely want to back this 2020!

Beauty Trend No. 9: Brow Lamination

If you haven’t heard of brow lamination, then where have you been hiding? 

The fluffy brow look made a bold appearance late in 2019 and as we head into 2020, we can’t see them going anywhere. 

Brow lamination aims to create a fuller and thicker brow look by pushing the hair upwards with all the strands facing the same way. Beauty salons across the country are now providing this service, so could this be the brow look for you this year? We recommend checking out home beauty service, blowLtd.

Fluffy brow lamination

Beauty Trend No.10: Pops Of Colour

We agree that makeup will be taking a stripped-back approach this year but we still think it’s important to experiment and be playful with your makeup.

We love the idea of a pop of colour to brighten your makeup look. If you like a softer, lighter base then why not add a splash of colour this 2020, such as a bold red lip or an eye-popping eyeliner? 

Let the product speak for itself! 


Beauty Trend No.11: Beauty Is Ageless

In a world where everyone is so heavily influenced by social media and beauty influencers, brands have, unfortunately, been guilty of assuming that the majority of consumers are those of a younger demographic. 

To ensure beauty is inclusive, brands are now looking to ensure Generation X beauty lovers are no longer neglected and launching products that are being tailored to them and their beauty needs 2020. Watch this space! 

Beauty Trend No.12: The French Manicure 

Another timeless look that we’ll definitely be treating ourselves to this year is the French manicure. This natural look is perfect for anyone wanting a simple, yet effective way to bring a little shine to their nails. 

Although we love a delicate French manicure, there’s no reason why in 2020 we can’t experiment a little. For instance, people are reinventing the original French manicure to create a look more unique and chic!

Why not play around with the colours and design to shake it up a little!

Porcelain White, Korres


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