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10 Beauty Trends Set To Be Huge In 2023

It’s the start of a new year and we all know what that means – fresh new beauty trends! Over the past year, we’ve seen it all: thicker brows, thinner brows, bigger hair and brighter make-up and a whole set of new online beauty influencers taking the industry by storm. And that’s not to mention the return of the shaggy mullet! 

But what will 2023 look like in the beauty world? From hair to skincare to the ultimate make-up trends, 2023 is set to be an exciting year ahead, and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Here’s what we believe will be the top beauty trends that will be taking over 2023.

Gemini hair

Gemini hair is the hair trend that’s set to dominate 2023. Can’t decide which colour to go for? Now you don’t have to. Two-tone tresses are where it’s at! Gemini hair is about wearing two separate colours, without even bothering to blend them.

According to Pinterest Predicts, “Gen Z and Millennials are behind this rising trend in hair color that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples and pinks…”

Micro-french nails

It’s time to say goodbye to nail gems, embellishments and glitter and embrace a simple, pretty and polished look this year. Acrylic nails are out; micro-french nails are in. Micro-French is a fresh and stylish manicure option for shorter nails and is an ideal beauty trend for busy mums.


The choppy bob

LookFantastic’s recent beauty report shows that choppy bobs are up 550%! Yep, the choppy bob is still very much in vogue this year, adding texture and body to your hairstyle.

The shaggy mullet

When it comes to hair, it’s not just the choppy bob stealing the limelight this year, oh no. There’s a new hairstyle vying for the top spot.

The shaggy mullet look adopts typical features, such as choppy ends, optimal layers and lots of texture. We think it looks very rock ‘n’ roll and creates a messy yet effortless look. Unlike most hairstyles, this look is guaranteed to suit every hair type and is perfect for an easy everyday look. Whether you have long or shorter hair, we think you could rock this 80s-inspired look!

Haircare heroes

Hair Growth Serum Intense, Grow Gorgeous


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Multitasking skincare

Skincare can be expensive, and it’s understandable that we’re all looking for ways to save in the current climate. When it comes to beauty trends, 2023 will see a growing focus on two-in-one formulas and multitasking hybrids for a less-is-more / more jobs for less approach.

Beauty and wellness combined

Bodycare is also taking centre stage, with self-care at the forefront of our minds. Skincare concerns such as body acne, keratosis pilaris, dermatitis,  and pubic care are finally being addressed.

The ‘clean-girl’ look

Low-maintenance, natural complexions are the way forward this year, which is music to the ears of busy mums everywhere. Everybody’s after a bare-faced glowy look, which will rely massively on a good skincare routine. Tinted SPF, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serums and gel moisturisers are the way forward.

Lashings of eyeliner

Looking to be more inventive with your eye makeup? 2023 is definitely the year to do so. Eye liners have come a long way in recent years, with smudge-proof, robust liquids that’ll promise not to budge. Vogue report that dark feminity is going to be a huge trend this year, so it’s time to work on those eyes! 

Feline Flick Eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury

Statement lips

Chanel makeup artist, Ninni Nummela says, “In 2023, we will see statement lips in velvety matte and glossy finishes… Lipliner is having a big revival to not only perfect a bold lip but also to stand out on its own when applied in a slightly darker tone to the lipstick.”

Bright berries, vibrant corals and zingy oranges are where it’s it, and it’s hands-down our favourite 2023 beauty trend. Mwah!

83 Rouge Cape, Yves Saint Laurent


Love Bite K.I.S.S.I.N.G, Charlotte Tilbury

At-home beauty tech

At-home beauty is really coming into its own, with many new promising gadgets and gizmos popping up on the market. From hair laser kits, LED neck and face masks to skin-tightening devices, more and more of us are investing in tech that we can use in the comfort of our own homes at a fraction of the price it costs in the salon.

LED Mask 100 LEDS, Silk’n Facial


Sensilift Device, Sensica

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