We’ve been in complete awe of party gurus Sophie Taylor and Charlotte Brisco and their company Dazzle and Fizz for some time now. Dazzle and Fizz certainly know how to throw the ultimate in kids’ parties and we’re thrilled to welcome them on board as our new guest bloggers. Their first post explores the top trends in children’s party trends this year. 

At Dazzle and Fizz, we always strive to stay ahead of the curve in terms of party trends. From theatrical children’s floristry to magic tablecloths and interior gardens, our team are constantly pushing one another to come up with new, exciting and unique party features for our clients.

Below we have listed our pick of the top 5 party trends that you can achieve at your child’s party in 2016…

1) Flowers

We have been using floristry at children’s parties regularly since 2014. We work with an amazing theatrical florist called Early Hours London Ltd, whom from day one, just ‘got’ what children’s floristry was all about. The key for us has always been to create floral displays purely for children’s events and not for weddings or adult parties. I adore looking at wedding flowers, but for me, they have no place at a children’s party. Children’s party floristry is complex, as it must act on two levels at once; it must both delight the adults and children simultaneously. We strive to deliver flower displays that are awe inspiring for adults and exciting for children, ensuring that they are safe, tactile, imaginative and on-theme at all times.

If you want to start experimenting with flowers at your child’s party, start by using vessels that you have around the house to display your arrangements. Jam jars, mini-pails, watering cans, rustic jugs and even wellingtons can all be used to build great arrangements. If you are particularly crafty, feel free to combine your existing talent with flowers for a unique impact. We have even clothed our flowerpots in hand-knitted jumpers for a Beatrix Potter themed party for example!

2) Balloons

Long gone are the days of puffing and panting, blowing up your own balloons and attaching them to the wall with sticky-tape. Balloons now come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles, reinventing this traditional party staple to couture proportions. We work with the incredible Bubblegum Balloons, who can turn any theme into helium filled delight! We’ve listed below our top three balloon styles that will help make your child’s party theme pop:

a) Giant Balloons

Giant balloons are high impact and therefore can be used either sparingly or liberally and still look amazing. You can choose to finish them with a tassel, ribbon or bespoke tail, or with fishing wire, so they appear to be floating magically above the party. We love using giant balloons to frame key party features like cake and treat tables, entrances and entertainment areas.

b) Bubble confetti balloons

Bubble balloons are spherical clear balloons, filled with confetti, feathers, flowers, or angel hair (yes, it really exists!) They are finished with bespoke tails, which can include silhouettes of any image. Bubble confetti balloons look amazing on the backs of children’s chairs, framing the food table, or on the tables themselves as fun table centres. A bespoke named bubble balloon can also be sent individually to the birthday child as a special birthday surprise!


c) Mini-Balloons

We love mini-balloons at Dazzle and Fizz! They are super cute, versatile, easy to inflate and easy to set up. We have used them as snowballs and jewels to build floral structures, or scattered on the party floor.

2) Interactive Table-Dressing

Children can find sitting down at the dinner table a bore, which is why we encourage interactive table styling at all of our parties. A great example of this can be seen at our mystery spy themed parties. Using white cloths, UV pens and a lot of patience, we cover the children’s tablecloths with intricate and real cryptic code. To the naked eye, the cloths appear pure white. It is only when UV light is shone on them that the codes are revealed and the children’s imaginations run wild!

When you are styling your child’s party table, think of fun ways in which your styling can be practical and engaging. This can include things to touch, hear, see and do, giving lunchtime a heightened sense of occasion.

3) Unique Treats

There are such vast arrays of sweet treats available for children’s parties now, that it can actually help reduce overall sugar consumption. One or two exciting sweet treats can now replace handfuls of sweets in party bags and on party tables, so that the children feel treated and parents can also stay in control. Many sweet artists are also open to alternative natural sweeteners and catering for a range of dietary requirements, so do ask upon enquiry. You may like to consider the following treats at your child’s party:

a) Cake pops

Cake pops are individual mini-cakes on sticks. Typically your child will consume much less sponge than with a traditional slice of cake, so they make for a fantastic after dinner treat.

b) Cookie favours

Hand-iced, printed, or even hand-painted, cookie favours are a great post-dinner or take home treat for children. If you want the children to take the cookies home, ask for them to be individually wrapped and finished with a ribbon tie.

c) Sweet shakes

Sweet shakes are definitely the most sugar-fuelled party favour option, so you may like to consider them for older children. If you would like to make your own healthy alternative, try filling milkshake cups with vibrant berries, grapes (if the children are under 5 years of age, consider halving them lengthways) and other portioned fruit that doesn’t brown. You could also make crudité shakes filled with carrots, cucumber, traffic light peppers and tomatoes, finished with a hummus base.

4) Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Let’s face it, even a July party in the UK can be hampered with rain. Also, finding party venues with outdoor space, particularly in the city, can be challenging. So we’ve come up with innovative ways of bringing the great outdoors indoors to suit any party venue or forecast! A great example of this is in our Beatrix Potter inspired allotment that we styled at Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire, with both Early Hours Ltd and Bubblegum Balloons. The balloons in this scene were positioned in an ombre wall, to evoke the sky and clouds. The floristry was rustic and organic, with moss balls, creeping vines and real vegetables adding to the earthy set. Even the food that the children ate at the picnic was shaped like vegetables, gardening tools and plants. Try bringing the outdoors indoors at your party by using faux grass table runners, finished with organic produce. Vegetable crates, hay bales and bunting can all also help evoke the countryside. You can also try a picnic style lunch with picnic blankets or gingham cloth, which instantly feels all outdoorsy.

By Sophie Taylor & Charlotte Brisco

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