Expecting a new baby is of course a very exciting time for new parents, although as well as the congratulations and excitement it can lead to money worries for some. Having your first baby or adding to a growing family can lead to a range of costs that if you are unprepared for can take its toll on finances.

To help parents save money we have teamed up with social marketplace Peddler.com and put together a few tips for those parents expecting and with new-borns to put their worries at ease.

Stick to a budget

Start by identifying areas of spending you can cut back on and then work out what needs to be spent on essentials. Any extra money you have outside of the budget can be spent on some extra luxuries for you or the little one.

Buy together with friends

Recently launched shopping website Peddler.com transforms the way parents buy online, allowing you to shop together with like-minded parents to get the things you love for less. Whether you team up with other expectant parents or even NCT friends you can get 30-40% off on huge household brands including Dyson, Smeg, Sony and Playmobil as Peddler.com connects you straight to the suppliers.

Ask for useful baby gifts

It’s worth remembering baby gifts, clothes and toys are common presents from friends and family for new-borns, and means you need to buy less. Suggest to friends that they could put money towards a big investment like a buggy rather than another nappy cake.

Make your baby food in bulk

If you are prepared to put some time into making baby food in bulk it really can make huge savings and provide nutritional benefits for your baby. Simply boil, roast, blend and then freeze for and easy and healthy alternative to expensive store brought food.

Save baby’s clothes for future siblings

Buying clothes for babies can be expensive for them to only be able to wear something for a short period. Instead buy styles in unisex shades and styles you love so they can be passed on to future brothers or sisters.

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