Victoria Pearce founded NOTORiOUS KiDS in 2007 after working for many years with children in every creative capacity you can imagine. With a wealth of experience under her belt, having created hundreds of kids parties and events both as an entertainer and planner and with her meticulous attention to detail and an aesthetic eye for creating beautiful parties, she decided to create a company that she believed would stand out from all the others and be the go to place for planning your kids party.

Her wealth of understanding of how to engage, inspire and entertain mini imaginations keeps NOTORiOUS KiDS at the forefront of the kids party industry.

“My mission is simple: to ignite imaginations, to tap into kids creativity and encourage them to be exactly that, ‘KiDS’ for as long as they possibly can. I believe you are never too old to be silly”.


Does planning your child’s birthday party feel like an overwhelming task? If so, then fear not! I am letting you in on a few trade secrets to help ease those stresses and last minute panics on the day of your child’s birthday party!

First Things First – Your Checklist:

I am the queen of checklists! There are a number of key things that keep me organised and relaxed when planning parties but first things first: compile a checklist (We call these our masterplans in the NOTORiOUS KiDS office)! I can’t tackle any task without a good checklist and the satisfaction of crossing things off is great for a sense of achievement and knowing you are on the right track.

Your checklist should cover many of the points I mention below but always make sure you tackle things in the right order. First to choose your date and time of the party (check at the school gates to ensure no clash of dates with another child. You can always team up with someone else to host a joint party if this is the case). Once this has been decided then get the invites sent out or if you are super organised and ahead of time a save the date invite to start with. Once you have a rough idea of how many guests you may have then start thinking about what type of venue you are looking for to cater for your guests. (Venues can book up pretty quick so make sure you have a few options up your sleeve to avoid disappointment).

 Important Questions For Your Venue:

If you are hiring a venue, make sure upon booking that you ask these all important questions so you have no surprises on the day:

  1. Do you have to clear rubbish away after the party? – many venues, such as church halls, want all rubbish cleared at the end of the party. Check to see if this is the case and make sure you ask them where their outdoor bins are. If you don’t do this, you can lose your deposit.
  2. What are the exact hire times? – Make sure when booking the venue, that you have time before the guests arrive to set up and decorate, and also afterwards to tidy up. This can make such a difference to making the party stress free. If this means hiring the hall or restaurant for an extra hour, then do so.
  3. Do they have children’s furniture? – Check with your venue if they have suitable furniture for your mini guests and if so how many they can seat (is this enough for the number of guests you have?). Plus, do they have additional furniture such as tables for the cake and presents and extra chairs for any adult guests.
  4. Do you have use of a kitchen? – If hiring a hall then check what their kitchen facilities are. Do they have an oven in case you want to serve hot food; is there a fridge you can keep any adult drinks in cold? If you are hiring a restaurant, then not to worry as they will have this all covered for you.
  5. Do you have access to power points? – You may need this for a sound system (Top tip: if you are creating a music playlist yourself make sure you use the ‘radio edits’ so you don’t accidently find swear words mid musical statues.) Also, do they have any noise restrictions when it comes to music or noise?
  6. Can you bring in your own catering? – Some venues may have a ‘preferred suppliers list’ for caterers, make sure you check this and ask for sample menus to see what they can offer.

Finding a venue that compliments your theme is also really important. Venues that have natural light and subtle décor are really useful to help you decorate the space easily and effectively without having to mask any interior design that may already be dominating the room.



Delegate & Outsource:

Don’t try to do it all yourself – make your life easier and call in the experts or designate jobs to family members or friends. For example, if you don’t want to be cooking mini pizzas mid party then there are many great children’s catering companies that can provide delicious food boxes delivered to your party and placed straight onto the food tables – totally yummy and stress free!

Don’t fancy blowing balloons up pre-party then get the helium experts in to do this for you. You will most definitely want to capture the magic of the party but if you think you’ll be too busy being a fabulous host to take any pictures, then give this role to a friend or family member and make them photographer for the day.

To Theme or not to Theme? That is the Question:

We love a themed party here at NOTORiOUS KiDS and our clients are often looking for original and new theme ideas as the most popular themes can often become a little tired and overdone. First of all, make a list of all the things your child loves from colours to characters to stories and games. Combining 2 ideas can create a really cool and fun theme such as ‘butterflies and bubbles’ or ‘Planes & Trains’ for example.

Once you have decided upon your theme you can then start thinking about décor and entertainment. Make sure your entertainers can create an age appropriate entertainment programme and ensure they arrive in advance before the party starts to set up and check out the space they have to work within. Our entertainers always arrive at least 30 minutes before the party.


Can we fix it? Yes we can!

We always equip ourselves with a ‘fix it box’ at parties and events to ensure we are prepared for any last minute emergency and can deal with them calmly and quickly. Whether this may be needing a lighter for the candles (when those matches you swore you brought have disappeared) or gaffa tape to stick up the bunting that keeps falling down (you can never have enough gaffa in my eyes) or extra bin bags to collect the rubbish at the end (or to bag up all the presents the birthday boy or girls has been lucky enough to receive), you will be prepared. Here are a few of the core things we always have in our ‘fix it box’:

  • Spare Lighter
  • Spare candles
  • Gaffa tape
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Bin Bags
  • Mini First Aid kit (incl. plasters, arnica & wipes)

You did it:

Now it’s time to breathe – the party is in full swing so step back and take in all your achievements. It’s always an idea to make sure there are drinks and nibbles to keep the grown-ups happy and having an area separate from the children’s entertainment allows them to chat and mingle (without tugging on trouser legs), while their children are being entertained! Now pat yourself on the back and go and pour yourself a glass of bubbles and mingle with your guests – you did it!


Contact details:

If you need help with planning your next children’s party, get in touch with NOTORiOUS KiDS 02073260210