We’re in the middle of teething hell! At six-and-half months there’s still no real sign of any little teeth popping through, and there are days when she’s red faced, beyond irritable and intent on trying to put literally everything she can get her hands on, in her mouth. I’ve armed myself with a few different teething products, granules which do seem to relieve her, and some other handy products you’ll find useful. The sterilising spray is brilliant for when teethers inevitably drop on the floor when you’re out and about. It saves you having to put them back in the bag or find somewhere to wash them when you’re out shopping. We’ve tried an amber anklet, but I can’t say for sure whether it’s definitely worked, but when their teeth are that bothersome, you’ll try anything and everything! I’ve also included the Mustela 123 Barrier Cream because when teething’s at its worst, they say that the extra saliva can cause a difference in stools that can cause a horrible rash. Definitely happened here!

My top tip – invest in a range of different teethers to keep them amused. If your little one is anything like Maddie, she tends to get a bit bored with the same one. It’ll give you options when you’re busy cleaning the other ten with the sanitising spray!

Yellow Monkey Fun Soft Textured Teether from Matchstick Monkey

Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water 50ml from JoJo Maman Bebe

Elephant Teether in Aqua from Halia Rose


Teething Gel from Dentinox

Dr Brown’s Teether from Uber Kids

Nuby Twista Ball Teether from Uber Kids

Zebra Dreams Muslin Neckerchew from Cheeky Chompers

Antibacterial Wipes from Milton

Sophie La Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether Ring Toy from Childrensalon

Lexy Pexy EcoTeether ~ The Harlow from Lucy and Belle

Ashton & Parsons Teething Powder from Mothercare

Penguin Teether from Mothercare

Nuby Bug A Loop Teether from Mothercare

Mosaic Beads Amber Teething Anklet / Bracelet from GoAmber

Gertie the Goose Natural Rubber Teething Toy

123 Vitamin Barrier Cream from Mustela

Stellar Natural Wood Rattle Ring from Nibbling

Moonjax Baby Teething

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