Must-Read Expert Tips For A Better Night's Sleep During Pregnancy

Trying to get a decent night’s sleep during the third trimester can be tough. Experts report that as many as two thirds of pregnant women experience back pain that keeps them awake at night. This is besides the unbearable cramp that can rip you out of bed in a panic, or the leg ache, hip pain and even just your lively baba playing football in your tummy all night long while you lay there waiting for morning. All of these things are far from ideal with everybody reminding you about the sleepless nights you’ll endure once the baby arrives.

While many of these ailments can be unavoidable and part and parcel of pregnancy, Harley Street’s sleep expert and osteopath Dr Rick Hussein gives advice on the things you can do to improve your night’s sleep.

Improve your environment

Try side-lying on a medium-firm mattress and use a medium-firm pillow. To support the neck and avoid the shoulder shrugging up, your pillow should be dense but malleable, so you can tuck it down into the neck to the top of the shoulder. A quality, well-positioned pillow should support the head and the whole of the neck.

Introducing The Kally Pillow

The Kally Pillow is perfect for use during pregnancy to enable you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Developed by leading Harley Street doctors and osteopaths it’s the ultimate in hypoallergenic ergonomic pillows.

What’s brilliant about the one-size-fits-all Kally Pillow is that it’s not just maternity specific. It’s designed to be used by men, women and children over seven years old to improve health and quality of sleep in general.

The Kally Pillow encourages you to sleep on your side, which is the healthiest position. It lies under your head, down your body and sits between your knees to support your neck, spine, and bump. It helps to take the pressure off all the key joints to help relieve aches and pains.

The Kally Pillow’s breathable jersey case and supportive hollowfibre filling are both super soft and machine washable. For those that like to colour coordinate, it’s available in five colours to compliment every bedroom.

Other tips for a peaceful night’s sleep

  • Get yourself to bed at a similar time to establish a regular routine
  • Create a peaceful environment in your bedroom- avoid using electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops to name a few. The artificial light has been found to affect sleep inducing hormones, which impacts on how quickly you fall asleep. You can also try to make your bedroom as dark as possible by using blackout blinds or wearing an eye mask to help block out the light during the lighter evenings and mornings
  • Make sure the temperature in your bedroom is between 15-19 degrees – the optimum for a good night’s sleep
  • If you find yourself still awake – get up and distract yourself for a few minutes, reset, and start again
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