Patricia D. Haimes, Founder of Little BU nail polish offers helpful nail tips to new mums and soon-to-be mums

Two Camps:

There is nail envy amongst pregnant women. Some expecting women experience hard and healthy nails while others didn’t get the hormone memo and their nails become more brittle.  If you’ve experienced healthy nails, then have fun with nail colour and length. If you are more on the brittle side, I would avoid nail hardeners as they may contain the toxic chemical Formaldehyde. An alternative chic look can be nails filed short and a light buff to shine the nail. 

In or Out:

You can have a pampering manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your own home or at the nail salon. Somedays I found that the nail salon was not well-ventilated and the polish and acrylic application fumes made me a bit queasy. A little tip – phone ahead to see if anyone is booked for acrylics while you’re having services to avoid the fumes. Or, if you live in London there are many technicans that will come to your home if you’re too heavy on your feet to leave the house or you can’t reach them anymore! 

Feet First:

I encourage pregnant women to indulge in a nail salon pedicure to pamper sore feet and of course help increase circulation and keep swelling at bay. Even if you can’t see your feet by the last trimester, they’re still working overtime and they need a bit of TLC too!

Check It:

When getting a salon manicure or pedicure check that the polish at your local carries lines that are free of the big three toxin chemicals – DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. Most nail companies have taken these ingredients out of their polishses by law but as recently reported in the U.S., many have not. Our nail polishes at Little BU are water-based, non-toxic and do not contain toxic chemicals.


As a new mum your hands will be working over time whether being slathered in anti-bacterial solution, submerged in water while bathing your new bundle or washing bottles daily. To save your skin, I recommend a non-greasy moisturizing hand cream like Liz Earle Hand Repair to keep cracks away while helping to condition nails and cuticles.

Lighten Up: 

I love wearing nail colour and rotated through the colour spectrum while I was pregnant with my son. However, now that he’s born, it’s easier to wear a lighter shade, so that when the polish chips, you can’t see the damage as easily. And since time has become so precious, a few extra days with a manicure is truly helpful.

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