We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to our Experts, Bloggers, Mumpreneurs and everyone else who has contributed to The Baba Blog this year. We thought we’d ask our go-to guys for their top tips this Christmas Day… 

Zita West – Top tip for Christmas day – stay in bed Christmas morning for as long as you can and have plenty of good wine on hand. Charades are a must!

Annabel Karmel  – Good idea to share the workload and get everyone to bring some food, that way you can enjoy the day as well

Alison Scott-Wright, The Magic Sleep Fairy – Children can easily become completely over- stimulated and excited on this special day, so don’t expect too much from them. Try to keep the child’s normal sequence of mealtimes, naps and bedtime in place as sticking to their routine will help keep things a little grounded. 

If you are swamped by presents for your little one then its often a good idea to keep some back for a rainy day, I’m sure the present-givers will understand!

Bianca Parau, Senior Paediatric Dietician – Do not skip meals and starve yourself for the Christmas lunch or dinner. Have a proper, low fat, high fibre breakfast to avoid over eating at the main meal of the day (on food that are high in saturated fat, sugar etc.)

Jane Clarke, Nutritionist – To keep the food simple and deliciously nourishing, so that I can enjoy the day with my gorgeous daughter and for us both to feel great when we sit down to indulge in Downton Abbey.

Liv Lowrie, Osteopath – Keep it simple and be in the moment. 

Rosie Millen, Health Quarter – Get out for a brisk walk!

Mary Ashton, Maternity Nurse – Leave the games consoles alone for an hour and play some old fashioned games like Charades. 

Elizabeth Pantley, No Cry Sleep Solution – Relax and view the little inconveniences of the day for what they are – little things – and don’t let them get the way of enjoying every single moment of the day – have fun and make the best memories.

Sarah Walter, Style-Passport What’s your top tip for Christmas Day? I think getting out of the house for an hour of fresh air in the morning works wonders. Especially if the rest of the day is about snuggling down with the family, food and films.

Nina Elvin Jensen, Little Delivery – Relax, unwind and have fun with your family. Oh, and use duck fat on your roasties to make them extra crispy!

Organic MonkeyJust enjoy it, Christmas with small children is magical, go with the flow and don’t try and make it perfect AND stay in your pyjamas all day.

Caroline Stanbury, Gift Library – Prepare everything the night before so you can be fully involved in christmas day

Peter Walker, Baby Massage – Count your blessings

Hadyn Squibb, Quintessentially – Christmas Day for me is all about spending time with family so my top tip would certainly be to make the most out of family time! Don’t take them for granted!!

Zainab Jagot Ahmed, Indian Baby Food – If you find yourself as stuffed as the turkey you just ate, eat a pinch of fennel seeds. Great for indigestion and for freshening your mouth. Happy Eating – Merry Christmas!

Tom Barber, Original Travel – What’s your top tip for Christmas Day? 

Watch the Queen’s Speech. Monarchist or Republican it’s just a perfect moment of decompression for young and old alike!

Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm – Get outside at some point. Go for a walk, take a turn around the streets. Most of Christmas Day is spent inside, and tempers can get a little fraught simple because people are cooped up together for too long a time. This year as long as it’s not like an ice rink, we are going to cycle to Church in the morning to get an early dose of fresh air and then will take the dogs and probably ponies out between lunch and supper. We have our Christmas Feast early evening, so we can make the most of the daylight, but even if you have your event at lunchtime, turn the telly off and hit the pavement. Keeping the air circulating keeps the tempers in check, lets the kids burn off energy and helps your to sober you up a bit!!

Jackie, Mrs Fox – Don’t have a social evening and/or too much alcohol the night before and get to bed at a reasonable time – you will be woken before the crack of dawn by excited little people and excited little people and tired people with hangovers do not mix well.  It’s going to be a long day anyway, make sure you’re feeling sprightly enough to enjoy it.

Nina, Mrs Fox – Christmas tip – We always do a brisk pre-Christmas dinner dog walk.  And after dinner, we turn on 6Music and have a family dance off.  This is because I am an incredible pig and believe this to be the most sensible way to create as much room as possible for Christmas breakfast, pre-dinner snack, a really good Christmas dinner.  And supper.  And cheese board once the children are in bed.  

Charlotte Pearl, Pink Lining – Remember Christmas only comes once a year and to enjoy it- not stress over what in the future will seem very trivial worries.

Annie, Angels & Urchins – Enjoy.

Emily, Angels & Urchins – Don’t let them eat all the chocolate money in their stockings before breakfast.

Julie, Storm in a Cupcake – Be realistic… it’s lovely to plan the perfect day… but nobody will really care if there is the odd glitch.  Eat, drink and be merry!!!

Etienne HornerChristmas day this year spending with all our friends on a  beach in sydney with seafood and a glas of wine.

Doctor, Doctor & Daughter – Keep out of the way except to load/unload the dishwasher,  top up the Chef’s glass with champagne and carve the turkey”

Daughter, Doctor & Daughter – Gaviscon!!

Deborah Medhurst, No Added Sugar – Don’t cram your days with visitors/ outings; just stay at home, have no plans and enjoy each other. That’s the really appealing part of Christmas to me.

Renee Elliott, Planet Organic – Prepare in advance and have as much fun as you can on the day.  I LOVE cooking with people, so on Christmas day, I cook with my siblings which lightens the load.

Starlight Children’s Foundation – The more the merrier! Surround yourself with family and friends for a special day with lots of happy memories. 

Louise Moxon, Cocoon UK – Plan ahead and be organised. Don’t give children all their presents in one go, instead spread them out over the Christmas week. Get yourself a timer for cooking Christmas lunch!

Brenda Hart, Cocoon UK – To chill out on Christmas day.

Commando Dad – One of the most amazing super powers that all troopers possess is the ability to transport you back to being a child yourself. But you have to let them. So my advice for Christmas is to embrace the fun, frivolity and yes, even the mayhem. Even if the house ends up looking like a Christmas tree exploded in it, and the routine goes out of the window for a day, it’s a small price to pay. Troopers don’t have that many Christmases before they stop believing in Santa so our job as dads is to make sure that we keep the magic alive for as long as possible.