With all the New Year’s proposals and happy couples planning their weddings one of the questions they will come across is – to invite kids or not to invite kids? Victoria Pearce owner of NOTORiOUS KiDS believes it doesn’t have to be stressful inviting mini guests to your wedding, in fact she feels that they add a real joy to the day.

“The most important thing is to think ahead and make sure you have something to keep the kids entertained to avoid any tugging on the trouser leg or melt downs mid-speech.”

Check out these top 10 tips for keeping the kids entertained. Follow these, and you’ll wonder why you where thinking of having a no-kids policy in the first place.

Interactive Entertainment 

If you are inviting 10 or more then it’s always a great idea to have a separate room for entertaining them. They don’t want to listen to the speeches as much as you don’t want them in the room in case of any naughty words, so create a space where they will be happily entertained. It’s a good idea to bring in the professionals. Our NOTORiOUS KiDS entertainers will keep them engaged with activities such as crafts, storytelling, games, and treasure hunts! It all depends on your venue space and the age of the children, so make sure you have this info when enquiring with an entertainment company.


Activity Packs:

If you don’t have a venue that allows for extra space for the children then activity packs on the table are a great way to keep them occupied. Include things such as colouring-in/sticker books and puzzles which go down a treat. You could also include a drawing competition such as ‘Bride and Groom Portrait Competition’, but remember to make sure there are prizes for all!


Mini Photographers:

Kids love being given a role and made to feel special, so why not give the kids disposable cameras and allow them to get snapping? This will keep them entertained and you’ll also have some great funny pictures as a memory of the day. You can also make a competition out of it and give them a list of things to snap, this will keep them entertained for hours.


Rumbling Tummies:

The main reasons the kids can get grumpy at a wedding is that they are simply just hungry. Have kids snacks and drinks available whether it’s at their table setting or a special kids snack buffet table that is already available as soon as they arrive at the venue. You might have a problem keeping the adult’s sticky fingers off this though, so make sure you make it playful and kiddie so they know it’s not for them.


Outdoor activities:

If you are having a summer wedding and have the use of a lovely outdoor space then set up a games area with activities such as giant Jenga, Snakes & ladders, Connect Four. You could also use a party planner to bring the fun and fab sporty entertainers to lead a super cool sports day. This will be a great way to tire them out and they’ll be sure to sleep soundly in the evening.


Funny Faces:

A face painter is a great way to keep the children entertained, they can be set up in the corner discreetly and you can give the children a number to avoid them wanting to queue. While they wait at the table they could also have a colouring in sheet where they draw what they want on their faces, this will keep them occupied until it’s their turn.


Movie Room:

When the evening party is starting but it’s still a little early for the kids to go to bed, set up a movie room with a ‘midnight feast’ (just not at midnight). Get the kids in their pyjamas and create a cosy area with lots of cushions and you’ll be sure to not hear a peep from them until bedtime.


Mini Disco:

Kids love to dance, so how about a Mini Disco set up with an entertainer playing fun dancing games with props and prizes for all? This will be sure to burn off the sugar rush from the copious amounts of cake you’ve let them indulge in. Alternatively, if the kids are still up when the evening entertainment kicks off then have some fun things for the kids available, such as glow sticks or a costume box for them to dress up in silly wigs and feather boas.


Little Helpers:

Give the kids things to do during the service to make them feel included and feel that they have an important role. They can act as mini ushers welcoming the guests and giving out programmes, or maybe they can be in charge of the confetti? Just make sure you give jobs depending on ages and ability.

Craft Table:

Crafts are a great way to keep the kids entertained and there are so many great options. Choose crafts that will take them a while such as T-Shirt Decorating, Treasure Box decorating, Canvas Collages. However, do make sure you have either dedicated entertainers or help from nannies for example to host the craft table to keep the children engaged.


About The Author


Victoria founded NOTORiOUS KiDS in 2007 after working for over a decade with children in every creative capacity you can imagine. Having trained and worked professionally as an actress, singer, dancer and choreographer she found her love of working with children in between performing. With extensive experience under her belt of creating hundreds of KiDS parties and events both entertaining and planning she decided to create a company that she believed would stand out from all the others and be the go to place for planning your KiDS party or event. Her wealth of understanding of how to engage, inspire and entertain mini imaginations as well as her impeccable attention to detail keeps NOTORiOUS KiDS at the forefront of the KiDS party industry. "My mission is simple, to ignite imaginations, to tap into KiDS creativity and encourage them to be exactly that, 'KiDS' for as long as they possibly can. I believe you are never too old to be silly".

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