Yoga and Mindfulness is core to the daily routine at LNS Bluebell Cottage for children aged between 1 and 5 years.

Daily techniques

The values at LNS Bluebell Cottage are centred through community, kindness, and understanding. This is put into practise through the daily techniques taught by Ms Julianna through yoga and mindfulness. Body movements, breathing exercises, social stories, and guided mediation are practised to develop each child’s personal, social and emotional understanding, confidence and independence.

The importance of mental health

We value the importance of mental health even at this young age. Children are so expressive from very early stages of their development, and how they connect with everything and everyone around them. We help to support the individual needs of every child through a holistic approach that is focused on observing the behaviour patterns and developing appropriate techniques. These techniques help to relax children before sleep time, set intentions for the day ahead during our welcome time, and reflective practise at story time before they go home. We focus on gratitude and developing confident and resilient children who are happy to express themselves with their friends and teachers.

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