All expectant mamas deserve to be made a fuss off. If you’ve been tasked with organising your best friend’s baby shower, there are lots of things to consider.

Baby showers hold their own traditions and etiquette, and here you’ll find our top tips and advice on ensuring your guest of honour has the most unforgettable day.

Mother knows best

We believe the key to a brilliant baby shower is first to ask and listen. Sit down with your mama-to-be and take her direction on how she envisages her dream baby shower. She may prefer something low-key, at home, or she might be hankering over an all-girls’ spa weekend. Save yourself the hassle and let her decide on the basics.


As they say, timing is everything. Baby showers are usually held four to six weeks prior to the baby’s due date: the pregnancy is far enough along, but early enough that the baby doesn’t arrive before (or during – eek!) the party.

Who to invite?

The general rule of thumb for baby shower guests is close family and friends. It’s best to ask your guest of honour to pull together a list of names for you to work from.

We’re seeing a growing trend in the inclusion of men at the baby shower – and why not? Dad-to-be might be delighted to be included with his friends too – the more the merrier is often much more fun.

Themes & games

Every good party needs a good theme, whether it’s princesses, pirates or just the traditional all-pink or all-blue colour scheme.

You’ll need to take the weather into account too – if it’s summer, embrace the outdoors and BBQ in the garden, or if it’s winter, a cute tea party indoors is just the ticket.

If your baby shower is going to include spouses and children, you may decide to adjust activities or games to include everybody. Baby Predictions is a fabulous game that you can make yourself, and it’s a game everybody can take part in. Draw up a sheet and get all guests to write down their guesses of baby’s weight, date, and predicted time of birth. The dads may want to run a sweepstake!


There are so many adorable decorations online. From tulle pom-poms to bunting, balloons and tableware, it’s easy to pick up lots of beautiful pieces very inexpensively.


As with every good party, the cake should be the centerpiece. Keep the style and flavour of cake within the baby shower’s set theme and consider the cake’s size – make sure you calculate the total number guests, so everybody gets a piece.


The most important part of the baby shower surely has to be the gifts. We recommend mamas-to-be having a set wish list of the things they need or want for their new arrival. With this your guests don’t have to worry about guessing what you want and it solves the problem of sometimes getting the same gift twice!

Fabulous new website Love to Baby is a free service enabling your mama-to-be to create her ultimate gift list which can easily be shared with her friends and family. A great feature of Love to Baby is the ability to add items from any online store to a gift list meaning no restrictions to only one store.

First time mums can often feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what she needs for her imminent arrival, but Love to Baby’s brilliant sample gift list includes all the essentials you’ll need from travel to nursery, playtime, bathtime, clothing and feeding. They’ve even got a dedicated list for those expecting twins!

Love to Baby is a great resource to have at your fingertips – and we guarantee guests will thank you for its simplicity!


Don’t forget to buy a little guest book – close family and friends will enjoy writing words of wisdom or sticking in photos or other mementoes. There are some beautiful personalised books available to add that extra special touch.

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