It can be hard to find time to keep your nails healthy and looking good when you’re a busy mum, so we called on Natasha Pilbrow from Le Salon to give us her top tips to better nails. What’s more, Le Salon are offering My Baba readers an exclusive £10 discount off all first time bookings with promo code MYBABA. They even offer a “Mini and Mummy Mani”, whereby children receive a complimentary polish with Little Bu’s non toxic polish, designed especially for kids. 

1. As I almost always have polish on my nails, I do my best to keep them hydrated! I keep a large bottle of solar oil by my bed and keep a little pot of delicious smelling Nailberry coconut nailbalm in my handbag – easy way to hydrate my cuticles before I sleep and when I am out and about!

2. As the majority of nail damage is caused at nail salons, make sure you go to salons or work with professionals that have been trained – if you use CND shellac, there is little reason to buff the nail – whether you are applying or removing the polish.

3. Nail shape trends are constantly evolving but I would stick with a shape that suits you. The shape of the nail can help elongate your hands and improve the overall appearance.

4. It is really important to maintain a balanced high protein diet for healthy nails and hair. A number of the LeSalon professionals recommend eating jelly as the gelatin helps to strengthen nails!

5. Do not peel nail polish off! You will remove layers off the nail and cause significant damage. If nail polish is applied too thickly, it has a tendency to peel off. Ideally, nail polish should be applied wafer thin. As a rule of thumb,   the polish should be thin enough to paint  a third coat – the polish will last longer and wear better!

6. Wear gloves when cleaning – cleaning products and water damage your nails! A great way to hydrate your hands and nails is to apply moisturizer to your hands before putting your marigolds on to do the dishes – the heat encourages the moisture to absorb further into the skin!

7. If you are going DIY, it is important to use good quality base and top coats – otherwise the colour will stain your nails! Start with your dominant hand first ie. If your right handed – paint your right hand first!

8. Store nail products in a cool place!

9. File your nails regularly – it is like getting your hair trimmed – your nails will grow stronger and quicker.

10. Remember – your nails are precious! Do not use your nails when you should be using a screwdriver!

By Natasha Pilbrow, Co-Founder & COO Le Salon