How to dye popcorn kernels

How To Dye Popcorn Kernels

In all the years that I have been making sensory trays I have never actually used popcorn kernels.  I think the thought of dying More

loo roll projectors

Loo Roll Projectors

Have you ever come across those small torches that you can add slides to so that they become mini projectors?  You can find them More

Plastic Egg Spelling Activity

Plastic Egg Spelling Activity

Over the years I have used any remaining plastic eggs that we have in some sort activity. I have done a word spinner, a maths More

foil flowers

Foil Flowers

I do love doing mixed media art projects.  These foil flowers fit right into that category.  They are simple to do and allow kids More

diy contrast cards for babies

DIY Contrast Cards For Babies

Babies are born with limited vision. They can see around 8-10inches, which is roughly the distance of a person’s face from theirs when they More

1 2 double I do

“1 2 Double I Do..” Rhyme For When To Double The Last Letter

When I was at school, I wish that there had been more little sayings to help remember spelling rules.  The only one I knew More

How to make a Pokeball

How to make a Pokeball

Make sure that you follow my craft board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. Earlier this More

How To Make Pokemon Slime

Originally I had planned to do a St. Patricks themed slime, but EC came home from school and was showing me all his new More

grogu bobble head

How To Make A Grogu Bobble Head

I made some Dragon bobble heads for Chinese New Year back in February, but when I was practicing making it I happened to use More

Maths Puzzle

Maths Puzzle: Same Answer Different Sums

Trying to get young children to understand that a sum like 4×5 will give exactly the same answer if it is written the other More

bouncy balls

How To Make a Bouncy Balls from Slime

I don’t think I have come across a child that doesn’t enjoy making or playing with slime. EC and YC are always asking to More

CVC word building activity

CVC Word Building Activity

I find that children love to make up new words. Therefore I decided to put that to good use and make it into a More


Zentangles for Children

The Zentangles method is a fun and relaxing way to create images using structured patterns.  It is meant to help with lots of things, More

Trick of the light water experiments

Trick Of The Light – Is It Science Or Magic?

Firstly, I admit this isn’t a really magic trick – but it certainly has a wow factor that makes it looks like magic. When I More

growing crystals

Growing Crystals Overnight

YC and EC love to grow things, be it plants, those odd growing toys or crystals. We have done a few crystal growing experiments More

butterfly craft

Butterfly Craft

There are some crafts that are great to set up to keep little hands busy while we finish up getting dinner ready or simply More

An Easter Garden

Make An Easter Garden With the Children to Remind Them What Easter is Really About

An Easter garden is more than just a pretty centre piece for your Easter lunch, it is a way to help teach children about More

watercolour easter eggs

Watercolour Easter Eggs

These watercolour Easter eggs can be done as just a normal craft, or it can you can make it into a busy bag for More

Neon Art Easter Egg

Neon Art Easter Egg

I came across neon painting on Instagram, and it looked fascinating.  It is remarkably simple to do so I tried it out with these More

50 Easter Crafts And Activities To Keep The Kids Amused During The Holidays

Nanny Anita’s 50 favourite Easter crafts and activities to keep the whole family busy over the holidays.

Maths and English Easter Egg Busy Bag

Maths and English Easter Egg Busy Bag

I am on a role with new busy bags, today it is Maths and English Easter egg busy bags.  There is a reason for More

easter egg symmetry busy bag

Easter Egg Symmetry Busy Bag

It has been a while since I did a busy bag.  I had originally intended to do this as a big activity, but while More

scratch off mother's day card

Scratch Off Mother’s Day Card

Is it me, or does Mother’s Day seem early this year?  It feels that Lent has only just begun, and now we are already More

blooming flower activity

Blooming Flower Activity

I feel that winter has gone on for the longest time this year, so it is nice to finally welcome spring.  What better way More

how to clean baby toys

Nanny Anita’s Advice on Cleaning Baby Toys

I am sure you have all seen the article doing the rounds about the mould build up in the Sophie The Giraffe. The photos More

Family memory game

Homemade Family Memory Game

I do love a good game of memory/pairs with my charges. I used to just let them win, but now they kind of give More

DIY Lava Lamps

DIY Lava Lamps

I do love a lava lamp, they are so hypnotic to watch, no wonder you often find them in sensory rooms. There have been More

Harry Potter house friendship bracelets

Hogwarts Houses Friendship Bracelets

You may have guessed by now but we are pretty big Harry Potter fans here. Welcome to your newest Harry Potter inspired activity; Hogwarts More

play dough conversation hearts

Play Dough Conversation Hearts

It has been years since I made Kool Aid play dough, and I forgot just how good it smells.  BB and I made a More

connecting hearts

Connecting Hearts Building Activity

Did you ever have Octagons when you were younger? They are octagonal building disks that fit together. I got a set for my 3rd More

pen printed valentine's cards

Pen Printed Valentine’s Cards

Each year I try to make a different Valentine’s Day card, this year I have gone for the pen printed Valentine’s cards. Make sure More

Chinese lion sensory tray

Chinese Lion Dog Sensory Tray

During the lock down at the beginning of 2021 I made a Lunar New Year sensory tray.  This year I have expanded on that More

loo roll printed dragon

Loo Roll Printed Dragon Craft

A few years ago I did a drawing with circles craft.  I printed out a piece of paper with lots of circles on and More

origami dragon bobble heads

Origami Dragon Bobble Head

I tried to find a simple origami dragon for Chinese New Year, but failed.  Instead, I came across these origami bobble heads (they were More

Healthy Honey, Lemon, and Ginger Gummies

Healthy Honey, Lemon, and Ginger Gummies

I had wanted to post these healthy honey, lemon, and ginger gummies at the start of the cold and flu season, but life kind More

New Years Eve Party Poppers

DIY Party Poppers: Happy NEW YEAR!

I love it when I go to parties, especially at New Year, and I find a party popper waiting for me by my plate. More

Candy Cane Science Experiment

Candy Cane Science Experiment

I always find (as with most holidays) we seem to end up with lots of sweets around the house. At Easter we obviously have More

Invitation to create play dough Christmas trees

Invitation to Create Play Dough Christmas Trees

Over the past year I have been quite lacks in making play dough. In fact I think it has been over a year since More

melted bead and salt dough Christmas decorations

Melted Bead and Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

A few years ago we made some melted bead decorations. They are without a doubt my favourite ornaments that we have made to date. More

fillable snowmen ornaments

Fillable Snowman Ornaments

For Valentines this year we made little gumball machines out of fillable ornaments. As we only needed a couple it meant that we had More

button christmas card

Button Christmas Cards

Each year I start thinking about possible Christmas card ideas for my charges as early as the summer. Over the past 4 Christmases that More

Christmas Sensory Bag for Babies

Christmas Sensory Bag for Babies

Yay! It is time to start on our Christmas themed activities and crafts. First up is this no mess Christmas sensory bag for babies. More

Pipe Cleaner Crystal Decorations

While looking through Pinterest I came across these really beautiful pipe cleaner crystal decorations from the website Playdough to Plato. They are visually very More

Tips And Tricks For Building A Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Are you ready to transform your wardrobe into an eco-conscious closet? Journalist Rebecca Newman recruits a stylist to help her do exactly that. 

Halloween Ping Pong Lights

Halloween Ping Pong Lights

Time to start on the Halloween crafts! Woo Hoo! I’ve got lots planned for the run up to the 31st so keep checking back. More

57 Halloween Crafts And Activities

I think that it has been a while since I did a round up of all my Halloween posts in one place.  So here More

mess free painting

Mess Free Painting for babies

There is always a time and a place for letting children really explore painting. However, there isn’t always time to clear up the massive More

pasta snails

Nanny Anita’s Pasta Shell Snails

Sometimes I find the best way to encourage children to take part in a craft is to have one pre-made (in true Blue Peter More

DIY ribbon pull toy

DIY Ribbon Pull Toy for Babies

I do love making DIY toys from things that I have lying around at work. One item that we have many of is formula More

Loo Roll Unicorn Marionettes

Nanny Anita’s Loo Roll Unicorn Marionette

YC has taken it upon herself to bring me every finished loo roll that she finds, as a result have an incredible large collection More

place value aid

Place Value Aid

I still have very vivid memories of learning how to do maths with place values. I remember having to write those initials for hundreds, More

Making paper

How to Make Paper

I have been looking into how to make  paper for quite a while, but everywhere I looked you had to either make really detailed More

Cork raft challenge

STEM Activity: Cork Raft Challenge

EC is really into his STEM projects and loves to build things. This week I set a cork raft challenge for him (and of More

how to make ice cream in a bag

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

A few weeks ago we made some delicious slushies as a way to cool down in the heat. This time we made a yummy More

butterfly life cycle sensory tray

Butterfly Life Cycle Sensory Tray

BB’s nursery was meant to be looking at butterflies during the summer term. His teachers sent through videos of the caterpillars they had and More

moveable origami ninja stars

How to Make Moveable Origami Ninja Stars

A few years ago, my charges were obsessed with ninjas.  It’s a pity that we never did these moving origami ninja stars then.  But More

flower weaving

Flower Weaving

I have done a few weaving activities in the past, this time we have taken our weaving outside and have done some flower weaving. More

photo hide and seek

Photo Hide and Seek

If you ask parents and care givers what they think about the game hide and seek, you will most likely get a mixed response. More

21 Games to play in the car

21 Car Games For The Whole Family

Do you ever get tired of listening to “are we nearly there yet?” I know I do. Here are a collection of car games, More

60+ Summer Crafts, Games And Activities To Do With The Kids

I’ve rounded up all my favourite summer crafts and activities so that you wont hear you’re little ones say they’re bored all summer long.

Nanny Anita’s How to Make a Slushy in a Bag

Phew! Last week was a scorcher of a week. I thought I had missed all the really hot weather when I was on holiday, More

Nanny Anita's STEM Activity

A S.T.E.M. Toothpick Constructions

This week’s activity was something slightly different; we decided to do something that was related to their development of S.T.E.M. skills, which stands for More

Paper plate threaded hearts

Paper Plate Threaded Hearts

Time to get started on some Valentines crafts. Our first one of the year, paper plate threaded hearts, is a nice simple, but sweet More

Valentine’s Fingerprint Heart Cards

Do you need a simple, but cute idea for a homemade Valentine’s card? Well, look no further. I was wracking my brain for an More

Valentine's Bubblegum machine gift

Valentine’s Bubble Gum Machine Gift

EC and YC don’t know about these Valentine’s Bubble gum Machine, they are my Valentine’s gifts to them. So shhhh, it’s a secret. Make More

Melted Heart Crayons for Valentine’s Day

Over the past few years I have seen (mainly from America) lots of ideas for presents from children to other children in their class. More

Lunar New Year Sensory Tray

Lunar New Year Sensory Tray

I have always liked the Lunar New Year; I think having spent my earliest years living in South Korea obviously had some sort of More

water bead sensory bottle

Water Bead Sensory Bottle

We love playing with water beads here. They are just so relaxing. I can’t wait to use them with BB, but because of the More

salt dough clothes fresherners

Salt Dough Clothes Fresheners

Years ago we made lavender salt dough that could be put into draws and cupboards to make clothes smell nice.  As it has been More

easy cone christmas trees

Easy Cone Christmas Trees

These cone Christmas trees are super simply to make.  Hopefully they’ll also be sturdy enough to last being put in storage so that they More

pour paint decorations

Pour Paint Decorations

Pour painting is extremely satisfying to do, albeit rather messy.  I am super happy with how these pour paint decorations turned out.  You literally More

abstract christmas card

Abstract Christmas Card

I saw this great Abstract Christmas card idea on Pinterest, it would have been fun to make, but I knew that my charges would More

Red cabbage christmas painting activity

Red Cabbage Christmas Painting Activity

During October I saw this awesome Instagram post on painting using turmeric mixed with hand gel over some bicarbonate of soda mixed with water.  More

6 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Do While Listening To Their Toniebox

Our resident craft expert Nanny Anita has been busy creating the ultimate Christmas crafts for kids – inspired by our favourite magical storybox and More

6 Crafts to do while listening to Tonies Christmas Collection

Nanny Anita’s Festive Snow Globes

You will need: A jam jar Sand paper Modelling plasticine Distilled water (tap water

How to make Gruffalo sugar biscuits

How to Make Gruffalo Sugar Biscuits

These sugar biscuits are one of my favourite recipes.  I normally find sugar biscuits too sweet, but these have almond extract in which really More

potato snowflake printing

Potato Snowflake Printing with Tonies

Tonies has a wonderful Christmas collection of stories to listen too, here are is a potato snowflake printing craft to do while listening to More

scandinavian gnomes

How To Make Easy Scandinavian Gnomes

To make your own Scandinavian gnomes you will need…

How to make a christmas cracker

How To Make A Christmas Cracker

Make sure that you follow my Christmas board on Pinterest, and don’t forget to pin it for later. Is there anything better than the More

Polystyrene Snowmen Ornaments

Until I was 4 years old I lived in other countries, most of which were strict Muslin countries so they didn’t celebrate Christmas, which More

pet parlour imaginative play set up

Pet Parlour Imaginative Play Set Up

It has been a while since I set up an imaginative play scenario.  This pet parlour imaginative play set up was just what BB More

furniture obstacle course for babies

Furniture Obstacle Course for Babies

It seems like over night BB has started pulling himself up on everything and cruising around the furniture. I love to watch him do More

simple book binding

How to Make a Simple Book Binding

Did anyone else love making little books when they were younger.  I certainly did, and my charges, especially YC, love making them.  The problem More

hogwarts noughts and crosses

Hogwarts Noughts and Crosses Busy Bag

Yes, I know noughts and crosses can be played with just a pencil and paper, but it is still fun to make up a More

naturally dyed play dough

Naturally Dyed Play Dough

We love to make play dough; I love to play with it while it is still warm. Over the years we’ve made lots of More

Potato printed poppy lantern

Potato Printed Poppy Lanterns

Although are time after school is super busy at the moment, I always try to make time to do a craft around Remembrance Day.  More

pom pom poppies

Make your own Pom Pom Poppies for Remembrance Day

For a while I have been trying to wrack my brains for the perfect craft for Remberence Day. I didn’t want a piece of More

Halloween water bead tray

Halloween Water Bead Sensory Tray

One of our favourite types of sensory boxes to do involve water beads, we love the feeling of them, playing with them, but also More

halloween silhouette decorations

Halloween Silhouette Decorations

A simple Halloween decorating idea is to print out some pictures to stick on your windows to create some spooky silhouette decorations. Make sure More

ghostly stones

Halloween Ghostly Stones

During lock down painting rocks and then putting them in parks and woods for people to find seemed to be the thing to do.  More

moveable mummies

Halloween Moveable Mummies

What would Halloween be without a few mummies around?  You just can’t go wrong with them.  This year we have been making some moveable More

moving eyes pictures

Halloween Moving Eyes Pictures

I saw these moving eyes pictures from Pink Stripey Socks a few years ago.  They immediately made me think of the portraits and busts More

Halloween play dough tray

Halloween Play Dough Tray

It has been a while since I have made some play dough, so making a Halloween play dough tray was the perfect excuse for More

halloween clay decorations

Halloween Clay Decorations

We started these Halloween clay decorations way ahead of the game this year!  YC wanted to play with some clay with her cousin during More

origami flapping bat

Origami Flapping Bat

As origami designs go, this origami flapping bat is one of the easiest that I have made.  It doesn’t take long to make one. More

bleached t-shirt

How to Make a Bleached T-Shirt

I had really wanted to have this bleached t-shirt activity posted during the summer holidays, but due to a few setbacks I haven’t been More

autumn watercolour painting

Autumn Watercolour Painting

Although there are many things wrong with social media, one thing I do love is that there are tutorials on how to do just More

Acorn colour sorting activity

Acorn Colour Sorting Activity for Toddlers

As BB is getting older (sigh) I have started doing simple and quick activities that focus on colour and shapes. And now that is More

How to play the card game war

How to Play The Card Game WAR

As you know, we love a good card game.  A pack of cards is one of the easiest things to carry around in your More

worry rocks

Worry Rocks: To Help With Separation Anxiety

Last year when school started in September we would draw a little heart on the palm of BB’s hand. That way if he felt More

Pin Board DIY

DIY Pin Board to Help Kids

As my charge’s days get so busy with school, activities, and play dates, it is sometimes difficult to remember what is going on and More

Glue Sun Catcher

It is always nice to try old crafts in a new way.  We have made quite a few sun catchers over the last few More

one line drawing

How to Make a One Line Drawing

During the May ½ term holidays I went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga.  It was fascinating art museum.  One of the things that More

Black Glue Art

Black Glue Art

We have done black glue art before, but it was a long time ago and was Easter themed.  This craft does take some time More

Nanny Anita's Red Velvet Inspired Play Dough

Red Velvet Party Cake Inspired Play Dough

In honour of EC’s birthday, I made a set of red velvet cake play dough. For the colouring of this batch I used powdered More

how to make your own coke cola

How to Make Your Own Coke Cola

A while ago I came across an experiment to make your own Coke Cola on Instagram.  YC was really keen to have a go, More

sliding bowl game

Sliding Bowl Game

You don’t need fancy toys to keep kids entertained.  BB and I have spent pretty much every afternoon after school this week playing this More

bio plastic

How to Make a Bio Plastic From Gelatine

I have been trying to do more kitchen science experiments because all of my charge’s love science-based activities.  We have made casein plastic before More

flower water sensory tray

Flower Water Sensory Tray

A few weeks ago, I did a flower vase sensory tray with YC and BB.  The flowers lasted a long time, about 2 weeks.  More

colourful soap foam sensory tray

Colourful Soap Foam Sensory Tray

We recently had people over doing some content work on the Baba West products, so we had a few toddlers around at the house.  More

loo roll bald eagle

Loo Roll Bald Eagles

I know that 4th July has already passed but I thought I would post the Loo Roll Bald Eagles that were inspired by Independence More

flower vase sensory tray

Flower Vase Sensory Tray

I saw this on Instagram a few weeks ago and thought it looked quite sweet, maybe slightly young for my charges, but definitely one More

Making Memories with Nanny Anita’s Postcard Diaries

I’ve always liked to keep a diary when travelling, so that I can look back on the adventures I’ve had. I try to make More

waterdrop art

Waterdrop Art

During the half term YC and I were having an artsy morning.  We got out a variety of materials and started creating.  She decided More

how to extract DNA from fruit

How to Extract DNA from Fruit

Did anyone extract DNA during biology class at school?  I remember doing it at A-Levels when we were looking at DNA.  Extracting DNA from More

a simple friendship bracelet

A Simple Friendship Bracelet

EC and I were watching the latest Spider Man movie and he saw that I was making a friendship bracelet while watching it.  He More

Where To Stay In London With The Kids: Conrad London St James

Situated in a quiet street in iconic Westminster, right next to St. James’s tube, the hotel has curated a fabulous family experience for little adventurers this summer.

DIY marble mazes

DIY Marble Mazes

Years ago, I wrote a blog piece called fun things to do with marbles, now I have a new piece to add to add. More

bubble wands

How To Make 2 Different Types Of Bubble Wands

I don’t think I have every come across a child who doesn’t like bubbles. Over the years we have done a number of different More

the one word story game

The One-Word Story Game

When I was working for Disney Cruise Line as a Youth Activities Hostess, I used to do this show up in the tween space More

coca cola experiments

4 Coca Cola Experiments

We have all heard the stories of how if you leave a tooth in coca cola that it will completely dissolve. EC was telling More

paint scrape art

Paint Scrape Art

Paint scrape art is a fun process in which children can make their own pieces of abstract art. It is such an easy one More

How To Play Clock Patience

Nanny Anita explains how to play popular card game Clock Patience. She will also be teaching other card games, including Beggar My neighbour, Go Fish, Rummy, and Spoons.

how to play go fish

How To Play Go Fish: The Card Game For Kids

So far I have shared how to play the card games spoons, clock patience, and beggar my neighbour. My next one for you is More

Picture Weaving

Picture Weaving

Just before Christmas, while I was doing a craft supply run at Hobby Craft, I came across a giant weaving loom that they had. More

DIY french knitting doll

DIY French Knitting Doll

It has been a really long time since I did French knitting, and I do still, somewhere, have my French knitting doll. I think More

Inside Out Stress Balls

Inside Out Stress Balls

It has been a really long time since we made stress balls. I think I first made some with EC and YC when they More

easy sewing pictures

Easy Sewing Pictures for Kids

Since Christmas BB has been interested in learning how to sew.  I have an old threading animals busy bag that he likes to use, More

sight word smash activity

Sight Word Smash Activity

It has been a while since I last did a sight word activity.  Over the last two years I have been able to reuse More

Pong Hau K'i A traditional chinese game

How to Play Pong Hau K’i a Traditional Chinese Game

Pong Hau K’i is a traditional Chinese (although it is known by other names in different countries) board game for 2 people.  I first More

Easter Garden Loose Parts Tray

Easter Garden Loose Parts Tray

Every year I make a garden of Gethsemane for Good Friday.  I try to get my charge’s involved, but it is not always successful.  More

bunny from a knitted square

How to Make a Bunny From a Knitted Square

I “learnt” to knit when I was about 7/8 years old at school.  But a mean teacher really put me off.  I had just More

Easter treat box

A Cute Easter Treat Box

I am not a bit fan of giving kids Easter eggs.  Not because I am a kill joy and that they shouldn’t eat chocolate.  More

papier-mache easter eggs

Papier-Mache Easter Eggs

Normally we do egg dying in the run up to Easter, but I am not 100% sure if we will get the chance to.  More

chocolate nests

Chocolate Nests for Easter

Who doesn’t like eating chocolate nests?  BB has been asking to make some since November! We have this Usborne children’s recipe book full of More

mini felt hearts

Mini Felt Hearts for Mother’s Day

The other week my boss came into the playroom while BB and I were doing an Easter craft and she commented that after 9 More

simple flower circuit mother's day card

A Simple Flower Circuit Mother’s Day Card

Even though Mothering Sunday is really late this year, I feel that it has snuck up on us.  EC and YC have now gotten More

bilateral drawing

Bilateral Drawing

A couple of weeks ago while scrolling through Instagram I came across a post by one of my favourite bloggers (Tinker Lab).  In it More

watercolour paper flowers

Watercolour Paper Flowers

My Mum used make lots of paper flowers when our family was living in the Malaysia. They were very small, like blossom. These watercolour More

oil and water marbling trays

Oil and Water Marbling Trays

It has been a long time since I have done marbling with my charges, so long in fact, that all the marbling ink has More

slap jacks

How To Play Slap Jacks

Slap Jacks is basically the same game as pairs.  However, I find this one really good for little ones as a beginner card game.  More

pasta butterflies

Pasta Butterflies

A few years ago we turned some pasta shells into giant pasta snails. Now we are moving onto farfalle pasta and making pasta butterflies. More

magic carpet flat bread

Make A Magic Carpet Flatbread

Tonies have just released a new Aladdin figure to listen to. To celebrate we have been busy making some yummy magic carpet flatbread. Make More

paper plane elastic band launcher

Paper Plane Elastic Band Launcher

Who doesn’t like to make paper planes?  I think they are similar to bubbles; it doesn’t matter how old you are, paper planes brings More

wax resistant valentines painting

Wax Resistant Valentines Painting

I am fairly sure that we have done wax resistant painting before, but never as a Valentines activity.  It is always an easy activity More

watercolour valentines cards

Watercolour Valentines Cards

I was thinking how I could keep this year’s Valentines Day cards simple super, so I went with just watercolour Valentines cards.  That way More

valentines kirigami

How to Make a Valentines Kirigami

Last week I had covid, and spent the week isolated at home.  I am not going to lie, I actually found being isolated really More

cardboard winter play scene

Cardboard Winter Play Scene

For Christmas BB had an advent calendar that came with these cardboard figures that you put together.  They were pretty cool, which made me More

Chinese Dragon Puppets

Chinese Dragon Puppets for Spring Festival

This year Spring Festival (Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year) will be taking place on 1st February.  Over the past year I have More

Fabric Sensory Tub for Toddlers

I know I have probably said it before, but one of BB’s favourite things to do is put items into containers and then pull More

winter jumper weaving activity

Winter Jumper Weaving Activity

Before Christmas I was sewing a unicorn decoration and BB said told me “Let me do it Nana, I can sew.”  Bless him, seeing More

toy zip wire

A Toy Zip Wire

The other day while coming home from school pick up, BB was talking about an arts and crafts he wanted to do on my More

mini hand warmers

Mini Hand Warmers

Does anyone else suffer from the cold? Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer cool weather to hot, but my hands and feet suffer More

paper plate elves

Paper Plate Elves

Time for a nice simple craft for the younger children.  Obviously older ones can join in too, but this paper plate elf craft is More

gingerbread man loo roll craft

Gingerbread Man Loo Roll Craft

This Gingerbread man loo roll craft is a great one for a dark and cold afternoon.  BB and I made ours after school while More

unicorn Christmas decorations

Unicorn Christmas Decorations

I have been working on these for a while. I saw these Unicorn Christmas decorations on Pinterest and thought that not only are they More

Reindeer food Christmas decorations

Reindeer Food Christmas Decoration

Back at the beginning of November we went to a Christmas fair and one of the activities they had for the kids was making More

Harry Potter jumper Christmas decorations

Harry Potter Jumper Christmas Decorations

Our Harry Potter Christmas decoration for this year is a nice simple one.  It is a Harry Potter jumper Christmas decoration.  Like the one More

3D christmas tree cards

3D Christmas Tree Cards

Earlier this year YC came home from school and showed me how to make a 3D hand using lines.  That activity inspired me to More

craft stick de

Craft Stick Christmas Decorations

I made these craft stick Christmas decorations last year for the Little London magazine winter edition.  I really liked how they turned out, so More

60+ Christmas crafts and activities

60+ Christmas Craft and Activities

I was looking through all my Christmas crafts and realised just how many there were.  But then, after 8 years of doing this, I More

colour monster sensory tray

The Colour Monster Sensory Tray

One of BB’s favourite books is “The Colour Monster.”  It is a brilliant book about a monster who is feeling all mixed up because More

cardboard box boat

Cardboard Box Boat

It has been a really long time since I made a cardboard box creation for my charges. I think the last one I made More

paper plate parrots

Paper Plate Parrot Craft

Our playroom wall has been rather bare since home-schooling finished and I don’t have opportunities to do as many crafts as I was doing More

felt poppy pin

Felt Poppy Pins for Remembrance Day

Slightly annoyed that I wrote this piece a few days ago, saved it, now I seem to have completely lost it.  There is absolutely More

loo roll space rockets

Loo Roll Space Rockets

Woo hoo, another loo roll craft for you!  Who doesn’t love a good loo roll craft.  This time it is loo roll space rockets.  More

chinese scenery picture

Chinese Scenery Pictures

I had some really lovely art scenery ideas show up on my social media the other week, which was a great timing as YC More

flying tea bag ghosts

Flying Tea Bag Ghosts

Over the past few weeks we have done quite a few Halloween crafts and games, therefore it is high time for a science based More

Craft stick haunted house

Craft Stick Haunted House: Kids Halloween Craft

These craft stick haunted house is a fun craft for kids of all ages.  BB and I made ours when he was off school More

origami ghosts

Glow In The Dark Origami Ghosts

I have had a set of glow in the dark origami paper in my art cupboard for a few years now and I have More

positive and negative halloween pictures

Positive and Negative Halloween Pictures

Last year we had great fun making some positive and negative Halloween pictures.  They are a slightly more complicated craft, so younger children may More

ghost bombs

How To Make Ghost Bombs

I read about these ghost bombs on the blog growing a jeweled rose .  They looked right up EC street.  He loves things that More

pompom pumpkins

Pompom Pumpkins

I have two different ways to make pompom pumpkins.  Ours kind of turned into Mickey pumpkins (well there is a big shocker!).  Whether you More

Chromatography bats

Chromatography Bats: Halloween Decorations

About 7 years about EC and I first made chromatography butterflies using coffee filters.  Now BB and I are using the same technique to More

Top 10 Sanity-Saving Products for Reflux, Wind & Colic

Our Top 10 Sanity-Saving Products For Reflux, Wind & Colic

You can breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve tried and tested a range of products and here are our recommendations of the best products More

CD hovercrafts

How to Make CD Hovercrafts

I was cleaning out some files at home a couple of months ago and came across a loads of CD instruction booklets.  I could More

Animal Seed Collage

How To Make An Animal Seed Collage

Autumn always feels like a good time to make animal seed collages, obviously you can make them at any time, but it feels like More

felt tip leaf printing

Felt Tip Leaf Printing

Autumn happens to be my favourite season; I love the cooler weather it brings and the beautiful colour.  Plus, it is a wonderful time More

pressed flower cookies

Pressed Flower Cookies

One thing that YC and I love to do during the spring and summer is to pick flowers and leaves, then press them.  Generally, More

egg carton treasure chest

Egg Carton Treasure Chest

International talk like a pirate day is on September 19th and this year I was determined to have a post ready for it.  Never More

calming lavender play dough

Calming Lavender Play Dough

I know that lavender is meant to be very calming and helps reduce headaches, but is there anyone else out there who has the More

Sight word flip books

Sight Word Flip Book

Well the new school year is underway, and the homework is already starting to pile up. As well as all the normal things that More

Autumnal Marshmallow Play Dough

Autumnal Marshmallow Play Dough

At play group BB has discovered play dough. He also helped make pizzas for dinner the other day. I was shocked, he actually managed More

Drawing with circles exercise

Drawing with Circles Exercise

Do you ever find that you or your little ones get stuck in a creative rut?  That you repeat the same things over and More

multicoloured fishtail friendship bracelet

Multicoloured Fishtail Friendship Bracelet

It is summertime, which means that it is friendship bracelet making time!  At the beginning of the holidays EC and I were cleaning up More

rope and bead brain teaser

Rope and Bead Brain Teaser for Kids

I love a good metal brain teaser, like the ones you get in Christmas crackers.  I have passed many an hour doing them.  My More

Staycation Fun For All The Family: A Review Of Cloud Nine Glamping In Dorset

The kids had an absolute ball, and even though being fairly young at 2 and 4, they found there was much to do.

acrylic sun print t-shirts

Acrylic Sun Print T-Shirts

Have you ever done sun printing?  We have done it with sugar paper in the past, this time however, we have been making some More

Basic Magic Tricks for Kids

3 Basic Magic Tricks For Kids

This year for EC’s birthday he did a magic workshop. He has been into learning magic tricks for the last few years. My knowledge More

sea glass wind chime

How To Make A Sea Glass Wind Chime

Over the summer we went to the coast for a week. One of our favourite past times (especially for YC and myself) was to More

Rosettes Craft Nanny Anita

How To Make a Rosette

Another re-post for the Olympics.  Although I didn’t originally make these rosettes for the last Olympics, I did think that they would be quite More

How To Make Homemade Pebble Pendants

A few years ago, EC learnt how to make pebble pendants while on holiday.  I am not sure what gave him the idea, but More

sponge waterbombs

Sponge Waterbombs: Better Than Water Balloons

One thing that is guaranteed to happen during the summer is water balloon fights.  Especially as you can now get those sets that fill More

soap bubble painting

Giant Soap Bubble Painting

I had wanted to do these soap bubble painting outside, but the weather over the last few weeks hasn’t been great and BB flatly More

Mud pie kitchen play

Mud Pie Kitchen Play

Did you ever make mud pies when you were little? I loved making them, and playing in the mud in general. I remember spending More

reverse colour transfer

Colour Transfer Craft

Do you remember those scratch art packs?  They were black, and when you scratched off the black it revealed a rainbow of colours underneath More

balloon powered car steam challenge

Balloon Powered Car: STEAM Challenge

A new STEAM challenge, building a balloon powered car!  This was the first challenge I have done sole with BB.  He wasn’t too interested More

Sun Tan Lotion Painting: Why We Need to Wear Sun Tan Lotion

Sun Tan Lotion Painting: Why We Need To Wear Sun Tan Lotion

I think I have lost count of the number of times I have struggled to put sun tan lotion onto a uncooperative child while More

floating chalk pictures

Floating Chalk Printing Craft

Unlike his brother at this age, BB is much more into doing art activities, which makes a nice change.  The moment he sees me More

tessellation busy bag

Tessellation Busy Bag

When I was in year 8, I remember going on an art trip to see an exhibition on tessellation. It was absolutely fascinating, especially More

How to make a 3D hand drawing

How to do a 3D Hand Drawing

YC came home from school the other week with this really cool art “trick” that she had learnt.  It was how to make a More

walking paper caterpillars

Walking Paper Caterpillars

A few years ago, I did a blowing pom pom activity for toddlers that was to help strengthen the muscles used for talking.  Today More

Weaving for Kids: How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

Earlier this year I made a picture weaving busy bag, and as it was such a success I thought we should try actual weaving More

origami flick football

How to Play Origami Flick Football

Have you seen Avengers Endgame?  At the beginning of the movie, you see Iron Man playing origami flick football with Nebula.  It is one More

paper goldfish

Cute Little Paper Goldfish Craft

The other week BB’s class newsletter said that they were looking at Matisse’s Goldfish Bowl painting this term.  As a fun little afterschool art More

perfect den

How to Build a Perfect Den

I had hoped that I could build this perfect den outside for my charges. However, the English weather had other ideas and decided to More

egg in a bottle

An Egg in a Bottle Science Experiment

I don’t know if you saw the video of Tilly Ramsay playing an egg trick on her father, but I highly recommend find it.  More

Pentalpha puzzle

Pentalpha Puzzle Brain Teaser

The Pentalpha puzzle apparently comes from Crete, although I haven’t been able to find any information on it. This game is similar to solitaire More

Origami magic circle

How to Make an Origami Magic Circle

I had a lot of fun making these origami magic circles last summer.  They are pretty basic to make, but they are mesmerising to More

little mouse busy bag

Little Mouse Busy Bag

I first came across the poem of Little mouse when i was flicking through Pinterest years and years ago.  It seemed very sweet, but More

walking paper horses

How to Make Walking Paper Horses

I originally made these walking paper horses last year during the first lock down, but we did so many crafts and activities during those More

kite sun catchers

Mary Poppins Inspired Kite Sun Catchers

Did you watch the new Mary Poppins film? What did you think of it? I personally loved it, although it will never replace the More

loo roll airplanes

How to Make Loo Roll Airplanes

Even though we were home-schooling over the last term, we kept in contact with BB’s preschool to see what they were doing, and if More

paper plate penguin

How to Make a Paper Plate Penguin

We made many paper plate animals over the years; they are super easy crafts for little ones to do.  Plus, they really don’t need More

paper plate animals

Paper Plate Animals

4 or so years ago YC and I made paper plate ducks. She had been inspired by the song “6 Little Ducks That I More

water surface tension experiment

Exploring Water Surface Tension Experiment

I saw this exploring water surface tension experiment on Instagram and just thought it was incredibly and that we definitely had to try it More

homemade stamp set

How To Make Your Own Homemade Stamp Set

A while ago I bought a bag of corks to do a cork building boat activity. Since that time I have had about 50 More

fill in the shapes with blocks activity

Fill in the Space with Blocks Activity

It has been a challenge to come up with new activities for BB for home schooling.  We have been doing a maths and phonics More

DIY nursery rhyme puppets

DIY Nursery Rhyme Puppets

While I was training at Norland I was placed into a baby room at a nursery for a term. It was a sweet little More

easter egg potato printing

Easter Egg Potato Printing

Who doesn’t like doing a classic kids craft like potato printing?  We used home-schooling as a way to do some Easter egg potato printing More

Leonora’s Story: Broken Bones And What Every Parent Needs To Know

As my eldest jumped up, it looked like my youngest put his arm out and ‘snap’. I ran to him, had a look and immediately thought it was broken.

easter treat pouch

Simple Sewing Project: Easter Treat Pouch

YC really enjoys doing little sewing projects, so it is fun to come up with new ones for her to try.  This little simple More

marble painted easter eggs

Marble Painted Easter Eggs

For years, one of the most popular crafts on mybaba was the fun with marbles post.  Part of it was about painting with marbles.  More

Sock bunnies

Sock Bunnies – An Easter Craft for Kids

Now that it’s March, Easter is literally just around the corner. I feel that this year it has come around a lot quicker than More

3D paper eggs

3D Paper Eggs: Egg-ceedingly Simple Easter Decorations

Over the last couple of years, I have really enjoyed decorating an “Easter Tree”.  Now before you think that I set up something like More

Easter Chicks: Decorated Wooden Eggs

I originally did these wooden chick egg craft for Little London’s April/May edition this year. It is such a sweet craft that I just More

tissue paper flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers for Mother’s Day

I am always amazed at how my mind can wander and come up with strange connections to things.  For some reason I was thinking More

DIY photo cube

DIY Photo Cube: The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to start thinking about presents. I made this DIY photo cube with my charges for More

positive and negative easter pictures

Positive and Negative Easter Pictures

For one of our Halloween crafts, we made some positive and negative pictures.  They turned out so nicely, we made some positive and negative More

Easter themed play dough

Easter Themed Play Dough: Invitation to Play

Play dough is such a big hit in this household. BB will spend hours playing with it. I made him and and YC a More

watercolour and salt nebula paintings

Watercolour and Salt Nebula Paintings

We have done watercolour and salt paintings many times over the years, it is such a fun craft to do.  When I arrived at More

Creating Our Own Pop Art

Inspiration can really come from anything. I can literally be out food shopping and see something in an interesting packaging and think “Ooo what More

Would you rather

“Would You Rather…” A Game For the Family

I know this half term we cannot go anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a few word games during dinner.  We love More

heart pop up card

Heart Pop Up Card for Valentine’s Day

Time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day cards, again.  I know this last year has been hard, but I have also felt that the More

scrape art hearts

Scrape Art Hearts for St. Valentine’s Day

A couple of years ago YC and I did some lovely scrape art, which I eventually turned into placemats.  I thought it would be More

loo roll marble maze

Loo Roll Marble Maze

Do you remember having those ball puzzles where you had to get the small ball to travel through a maze?  I love them, and More

How to Make a Craft Stick Crossbow

Over the years we have made quite a few things using craft sticks, they are extremely useful craft supplies.  To go with our pirate More

Do you want to build a snowman maths activity

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Maths Activity

Staying with a winter theme for our maths activity I thought what could be better than doing our own do you want to build More

loo roll dinosaurs

Loo Roll Dinosaurs

Does anyone else have little ones that love the program The Dinosaur Train?  We love it at work, so have had a few dinosaur More

montessori letter flash cards

Montessori Letter Flash Cards

When YC and EC were little I tried to make them some Montessori letters.  I tried making them with glue and sand but wasn’t More

dinosaur dig sensory tray

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Tray

This dinosaur dig sensory tray has been a great way to help pass the time during lock down.  Not only has BB enjoyed finding More

spin drum

How To Make a Spin Drum

Last year BB broke his arm! For weeks he had it in a cast, and when he finally had the cast taken off, he More

medallion snowflakes

How to Make Medallion Snowflakes

Who doesn’t like to make paper snowflakes? I’ve spent many an afternoon as a child and a nanny making them. Normally we make the More

Father Christmas Pine Cone Decorations

Father Christmas Pine Cone Decorations

These Father Christmas pine cone decorations are ones that are inspired by a set that I have at home, just like the snowmen decorations More

how to make a straw christmas tree

How to Make a Straw Christmas Tree

Make sure you follow my Christmas board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to pin for later. While scrawling through Facebook the More

christmas cardboard jigsaw

Christmas Cardboard Jigsaw Busy Bag

If there is one thing we have plenty of during this period, it’s cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging. It’s about time I create a More

christmas straw shooters

Christmas Straw Shooters

These Christmas straw shooters are such a fun little craft and activity to do. I am pretty sure that most people will have made More

snowman toss game: A game from the whole family

Snowman Toss Game: A game for the whole family

As a nice break from the Christmas crafts, it’s time to do a fun family Christmas activity. If your household is anything like mine, it More

wooden bead snowmen ornaments

Wooden Bead Snowmen Ornaments

Like our Harry Potter decorations, we always seem to make some sort of snowman decoration each year. This year we have made some really More

pinecone angels

Christmas Pine Cone Angels

I really like reproducing some of the Christmas decorations that I had on my Christmas tree growing up. One of my favourite were these More

paper plate christmas trees

Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Earlier this year we used did an Easter tissue paper painting activity. The one difficulty with using tissue paper to paint with is that More

Mini Christmas Bottles: A Christmas Craft for Tweens and Teens

Mini Christmas Bottles: A Christmas Craft for Tweens and Teens

Make sure you follow my Christmas board on Pinterest for more ideas and don’t forget to pin it for later. Today’s Christmas craft is More

threaded christmas cards

Threaded Christmas Cards

It is that time again to make some Christmas cards for teachers and friends. Each year I ask my charges how many cards they More

Harry potter dragon egg decorations

Harry Potter Dragon Egg Decorations

Every year we seem to make at least one Harry Potter inspired Christmas tree decoration. At some point I will be able to decorate More

Nanny Anita’s Christmas Crafts For The Holidays – FREE Downloadable E-Book Inside

INSIDE: Download Nanny Anita’s FREE Christmas Craft e-book, a complete guide to SEVEN fab-yule-ous crafts to celebrate Christmas.

Colour mixing using kitchen towel

Colour mixing using kitchen towels

Make sure you follow my craft and activity boards on Pinterest for more ideas. Early in the year YC and I were tie-dyeing Easter eggs (yes this is More

Cheerios Bird Feeder

Cheerios Bird Feeder

Recently I have rediscovered the yumminess of Cheerios. My parrot also really likes to eat them, she gets very annoyed at me if she More

Skittles Density Tower

Skittles Density Tower

A while ago I posted about an experiment that we had done using skittles, well we used that experiment to carry out another one; a More

Lego wind racers

Lego Wind Racers: Stem Challenge

Continuing on in our series of stem challenges, I challenged YC and EC to build Lego wind racers. Make sure you follow my STEM More

leafy hedgehog pictures

Autumn Leafy Hedgehog Pictures

Every autumn I find that my pockets and bags are filled with the remains of leaves that my charges have given to me. This More

drop painting

Drop Painting Process Art Activity

Exploring new painting techniques with YC and EC has been one of the best things about lock down. Our newest method was all about More

firework salt paintings

Firework Salt Paintings

I have always found that salt painting is a huge hit amongst children. YC and EC loved it when they were younger. We haven’t More

magnetic sensory bottle

Magnetic Sensory Bottle

I’ve wanted to make a magnetic sensory bottle for a while, they just look so cool. We have had magnetic sensory tray before, so More

moveable owl puppet

Moveable Owl Puppets

I love doing owl crafts, they are such an easy bird to draw. This time we have been making moveable owl puppets. Make sure More

junk model haunted mansion

Junk Model Haunted Mansion for Small World Play

Our box of junk modelling is beginning to overflow and has been begging to be used. I decided to use a couple of boxes More

Loo roll mummies

Loo Roll Mummies: Craft for Toddlers

If you need a quick and simply Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers, then these loo roll mummies are perfect. Make sure you follow More

Conker eyeball sensory tray

Conker Eyeball Sensory Tray

It is conker time! Every September my charges seem to collet every conker that they see and we end up with baskets full of More

Hama bead pumpkins

Halloween Hama Bead Pumpkins

I was going to try making some Lego pumpkins with my charges, but after a search through all the blocks, there really wasn’t enough More

fizzing baking soda bats

Fizzing Baking Soda Bats Experiment

I have done this baking soda and vinegar experiment before; this is just a variation of it. It’s always fun and goes down well More

tin can lanterns

Homemade Tin Can Lanterns

These tin can lanterns are for older children and definitely require adult supervision. If you decide to turn them into candles then younger children More

wooden spoon puppets

Wooden Spoon Puppets for Story Time

While I was training at college, we had to make up our own story bags; they would be full of props to go with More

halloween pumpkin pairs game

Halloween Pumpkin Pairs Game

A few weeks ago I did a Halloween themed memory game that went down a storm with my charges. Today’s game is another memory More

How To Decorate A Small Nursery Or Kids’ Room

Here are some top tips on how to decorate a small nursery and make the most of a small space with colour, furniture and accessories.

balloon races

Balloon Races For A Rainy Day

Balloon races are a great activity for a rainy day, especially if you have a house full of children over a wide age range. More

loo roll stamping autumn trees

Loo Roll Stamping Autumn Trees

Ah, it is my favourite time of the year again: autumn! There is something so special about it. Those crisp mornings, a certain autumnal More

name sensory tray

Name Sensory Tray

The new school year has started and little ones are heading out to nursery or school. When YC and EC were really little and More

how to make papyrus

How to Make Papyrus

Last term EC was learning about Ancient Egypt for history. I’m not going to lie; I was pretty psyched about it. I have always More

watercolour silhouette pictures

Watercolour Silhouette Pictures

We’ve been working on some water colouring skills, especially with blending colours. To practise we have been making some watercolour silhouette pictures. Make sure More

pasta structures

Pasta Structures for Fine Motor Skill Development

Threading pasta is a very easy activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers to help improve their fine motor skills. We have taken it one step More

pom pom mazes

Pom Pom Mazes

Last year I did a pom pom blowing activity for BB. It was a good activity to help with oral development, which is important More

How to make worry dolls

Make Your Own Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls come from Guatemala and were created as a remedy for worrying. According to Mayan legends, when someone is kept awake worrying, they More

worry pets

How to Make Your Own Worry Pets

I recently put a post up about worry rocks for kids to take into school. This post is along a similar theme but is More

sea creatures sensory tray

Sea Creatures Sensory Tray

I have been waiting to do a water themed sensory tray all summer. Unfortunately BB had an accident that meant that we couldn’t get More

11 Autumn Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Here are 11 autumn crafts in one place for you to find and do with your little ones season.

twig raft

How to Build a Twig Raft

With lock down and all the social distancing, it has meant that we haven’t been able to go to Scouts. That hasn’t stopped us More

phonic find game

Phonic Find Game

We have done a similar phonic find game before. Before I would give them a letter and they would have a minute to find More

bird feeding number activity

Bird Feeding Number Activity

There are lots of maths activities that I have done over the years with EC and YC, especially when they were younger. Now that More

Autumn sensory tray

Autumn Sensory Tray

Now that BB is finally sitting up unaided it is time to break out the sensory activities. First up is our autumn sensory tray. More

Human Pac-man game

Human Pac-man Party Game

Did you enjoy playing Pac-man as a kid? We came up with a human Pac-man version that has proved a big hit with my More

egg carton sharks

Egg Carton Sharks

Egg cartons are great for junk modelling, and over the past few months we have been collecting lots of packaging and creating lots of More

agamograph pictures

Agamograph Pictures

The first time I came across agamograph pictures was when I was in year 5 and I boy in my class brought one in More

rainbow fish celery painting

Make Rainbow Fish By Painting With Celery Sticks

I think that most people will have, at some point, printed using potatoes. It is such a classic children’s craft, however, the majority of More

clay owls

How to Make Clay Owls

We had the clay out the other day, there is something very calming about using clay, it is a great stress reliever. YC was More

construction sensory tray

Construction Sensory Tray

Summer is a great time to be playing with water and running around outside. Unfortunately for us, water play and running around is off More

cardboard frisbees

How to Make Cardboard Frisbees

When I was making the bean bag toss game I saved up the cardboard disks that I cut out from it. As I was More

Balloon art

Have Fun Painting with Balloons (WARNING: This craft is messy!)

Have you ever watched The Princess Diaries (the books are better)? There is a scene in the first movie were Mia and her mother More

Origami Koala Bookmark

Easy Origami Koala Bookmark

Origami is great craft; it doesn’t require much to do it and it is fab for developing fine motor stills.   Now that everything has More

how to make bean bags

How to Make Bean Bags

Bean bags are such a versatile piece of equipment. They are can be used in games that help develop gross motor skills and balance. More

The Easiest Way To Book Your Family’s Social Distancing Photoshoot

If you’re looking to arrange a social distancing photoshoot for your family check out my recommendation for finding the best photographer in your area.

minute to win it party games

10 Minute to Win it Party Games

Minute to win it games are simple team games that are normally timed. They make really fun party games or even for a family More

plastic bottle wind spinner

Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner

While I am not advocating using plastic bottles, if you do happen to have a couple of them lying around then this plastic bottle More

pascal colour wheel

Pascal Colour Wheel from Disney Family

I think by now you have properly realised that I love Disney, I love any opportunity to do a Disney inspired craft, or sneak More

Rhyming Words Match Game

Make sure you are following our reading board on Pinterest for more ideas. An important part of learning to read is learning about rhyming More

watercolour quotes

Watercolour Quotes for Father’s Day

When it comes to making presents, I find myself thinking, “will they actually use it, or will it just end up forgotten about in More

craft stick catapult

Craft Stick Catapult Steam Challenge

At the beginning of the year I stated I wanted to do more steam activities with EC as he doesn’t really want to do More

How to Make Adorable Mini Father’s Day Pictures

Make sure you follow our craft board on Pinterest for more ideas. It is always difficult to come up with new and fun idea More

Using Natural Paintbrushes to Paint With

Using Natural Paintbrushes

Make sure you follow our craft board on Pinterest for more ideas: We often get the paintbrushes out to do painting, but today we More

rainbow ice chalk

Rainbow Ice Chalk

This spring has had such wonderful weather that we have been spending much of the time outside. It is always fun to take art More

How to Make Minion TP Rolls with the Kids

These Minion TP rolls are really fun and easy to do, your little ones are sure to love making them! Make sure you follow More

How to make a Kaleidoscope

Make sure you follow our activity board on Pinterest for more ideas. When I was little I had the world’s greatest Kaleidoscope, well it More

how to make scrunchies

How to Sew Scrunchies

YC has really taken an interest in sewing.   I started her off with the sewing machine to make morsbags, and now we have moved More

Spin Art: Art Kit vs Homemade

EC got a spin art set for his birthday a few months ago and today we decided to get it out and play with More

How to make craft stick fairy doors

How to Make Your Own Fairy Doors

Making fairy doors seems to be the epitome of childhood innocence. To believe in something so innocent and pure is what childhoods should be More

Disney's Fab 5 Loo Rolls

Disney’s Fab 5 Loo Roll Craft

If there is one thing people may have lots of at the moment it is loo roll! I have always been kept well stocked More

dont eat pete educational game

“Don’t Eat Pete” Educational Game

I came across the game “Don’t Eat Pete” on Pinterest while looking for games for Cub Scouts. It was meant to be just a More

digging for sight words

Digging For Sight Words

Make sure you follow our reading board on Pinterest for more ideas. YC’s list of sight words grows weekly, and although she is very More

build a lift stem challenge

Build a Lift Stem Challenge

Trying to find ideas that are easy to do, fill up the time, and are educational can be tricky at the best of times. More

hansel and gretel play set

Hansel and Gretel Play Set

I love making storybook play sets; I think that they add another dimension to the whole story telling process. You can either use the More

DIY table football set

How To Make Your Own DIY Table Football Set

At the moment I am really into making our own homemade versions of games like our Scrabble game and tin can stilts. This week More

pasta mandalas and other pictures

Pasta Mandalas and Other Pictures

Over the Christmas period a little mouse got into my storage box for my sensory tray fillings and tired to eat its way through More

World Snap Playing Cards

Download Nanny Anita’s Brilliant World Snap Game

These snap cards have been a labour of love for me, I started making them over a year ago and have only just finished More

pom pom shooter

Pom Pom Shooters

These pom pom shooters are guaranteed to delight your little ones. I pre-made ours and had them on the dinning table to hand out More

peace dove kites

VE Day Peace Dove Kites

On Friday 8th May we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day.   I’ve been scratching my head over what we could make More

Capital to little letter match with downloadable worksheet

Here is a simple capital and little letter match game. You will need: Capital and little letter worksheet Pen Very simply they need to More

DIY Tin Can Monster Feet Stilts

DIY Tin Can Monster Feet Stilts

Did you ever use stilts in your PE classes at school? I have really vivid memories of using them when I was in primary More

James Bond card game

How To Play the James Bond Card Game

“Go fish” is one of our favourite card games. It is easy and very addictive. Recently I have been teaching my charges a different More

diet coke and mentos science experiment

Diet Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

When I worked for Disney Cruise Line one of the experiments we used to do with the children was the Diet Coke and Mentos More


How To Make Morsbags

Last year I was given the book No More Plastic by Martin Dorey. He is the founder of the 2 minute solution. It’s a More

Let's go fly a kite - how to make a paper kite

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: How To Make a Paper Kite

Spring brings with it the perfect weather for flying kites; so to finish up our Easter holidays we made some perfect paper kites to More

St. George's Day Shadow Puppet Theatre

St. George’s Day Shadow Puppet Theatre

I always feel that St. George’s day passes the English by with very little attention, which makes me rather sad, especially when so much More

paper world seed bomb

Paper World Seed Bombs for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! If there is one positive that we can take away from this how lock down situation, it’s that the air quality More

Minute to win it: Sound Search

A Minute to Win it: Sound Search

Another fun and easy phonics game for children. One of the big parts of learning to read is being able to identify the sounds More

Speed Sight Word Game

Have Fun with This Speed Sight Word Game

I don’t think there is anything better than doing an educational activity that really makes you laugh, I think it stops children from thinking More

surprise rainbow drawing

Surprise Rainbow Drawings

There have been so many wonderful pictures of rainbows that people have put up in their windows to bring cheer to others, support the More

How to make a Thaumatrope

How to make a Thaumatrope

A thaumatrope is a 19th Century toy; it is a disk with a picture on each side, which is attached to two pieces of More

Magic E Wand

Magic E Wands – An activity to help with reading

I remember watching those English look and read TV series on the BBC when I was at school (gosh is that showing my age); More

easter jars

Easter Jars for your Table Centrepiece

This year I want to have more prepared for Easter Sunday table decorations. We always have our decorated eggs, although sometimes we make them More

jumping bean easter eggs

Jumping Bean Easter Eggs

This Easter craft started out as one thing but changed into something else while making it. Did you ever have jumping beans? Well these More

Skittles Science Experiment

Skittles Science Experiment

Do you ever see a craft or activity online and think “I have to do that?” (I hope that at least some of my More

balloon counting

Balloon Counting – An Easy Maths Game for Kids

This is just an easy and simple maths game to help little ones with counting, writing their numbers and gross motor skills. You will More

Spray Eggs

Water Coloured Spray Eggs Easter Craft

It seems strange to be doing Easter crafts while self-isolating at work. Eggs seems to be in short supply now, so I understand how More

Tape Art

Tape Art

For the Easter holidays I had planned for lots of arts and other activities. With no school to worry about, we have so much More

paper plate chicks

Paper Plate Chicks

This is Easter is turning into a strange one with everyone trying to keep their distance and staying home. Paper plate chicks are a More

tissue paper painting easter eggs

Tissue Paper Painting Easter Eggs

We haven’t done tissue paper painting for years. I think the last craft we did with it was a Halloween one. As BB has More

maths egg spinner

Maths Easter Egg Spinner

Last year I turned some of our endless supply of plastic eggs into word spinners. This year I have turned some more of our More

Black Glue Easter Pictures

Black Glue Easter Pictures

I do love it when a craft turns out so much better than you thought it would. I was excited to make these black More

homemade gel air fresheners

DIY Gel Air Fresheners for Mother’s Day

It is that time again to make some homemade gifts for Mothering Sunday. Over the years we have made a variety of things, this More

lego challenge

Nanny Anita’s LEGO Challenge

The LEGO challenge is very simple. Each person takes it in turn to name something like an object, animal, plant etc. Then everyone builds it.

Tye Dyed Easter Eggs

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

This year has had a landmark event happen, I have learnt how to dye eggs! Now, you might not see that as a landmark More

farmyard sensory tray

Farmyard Sensory Tray

The weather has been pretty shocking as of late. Today I feel that we have had 4 seasons in a day; we started with More

Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

In my search to find new ways to decorate eggs I tried to marble them using marbling ink, which turned out to be a More

A Puffy Paint Card for Mother’s Day

There are a lot of recipes out there for puffy paint that require a microwave, but I managed to find one from the Artful More

junk model paddleboat

How to Make a Junk Model Paddleboat

As EC is getting older, he is less inclined to take part in the craft activities. Which is absolutely fine, I just need to More

Hidden Sight Words

Hidden Sight Words

Every day YC comes home with a key ring of sight words that she needs to practice. Once she has learnt them, new words More

clothespin airplanes

Clothespin Airplanes for Little Aviators

Which toddler/pre-schooler isn’t obsessed, in some way, with cars, trains, or planes? My niece loves cars and planes, as does BB. I often have More

Posy of Paper Flowers

Posy of Paper Flowers For Mothering Sunday

For this years Mothering Sunday gift I thought I would go back to the tradition of giving flowers. At my church we always get More

Scrabble Jr Busy Bag

Scrabble Junior Busy Bag

I’m not sure why I decided to make our own Scrabble Junior busy bag but at the time I must have thought that it More

capsicle! Help save Captain America from the ice

Capsicle! Help Save Captain America From the Ice

Im not going to lie, I am super proud of this activity. Not because of it’s coolness factor, but because it appealed to the More

Miffy Puppets: A Story Bag

Miffy Puppets: A Story Bag

One thing I remember having to do at Norland was to make a story bag and fill it with props to go with a More

How to make aqua sand

How to Make Aqua Sand

Did you ever play with Aqua Sand when you were younger? I never did. I feel that my mum would have hated having it More

What is gravity?

What is Gravity? A Craft for Kids

This week’s science experiment is an easy one, it doesn’t require any real set up or clean up time (unless you make a huge More

How To Make Silky Soft Playdough

We have made this playdough before but it was such a long time ago that we thought that we would give it another go. More

calming beaded strings

Calming Beaded Strings for Anxious Children

These calming beaded strings aren’t my idea in any way. I was asked to make them by Leo after Dr Maryhan Baker talked about More

A Jar Full of Love: A Valentines Gift

I love coming up with new ideas for homemade and thoughtful gifts. As I was looking through Pinterest a while ago I kept coming More

chocolate hearts

Homemade Chocolate Hearts for Valentine’s Gifts

What’s better than getting chocolate on Valentine’s Day? We’ve been making some lovely chocolate hearts as sweet little presents to give out to friends More

Koi Fish Printing

Koi Fish Printing

As Chinese New Year approaches (8th Feb) we took the time to paint some beautiful Koi fish. Koi fish are domesticated carp fish, which More

spinning heart valentine's day card

Spinning Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Last year we made some really difficult (yet really cool) circuit Valentine’s Day cards. This year we have gone back to simple with a More

Mardi Gras Masks

Make Your Own Mardi Gras Masks

In England we obviously don’t celebrate the day before Lent in the same way as other countries do. Of course we eat yummy pancakes, More

Mend a broken heart maths challenge

Mend A Broken Heart Maths Challenge

This activity can be done on so many levels; from number matching to really hard maths problems. You will need Red paper Scissors Pens More

winter animal sensory tray

Winter Animal Sensory Tray

A few years a go I made a cloud dough sensory tray. Well, it is time to get it out again, this time it’s More

Wow! Look at my Word Bank

Wow! Look at My Word Bank!

A few months ago we had gentleman come to visit EC from the Lyndhurst Dyslexia Centre. He spent half an hour with EC going More

ice rink for lego figures

Ice Skating Rink for Lego Figures

Coming up with winter inspired crafts and activities for after Christmas is always hard. Mainly because in my Christmas is the winter season. Coming More

Valentines Pattern Pictures

Valentine’s Heart Pattern Pictures

Last year I made a Valentine’s Bingo game and was left with hundreds of cut out hearts. Rather than throw them away I stuck More

Making rainbows: Exploring Light with Prisms

Making Rainbows: Exploring Light with a Prism

EC came home the other day with a reading book all about rainbows, after finishing it he decided that he wanted to make a More

Simple friendship bracelets

3 Simple Friendship Bracelets

This brings back so many memories. I first started making them when I was a camper at Camp Beaumont. Just simple friendship bracelets, mainly More

how to make elephant toothpaste

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste has been an experiment I have wanted to try for ages. However, I thought getting my hands on the chemicals would be More

Egg Geodes: Grow your own crystals

Egg Geodes: Grow Your Own Crystals

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. After the excitement More

exploring magnets sensory tray

Exploring Magnets: A Sensory Tray

This exploring magnets sensory tray was inspired by BB when he was playing with a train set. He had discovered that a magnetic pen More

Mission impossible sight word game

Mission Impossible Style Sight Words Game

Do you know what will get children jumping up and down with excitement and wanting to do their homework? Showing them that they are More

chromatography snowflakes

Making Chromatography Snowflakes

I am pretty sure that when your little ones get sent home with all their work on the last day of term there will More

How to Make Handmade Washi Tape Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year to make a set of handmade Christmas cards for my charge’s teachers. I honestly can’t believe that it has More

Fingerprint Snowmen Cards

I made these fingerprint snowmen cards last year for Little London magazine, and then totally forgot about them. So it was a nice surprise More

easy quilled snowflakes

Easy Quilled Snowflakes: A Craft for Older Children

The majority of my crafts and activities are for children of all ages, but I felt it was time for a craft that was More

nativity story stones

Nativity Story Stones

I’ve been rather obsessed with making things out of stones over the last few months, they make wonderful story stones. My first set are More

Making Lolly Pop Stick Catapults with the Kids

This is sure to be a big hit with your little and big ones. I made these the other day while EC and YC More

Harry Potter peg decorations

Harry Potter Peg Decorations

We love making Harry Potter inspired Christmas decorations, maybe in a few more years we will have enough different ones to have a Harry More

How to Transform a Loo Roll into An Owl. Twit Twoo!

When I was little one of my favourite books was “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark”, in fact I think it was More

plant pot bird feeder

Upcycled Plant Pot Bird Feeder

It seems the colder weather has hit, we actually had snow last week! I don’t ever recall getting snow in Autumn before, spring yes, More

frozen inspired play dough invitation to play

Frozen Inspired Play Dough Invitation to Play

The new Frozen 2 movie comes out this Friday! In honour of its release we have been playing with this Frozen inspired play dough More

paper plate poppies

Paper Plate Poppies

It is that time of the year that we pause and remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to help protect our country. This More

exploring light treasure basket

Exploring Light Treasure Basket

We do love getting the light box out every now and then. BB was asking for it just the other week. This time I More

chickpea sensory counting tray

Chickpea Sensory Counting Tray

Over the last couple of weeks BB has suddenly started counting. He tries hard to count items correctly, sometimes he will do it perfectly, More

oil and water play

Oil and Water Play Activity

There are times when I need a quick activity that I can give to BB to keep him entertained while I either finish up More

Pendulum painting

Pendulum Painting

I have seen many pendulum painting activities over the last year and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to do it. To say More

Ping pong ball target practice

Ping pong ball target practice

BB has always shown a love for using sprayers and has amazing accuracy. He has managed to get me right in the eye many More

string maze

Spy Training: Mission String Maze

A few months ago EC said to me “Anita, do you remember that time we did the spellings under the table?” It took me More

crayon printed t-shirts

Crayon Printed T-Shirts

Another great summer activity is decorating T-shirts. I used to do this a lot when I worked in summer camps, although it tended to More

melted bead sun catchers

Melted Bead Sun Catchers

I don’t think that there has been a single past summer when we have not made some sort of sun catcher. This year we More

mini zoo busy bag

Mini Zoo Busy Bag

Do you ever put off finishing a project and for a while, and then poof, years have gone by and you still haven’t completed More

polymer clay bracelet

How to Make Polymer Clay Bracelets

I feel that making bracelets is a quintessential summer activity.  We often use our down time to make friendship bracelets, but this time we More

water gun painting

Water Gun Painting

Summertime is the perfect time to take the arts and crafts outside. We have been having lots of fun with this water gun painting More

times table card game

Times Table Card Game

I know it is the summer holidays and times tables are the last thing on your mind, but I have a new times table More

Bubble snakes

How To Make Bubble Snakes

Who doesn’t like bubbles? I think they bring out the child in everyone. These bubble snakes had everyone joining in. Be sure to follow More

clay pinch pots

Clay Pinch Pots

I remember making clay pinch pots at school. So when YC came up and started asking if we could make some stuff out of More

hammering golf tees

Hammering Golf Tees Activity for Toddlers

What toddler doesn’t like hammering things? My mum loves to tell the story of how I took my toy hammer to her beautiful ornate More

pipette activity for toddlers

Pipette Activity for Toddlers

A couple of weeks ago I posted a finger gym activity for BB, it is still one of his favourite activities to do. He More

chase the ace

How To Play Chase The Ace Card Game

At the weekends I volunteer at Great Ormond Street in their weekend club. I have been doing it for over 4 ½ years, and More

zen garden

Zen Garden to Help Children Calm Down

EC often finds falling asleep difficult. He lies there, sometimes for hours, trying to drift off. Which, obviously, gets very frustrating for him. We More

drawing prompts for kids

Drawing Prompts for Kids

I love to draw, I am not particularly good at it, but I do enjoy it.  Over the last year both EC and YC More

exploring patterns with mirrors

Exploring Patterns With Mirrors Activity

When I was based in London I would often take my charges to the Science Museum. One of our favourite places to explore was More

how to make your compass

How to Make Your Own Compass

Learning how to make your own compass is pretty easy, and it really doesn’t take much time at all. Make sure you follow my More

body tracing art

Body Tracing Art Activity

When I was training at Norland one of my placements was at a nursery.  We would often get a huge roll of paper and More

The Environmentally Friendly SUV Perfect for The Growing Family

A review of Honda’s 2019 CR-V Hybrid SUV to assess its family friendly credentials.

paper plate hot air balloons

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons

Aren’t these paper plate hot air balloons cute? I’ve wanted to hang something in the playroom for ages. We used to have a mobile More

hidden letter sensory tray

Hidden Letter Sensory Tray

We haven’t been actively teaching BB his phonics, but about once a week since his birth I’ve put a You Tube video of the More

stem cell storage

Review of Future Health Biobank: The Day of Stem Cell Collection

We’re back with an update following our first vlog on why we decided to collect our baby’s stem cells.

pulled string art

Pulled String Art

I have seen pulled sting art floating around on the internet for a while now. It’s pretty simple to do and creates some unique More

finger gym

Fine Motor Skills Finger Gym Activity

It is really important for little ones to develop their fine motor skills. They need them to do things like doing buttons up and More

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much For Children?

Is it time to have a conversation about screen time? We look at how to read the guidelines and find a healthy balance.

Kinetic sand sensory tray

Kinetic Sand Sensory Tray

I done quite a few sensory trays with BB using rice, but I wanted to see how he would do with sand. He seems More

Cutting activity for toddlers

Cutting Activity for Toddlers

Over the last few weeks BB has become obsessed with cutting things. At meal times he now likes to have a knife rather than More

melted crayon lanterns

Melted Crayon Lanterns

If you have ever seen Disney’s movie Tangled, you will know that lanterns play a huge part of it. Disney know how popular they More

God’s Eye Craft

God’s Eye Craft

If your children has ever been to summer camp chances are they have made a God’s eye before. And with summer camp season just More

Gardening with Kids

I have been looking forward to Spring since the end of last summer. Not because I don’t like the autumn and winter months, in More

DIY bee hotel

DIY Bee Hotel

Did you know there are around 270 species of bees in the UK! Out of those 270, 250 of them are solitary bees that More

String easter eggs

How to Make String Easter Eggs

Making string Easter eggs is very simple and they can be used for a whole variety of things. You can use them as decorations More

bunny colour match busy bag

Easter Themed Bunny Colour Match Bush Bag

BB is pretty good at identifying colours when you ask for a specific one, but he still doesn’t really know their names. Except purple, More

Easter themed sensory tray

Easter Themed Sensory Tray

During this week I set up an Easter themed sensory tray for BB. I had it out in the playroom on top of a More

Oil and water marbled eggs

Oil and Water Marbled Eggs

Out of all the egg dying technique out there, I have actually mastered the simple egg dye. It took a few years of tweaking, More

Shaving foam dyed eggs

Shaving Foam Dyed Eggs

I have a very long history with egg dying failures. I was rather dubious about doing this shaving foam dyed eggs craft as it More

Hama bead Easter eggs

Hama Bead Easter Eggs

As a child I loved using Hama beads. My mum and I were talking about this just before Christmas, and then she surprised me More

Times table egg spinners

Times Table Egg Spinners

It feels like it has been ages since I last did a maths related activity for EC and YC. Times tables are their big More

Ocado shop

What’s In Your Basket? 10 Products to Shake-Up The Weekly Shop

Bored of the same old food shop? I asked some friends to share the contents of their online shop, to generate some much-needed lunch and snack-time inspiration. What’s in your basket!?

How to Make A Homemade Tulip Card for Spring

Originally I had planned to make some nice springtime pictures to brighten up the playroom wall, but we ended up turning them into Mothering More

Marble drop

How To Make a Marble Drop

During half term I had a really quiet week! Mainly because everyone went on holiday. I could have had the week off, but instead More

Wind-up butterfly

How to Make a Wind-Up Butterfly

Do you remember having those elastic wind up toys when you were younger? I thought it would be fun to try our hand at More

10 Practical Self-Care Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Being a parent is hard work so anything you can do to make your life a little easier must be a good idea.

fluid painting with kids

Fluid Painting With Kids

Last Easter we tried our hand at doing fluid painted Easter eggs. They turned out beautifully, and fluid painting became a favourite form of More

photo transfers to wood

Memory Pictures: Photo Transfers to Wood

Over the Christmas period I saw quite a few decorations where you transferred a picture to a piece of wood. They looked pretty cool, More

Leonora on How to Throw a Birthday Party for A Toddler

With two year olds I always find short and sweet activities work well W.e turned the TV room into a soft play area and hired an entertainer.

Germ experiment

Germ Experiment: What’s Growing On Your Hands?

Something suddenly hit me the other day while I was getting ready. And it was a possible reason as to why children don’t care More

heart and circle animal pictures

Heart and Circle Animal Pictures

A few years ago I made a heart pattern busy bag.  We still have that busy bag, and pull it out around Valentine’s every More

acts of kindness

What Are You Doing for National Random Acts of Kindness Day?

The 17th February 2019 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. But what does kindness really mean and where do we start?

Valentine’s sugar paintings

Valentine’s Sugar Paintings

I first came across sugar painting during one of my first lessons at Norland. I have to confess, I haven’t actually done it since More

Paper plate threaded hearts

22 Valentine’s Crafts and Activities

Here are all my Valentine’s crafts and activities in one place for you: Crafts Marbled hearts Melted crayon hearts Heart pattern pictures Paper plate More

simple LED circuit valentine's card

Simple LED Circuit Valentine’s Card

If there is one thing I was never particularly good at at school, it was physics. I was great at biology, and pretty good More

Valentine’s play dough

Valentine’s Themed Play Dough: An Invitation To Play

Time to start on this years Valentine’s activities! It has been a really long time since I’ve made play dough. Over Christmas BB was More

pom pom blowing activity

Pom Pom Blowing Activity

This pom pom blowing activity for toddlers is a fun little game to play with them when you have 5 minutes to spare. Not More

DIY birdseed feeder

DIY Birdseed Feeder to Celebrate RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend!

To celebrate the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend, I’ve put together this brilliant DIY birdseed feeder for the kids. Be warned – More

loo roll pictures

Loo Roll Pictures

This year I want to do more pieces of art on canvases.  That way we can hang them on the wall properly.  We did More

vegan make up

The Best Vegan Beauty Products to Revamp Your Make-Up Bag

Here’s my pick of the best in vegan make-up and beauty, and the best bit – it’s all really affordable.

pipe cleaner and colander activity

Pipe Cleaner and Colander Activity

The whole idea of this pipe cleaner and colander activity is to help develop fine motor skills. Make sure you follow my toddler board More

Disney Mr Potato Head Busy Bag

Disney Mr. Potato Head Busy Bag

I know that the Christmas holidays have just finished and now is probably not the best time to start a busy bag.  But the More

Hogwarts house slime

Hogwarts House Slime

This slime craze doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.  EC and YC are still absolutely obsessed with it all.  They are always More

Paper spiral decorations

Easy to Make Paper Spiral Decorations

I am not totally sure what to call this particular craft, so I am going with paper spiral decorations. Not very exciting, but descriptive. More

white clay decorations

White Clay Decorations

At home my Christmas tree has a white(ish) theme to it. Each year I buy a couple of new decorations to add. This year More

christmas letter posting activity

How to Make a Christmas Cardboard Post Box

Yet again I’m making an activity for BB that involves posting something. This time it’s actually a Christmas letter posting activity. I thought that More

7 point star piñata

How to Make a 7 Point Star Piñata

I know I often say that I have wanted to do crafts or activities for ages, but 7 point star piñata has been on More

mini wreath decorations

Mini Wreath Decorations

I had been looking forward to doing these mini wreath decorations since the beginning of the year. And now I have finally done them! More

Bauble potato printing

Bauble Potato Printing

As I looked around our nicely decorated playroom I noticed, yet again, that we seem to be missing the Christmas paintings on the wall. More

shaken paint ornaments

Shaken Paint Ornaments

Trying to find a Christmas decoration that BB can do without too much help from me, is rather tricky. At almost 22months his fine More

Spirograph decorations

Spirograph Decorations

I originally made this Spirograph decorations back in September! It wasn’t because I was being really organised with Christmas prep, but because I had More

Tape resist christmas cards

Tape Resist Christmas Cards

Each Christmas we make our own Christmas cards to hand out. I normally then go and make loads more of them for my own More

4 Packed Lunch Ideas for Schools

4 Exciting Packed Lunch Ideas to Check Out Right Now

I am so very thankful that I don’t have to make packed lunches every day. Last year I had three a week to do, More

Harry Potter Flying Key Decorations

Harry Potter Flying Key Decorations

Last year we made golden snitch Christmas tree decorations. This year we have been making Harry Potter flying key decorations. Any Harry Potter inspired More

Christmas tree threading activity

Christmas Tree Threading Activity

I am really excited for the run up to Christmas this year. BB is old enough to know start joining in on some of More

Giant felt christmas tree

Giant Felt Christmas Tree

As the sticky Autumn tree wash such a success I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas one for BB. This giant More

mickey mouse sensory tray

Mickey Mouse Sensory Tray

As I am sure you must have heard, Mickey Mouse just had his 90th birthday! Pretty remarkable to think about. I’ve been quite busy More

Shea butter coconut and lavender soap

Handmade Shea Butter, Coconut, and Lavender Soap

The Christmas season is fast approaching and already I have started to think of what delightful homemade gifts my charges can give this year More

Christmas Tree Salt Dough Decorations

Where has this year gone? I feel like I’ve missed a few months somewhere along the line, it can’t be December in a just over a week. Well, whether I am ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to make some more decorations to add to our growing collection.

pinwheel poppies

Pinwheel Poppies

I actually made these pinwheel poppies 2 years ago with YC, but never actually got around to writing them up. 2 years on and More

marble run with tapioca pearls

Marble Run with Tapioca Pearls

I had planned to do this marble run with tapioca pearls during the summer. It was all thought out; I was going to set More

loo roll firework printing

Loo Roll Firework Printing Craft

I feel like it has been a while since I did a firework related craft. One of our favourite Bonfire night activities is the More

Parents mental health tips

Parents! Stay On Top of Your Mental Health with These Four Simple Tips

Keep things in perspective and prioritise – it can feel overwhelming when we are juggling so much, but taking a pause and putting the different aspects your life in order or priority can help in taking the pressure off. 

halloween mummy craft

Nanny Anita’s Halloween Mummy Craft

I love October, it is by far my favourite month. There is so much going on, and of course there is Halloween to prepare More

6 Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know About

There are still things we didn’t realise our iPhones can do. Here are six top iPhone hacks that we didn’t know about and wanted to share with you.

Crayon resistant spider web art

Crayon Resistant Spider Web Art

This week EC came home from school and wanted to do some painting. While he was busy doing his own thing and YC was More

Lemon volcanoes

Ghoulish Lemon Volcanoes

We didn’t do these Lemon volcanoes as a specific Halloween activity, but they are quite Halloween-ish. They look like some sort of witches cauldron More

Halloween feely boxes

Halloween Feely Boxes

Everyone must have, at some point, done  Halloween feely boxes.  They are a classic party game.  Well we didn’t these ones at a party, More

apple stamping pumpkin craft

Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

We have all done vegetable printing at some point. It is such a stable of early year crafts. I remember doing it with YC More

melted crayon pictures

Melted Crayon Pictures

Yay Wednesday after school craft/ activity days are back! Our first craft of the school year was to make these melted crayon pictures. YC More

Craft stick posting activity

Craft Stick Posting Activity

Do you know what one of the hardest things to do with a toddler is? Go to the loo. BB is too little to More

autumn tree activity

Sticky Autumn Tree Activity

Every morning when YC and EC go off to school, BB and I spend about 20 minutes putting laundry away and sorting out bedrooms. More

kris kross puzzles for children

Kris Kross Puzzles for Children

When I was little my Nana used to spend hours doing puzzle books. I was always fascinated by the puzzles she did. Some of More

craft stick bracelets

Craft Stick Bracelets for your BFFs

This week EC has headed off to sleep away camp with some of his cousins. This means I only have YC, BB and one More

salt structure sensory tray

Salt Structure Sensory Tray

Last week we made some painted salt structures. I left a couple of them on the window sill of the playroom to dry out More

Matchstick rockets

How to Make Matchstick Rockets

Do you know the quickest way to get a bunch of boys aged between 5 – 11 interested in doing an activity? Tell them More

Painted salt structures

Painted Salt Structures

When I first saw these painted salt structures on Pinterest, about 5 years ago, I knew then that this was definitely something I wanted More

how to play garbage

How To Play Garbage

The other day, while on holiday, we had a quiet 30 minutes before we headed out for lunch. Actually who am I kidding, no More

disney tsum tsum block puzzle

Disney Tsum Tsum Block Puzzle

When I was a lot younger I had these block puzzles. I absolutely loved them; they were probably one of my favourite toys. They More

10 pen and paper games

10 Pen and Paper Games

I have made many busy bags over the years, but sometimes nothing can beat some good old-fashioned pen and paper games. Here are my More

bubble painting

Bubble Painting Process Art

I have always loved doing bubble painting since I first learned of it while training at Norland. We had a few thank you and More

cardboard box oven

Cardboard Box Oven

It is absolutely typically that when we need the sunshine to do an activity we get the first cloudy day in months! Though that More

day 8

Day 8: IVF Journey & A Week’s Worth of Buserelin Injections

It’s day 8 of our long protocol cycle. Find out how the first week of injections have been, the good, the bad and the side effects…

Soap and water play

Soap and Water Play for Children

Last week I set up an ice play station for BB which he loved. This week I set up a soap and water play More

Ice play for toddlers

Ice Play for Toddlers

This ice play for toddlers doesn’t really need a massive piece written on it, it is very self explanatory. It is probably one of More

Foot print painting

Foot Print Painting

On Tuesdays BB and I go to a playgroup together. It’s a sweet place, it kind of reminds me of something from Call the More

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Tellers

As you know EC and YC are HUGE Harry Potter fans. When they first discovered the series they were constantly arguing about which Hogwarts More

ball activity

Ball Activity: Climbing Frame + Balls = Fun Times

If there is one thing I try to do, it is to make sure that a large majority of my crafts and activities use More

Light Box Activity – Glass Pebble Mandalas

I used to get the light box out quite a lot of YC when she was younger. I would often put it out in More

Paper Plate Rainbow

I did make, many years ago, some rainbow paper plates with EC and YC. For those ones we painted the plates and stuck ribbons More

Mini Bauble Fish Tanks

I had a couple of fillable baubles left over from Christmas and have been thinking of ways to use them up. I have always More

DIY musical instruments

DIY Musical Instruments

If there is one thing that BB loves to do, it is to make music. He likes to shake things, bang things, and bash More

cardboard cookie shop

An Invitation to Play: Cardboard Cookie Shop

The other week both YC and EC had a play date after school so it was a very full house with 5 children running More

how to play beggar my neighbour

How to Play Beggar My Neighbour

Make sure that you follow my activity board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. I first More

stained glass night light jars

Stained Glass Night Light Jars

A couple of months ago I was cleaning out my boxes from the attic and came across all of my old art supplies from More

50 Riddles for children and adults.

50 Riddles for Children (And Adults)

I love riddles!  I am not always good them, but I love to try and think outside the box when answering them.  They also More

busy board for toddlers

Busy Boards for Toddlers

BB is literally into everything! He likes to get into the cupboards and pull everything out. Light switches are his favourite and he even More

mini pick up sticks

Mini Pick Up Sticks Busy Bag

I’m so excited, in a few weeks we are off to LA!  Which means that I have started putting together a small collection of More

shaving foam and mirror sensory activity

Shaving Foam and Mirror Sensory Activity

BB and I have recently taken a break in our sensory play. The weather has been so lovely that we have been spending our More

wax paper sun catchers

Wax Paper Sun Catchers

I absolutely love making sun catchers, they are such a happy craft. It has been about a year since we last made one. The More

DIY parachutes for teddies

DIY Parachutes for Teddies: STEM Activity

If there is one activity that EC is always asking to redo it is the egg drop challenge.  He absolutely loves it.  This week More

colour changing slime

Colour Changing Slime

The slime craze is still going strong and I know quite a few parents and nannies who are totally over it. EC and YC More

taste safe paint for toddlers

Taste Safe Paint for Toddlers

This is the second time that BB has done some painting. The first time he had a go the paint ended up straight in More

This crazy adrenaline-fuelled killer whale experience has arrived in London

Take the plunge inside a giant orca thanks to adrenaline junkies Predator Adventures. Check out our review of the speedy shark-shaped seacraft.


Homemade Boggle Game

I am pretty sure that all of you have heard of the game Boggle.  If not, where have you been?  This game has been More

Red cabbage indicator experiment

Kitchen Science: Red Cabbage Indicator Experiment

Do you know what my first thought was when doing this red cabbage indicator experiment? Why is called red cabbage when it looks purple? More

CMPA and c-section babies

Are C-Section Babies More Likely to Have Milk Allergies? 

Are c-section babies more likely to have milk allergies? Leonora Bamford talks about her son’s experience following a caesarean section.

bee water station

Celebrate Earth Day with a Bee Water Station

On Sunday it will be Earth Day, in honour of this day YC and I made a bee water station for the garden. Bees More

paper plate toucan

Paper Plate Toucans

Let’s face it, this Easter holidays has been a bit of a wash out weather wise. I was lucky enough to get away for More

fingerprint decorated Easter eggs

Fingerprint Decorated Easter Eggs

These fingerprint decorated Easter eggs are a very simple craft to do. Although BB was to young to do these ones with us this More

fluid painted eggs

Fluid Painted Eggs

More and more frequently I have been sending videos about a painting technique called fluid painting. Basically it’s all about pouring paint on top More

egg carton chicks

Egg Carton Chicks: a Sweet Easter Gift

I won’t actually be around for Easter this year, I will be in Walt Disney World (yay), so I needed to do EC’s and More

gold foil Easter eggs

Gold Foil Easter Eggs

While I was in Hobbycraft stocking up on Easter craft supplies I came across a craft pack for gold foil Easter eggs. As they More

How Leo Made The Big Move From Town To Country

A few months ago we would never – I mean never – move out of London, but then we did exactly that. We relocated our whole family in the middle of a school year to Oxfordshire.

How to dye eggs using rice

How to Dye Eggs Using Rice

I didn’t think that this year I would be able to do any egg decorating with BB this year, as at almost 13 months, More

jelly sensory play

Jelly Sensory Play

As you might have seen I have been doing rather a lot of sensory activities with BB over the last few months. Our newest More

handmade mother's day cards

Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

This year I gave YC and EC two different ideas for a handmade Mother’s Day cards. That way their mum doesn’t get 3 of More

Hama Bead Coasters – A Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday has come around really quickly this year. I swear Lent only just started, but with Mothering Sunday on the 11th March we More

DIY sensory board

DIY Sensory Board for Babies and Toddlers

The majority of BB’s toys and activities that I do with him are sensory based ones. His mind is like a little sponge, learning More

Origami boomerang

How to make an Origami Boomerang

A few weeks ago EC came home from school and asked if we could make boomerangs! Well it was pretty clear from the beginning More

posting activity for toddlers

Posting Activity for Toddlers

One of BB’s favourite things to do is posting and dropping objects. He has a Leap Frog Elephant that you have to put rings More

heart sensory bottle

Heart Sensory Bottle for Babies and Toddlers

I am slightly obsessed with making sensory bottles for BB at the moment. So far this year I have made him as Hama bead More

painted love rocks

Love Rocks: Spreading the Love this Valentine’s

Instead of giving Valentine’s gift this year (we did make Cupid’s arrow cards) we have decided to spread the love a little further this More

Valentine's sugar writing tray

Valentine’s Sugar Writing Tray

I do love bringing out the sensory writing tray for spelling practice. I think it helps break up the monotony of writing out spellings More

cupid's arrow valentine's cards

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Cards

I always think that Valentine’s day sneaks up on you. This year it certainly has and I feel woefully unprepared for it. However, we More

Loo roll heart stamping

Loo Roll Heart Stamping Craft For Valentine’s Day

Our playroom walls have been devoid of any art for quite some time. As Valentine’s Day is coming up I thought I would do More

Mardi Gras sensory box

Mardi Gras Sensory Box For Babies and Toddlers

BB and I have been doing quite a few Sensory activities over the past few weeks. Most of them have been sensory bottles or More

paper plate fish

Paper Plate Fish Craft

I am really excited about this paper plate fish craft, it is one I had been meaning to do for a long time. Plus it More

hama bead sensory bottle

Hama Bead Sensory Bottle for Babies and Toddlers

BB is now almost a year old and tries to get into everything. He is pulling himself up on all the furniture which does More

loo roll bird feeder

Loo Roll Bird Feeder

Please note that these loo roll bird feeders use nuts. I love it when an activity we do is totally spontaneous and child lead. More

DIY harry potter wands

DIY Harry Potter Wands

This past weekend was EC’s 8th birthday! I can’t quite believe that, it seems like only yesterday that he was a 3 year old More

styrofoam block printing

Styrofoam Block Printing for Kids

First craft of the year and we are starting with styrofoam block printing. I’ve not done block printing since I was in year 9 More

taste safe snow dough sensory play

Taste Safe Snow Dough Sensory Play

This week’s activity is taste safe snow dough sensory play. BB is only 10months and puts a lot of things in his mouth. This More

British Library Membership: The Perfect Gift

Is This The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Bookworms?

Finding the ultimate Christmas gift can be difficult, but luckily the British Library are here to help us find a unique new way of present-giving.

Volvo XC90 D5 Review

Volvo XC90 D5 7-Seater Family Car Review

We took the Volvo XC90 D5 7-seater across country from Surrey to the Cotswolds and back to check out its family friendly credentials.

Lakes by Yo

A Cotswold Family Break in The Lakes by Yoo

If you’re looking for a luxurious family getaway in the Cotswolds, look no further. The Lakes by Yo situated in Cotswolds’ water park is just the ticket.

gelatine streaking: Edible art

Gelatine Streaking: Edible Art

I first came across gelatine streaking in a video posted to my friends Facebook page. It showed a gentleman making some sort of flower More

christmas beauty buys

Beauty Christmas Gift Guide – The Must-Have Edit

It’s that time of year again, here’s our beauty expert Carly Neale’s guide to the gifts that have really caught our attention this season.

Other words to say

Keyword List: Other Ways to Say …

I will be posting some English activities that were suggested to us by a dsylexia specialist over the next few months. At the beginning More

Baby Swimming Lessons – The Tips & Tricks You’ll Need to Survive It…

My first baby swimming lesson with Maddie went err – swimmingly. Until we got to the changing room post lesson. That’s when the nightmare began…

Stressed Out? The Ultimate Night-time Beauty Routine

Stressed Out? The Ultimate Night-Time Beauty Routine

Don’t stress! Beauty expert Carly Neale shares her top must-have products for the ultimate night-time beauty routine.

firework sequin art

Firework Sequin Art

A couple of months ago while I was volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital I came across this amazing sequin art craft pack. My More

How to make cheesecloth ghosts

How to make Cheesecloth Ghosts

For the past year I have had these how to make cheesecloth ghosts appearing on my Pinterest feed. I won’t lie, they are pretty More

sticky spider web tape game

Sticky Spider Web Tape Game

A few weeks ago EC and YC both had a play date after school. When both have play dates at the same time it More

taste safe halloween sensory bin

Taste Safe Halloween Sensory Bin

If you search online for edible sensory bins for babies you will get millions of results. I don’t like to call any activity edible More

halloween memory game

Halloween Memory Game

A few weeks ago EC and YC had a Dyslexia assessment and one thing that came up on the report was they both had More

Acorn Monsters

The Best Halloween Crafts And Activities For Kids

As we are now in October, I thought I would put together a round up of ALL the Halloween related crafts and activities that More

A Luxury Family Staycation Without Leaving The Country!

Looking for a Christmas getaway or Easter holiday hideaway? Little Fish Anglesey is just the place. Check out our review here.

What Should You Eat And Drink When Breastfeeding?

You don’t need to go on some magic diet when breastfeeding. You just need to stick to a few simple pieces of advice.

DIY Pencil Holders

DIY Pencil Holders

I actually made these DIY pencil holders last year. I really wanted something that would hold everything that we would possibly need while doing More

harry potter inspired wooden wind chime

Harry Potter Inspired Wooden Wind Chime

Our last craft of the summer holidays is this wooden wind chime. It isn’t just your average wooden wind chime, oh no, it is More

diy indoor mini golf

DIY Indoor Mini Golf

I have to say, the weather for most of the summer holidays has been pretty good. Today however was the first day where it More

How To Play Spoons

Spoons may seem like an odd name for a card game, but it is one the greatest games out there. I used to play More

shell mandala

Shell Mandala Craft

I think that making these shall mandalas has been one of the most relaxing crafts that I have done all year. We did make More

five field kono

Nanny Anita’s How To Play Five Field Kono

Five field Kono originates from Korea and is an abstract strategy game along the same sort of lines as Chinese checkers. I’m sure you More

Breastmilk Supply

Breastfeeding: There’s No Use Crying Over Sh*t Milk

I’m sure that’s how the saying goes… My blog about crappy milk supply deleted itself. This is the second time I’m writing this. It More

how to play mancala

How to play Mancala

Mancala is a game that has been around for thousands of years.  It is believed to have originated in Africa or the Middle East. More

shell painting

Shell Painting

Every summer my nanny family goes on a beach holiday, and every year I want to do shell painting with them. Two years ago More

How Reliable Is Your AMH Result

How Reliable is Your AMH Result?

Today I got my second AMH result. I’ve been obsessing about it a fair bit since the blood test almost two weeks ago, but More

How To Play With A Newborn

Having a new born can be really over whelming in lots of ways. One thing that I often hear is “how do I play More

AMH Result

Pelvic Assessments, AMH and the Ticking of The Clock…

I had my pelvic assessment scan this week, and by all accounts, I passed with flying colours. They found EIGHT healthy looking follicles on More

build your own cupcake busy bag

Build Your Own Cupcake Busy Bag

YC loves new activities so was thrilled to have a cupcake busy bag one to add to the rota. When I showed her it More

Acupunture for Fertility

Diary Entry: Do You Believe in Acupuncture for Fertility?

I went along to my first acupuncture appointment last week, as I’ve read that acupuncture can be very beneficial for trying to conceive naturally, and More

Don't wake the shark card game

Don’t Wake the Shark Card Game

The summer holidays are finally here! Which means it is time to get some new games ready for some family time, especially when we More

My IVF Journey

One Egg Short of A Dozen – The Start of An IVF Journey

This is my first public diary entry of my IVF journey. WOW. I’ve said it out loud… I know IVF treatment is by far More

Stained glass pasta suncatcher

Nanny Anita’s Stained Glass Pasta Sun Catchers

I first saw these stained glass pasta sun catchers on a brilliant blog called Babble Dabble Do. It is such a brilliant idea – More

homemade peek-a-boo toy for babies

Homemade Peek-a-Boo Toy for Babies

This peek-a-boo toy is almost guaranteed to stop any tears and bring out a smile.

spinning top busy bag

Spinning Top Busy Bag

This busy bag is a nice simple and doesn’t take up too much room in your handbag.

Problems with Breastfeeding

The Jellie Diaries: Why Have I Found Breastfeeding So Difficult?

Breastfeeding is a journey. I’ve had a few pitstops already, so turned to online health specialists WellVine for help – all from the comfort of my own home.

Sleep Deprivation with Newborn

How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation With a Newborn

Sleep expert Dave Gibson chats to Jamie and Ellie on how best to avoid sleep deprivation with a newborn, ahead of their arrival in June.

Harry Potter inspired Dragon Eggs

Harry Potter Inspired Dragon’s Eggs

Since reading Harry Potter, we’ve been inspired to create our own dragon eggs!

milk and vinegar experiment

Make Casein Plastic in this Milk and Vinegar Experiment!

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later.  I’m not going to More

Sensory Tubes for babies

Sensory Tubes for Babies

I can’t believe that my youngest charge is now 4 months! The time has literally flown by. I have previously made BB some sensory More

DIY Fidget Spinner

DIY Fidget Spinner

I am sure you have all seen/heard of/ or even bought a fidget spinner by now, and if you haven’t where have you been? More

10 brain teasers for children

10 Brain Teasers for Children

I do love a good brain teaser. I learnt a few of these while I was a guest on board the Disney Magic. Our More

Sleep and the Trimesters

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy: Pregnancy and Sleep During the Trimesters

Sleep expert Dave Gibson chats to Ellie and Jamie on how to get a good night’s sleep during the three trimesters of pregnancy

balloon play for babies

Balloon Play for Newborns

Make sure you follow my baby activities board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. “How can More

water bead stress ball

Water Bead Stress Ball

Make sure that you follow my sensory board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. We’ve made More

Jelly Diary Taboo

The Jellie Diaries Part 30: 36 Weeks Today! Let’s Talk Taboos

Find out how Jamie and Ellie are getting on now week 36 of pregnancy. From taboo ailments to birth preferences, surely they’re now on the home run.

inflating a balloon science

Inflating a Balloon Experiment

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. Over the last More

Sensory Sound Bottles for Babies

Make sure you follow my sensory board on Pinterest for more ideas and don’t forget to save the pin for later. If you search More

KABOOM: The Greatest Game to Aid Learning

Make sure you follow my maths or English boards on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. I More

water whistles: the science of sound

Water Whistle: The science of sound

This water whistle experiment is good to do if you have 5-10 minutes spare. EC and I had a go making between finishing homework More

Six Holiday Destinations Perfect for You and Your Newborn This Summer

The first six months is the easiest time to travel with a baby. Make the most it and treat yourself to a stay at one of these amazing destinations!

Wedding Guest Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

A detailed tutorial for make-up that’s perfect for a wedding day and night.

Natasha Corrett Baby Jogger Review

Honestly Healthy’s Natasha Corrett Reviews The Ultimate in Compact Strollers: The Baby Jogger City Tour

Honestly Healthy’s Natasha Corrett gets to grips with the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller, the most compact Baby Jogger to-date.

process art foil painting

Process Art Foil Painting

What is process art? Process art is a movement in the art community that recognises that it is the process of making art that More

Pregnancy and Sleeping Positions

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy: Best Sleeping Positions

Dave Gibson, founder of and sleep expert for Warren Evans bed makers advises how to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.

shrinky dink baby footprint keepsakes

Shrinky Dink Baby Footprint Keepsakes

Make sure you follow my homemade gift boards on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. There seems More

nature table

Make A Nature Table with Nanny Anita

The weather recently has just been perfect, not too hot nor too cold. It was the perfect weather for going on a nature hunt in More

egg drop challenge

Egg Drop Challenge: Can Your Egg Survive the Fall?

When I worked for the Disney Cruise Line there was a show that I did (about once a week) that involved experiments with eggs. More

Must-Have Products for a Newborn

The Jellie Diaries Part 29: Must-Have Products for Your Newborn – Part 2

With their due date is looming closer, Jamie and Ellie have been busy looking at the different products on the market. From highchairs, wraps, More

Things Pregnant Women Should Know

A Quick Guide To Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know 

Prepare yourself for a long list! But once that second line showed up on the test I realised there was a lot of things More


Back To Black: How One Mother Re-discovered Her Ski Mojo

Freelance journalist and Contributing Editor to GQ magazine Rebecca Newman chats to us about her adventures on the ski slopes.

Cybex Priam Review

This Mama Life on The All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Terrain Cybex Priam Travel System

Buggy Review: Popular parenting blogger Sarah, This Mama Life unboxes the all-singing, all-dancing Cybex Priam and takes it for a spin around the block.

The Jellie Diaries: The Baby Shower

The Jellie Diaries: Part 28 Our AMAZING Baby Shower!

The Jellie Diaries: Jamie and Ellie are bowled over by their baby shower. Featuring products from Peggy Porschen, Lola’s Cupcakes, Pop Shop London and more!

easter egg puzzle hunt

Nanny Anita’s Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt

This Easter egg hunt will make finding the eggs and clues much more challenging!

Bovey Castle Review

The Jellie Diaries: Part 27 Babymoon at Bovey Castle

Bovey Castle – the ultimate in luxurious country babymoon breaks, based in the picturesque Dartmoor National Park in Devon, UK

a message in an egg: find the clues hidden in eggs to complete this Easter egg hunt.

A Message In An Egg – An Easter Craft

I am quite excited about this year’s Easter egg hunt, it has taken some time to do, but I think it will be really More

Olivia Wayne Bugaboo Bee5

Why The Bugaboo Bee5 Gets A Huge Thumbs Up from Olivia Wayne and Baby Ozzie

The Bugaboo Bee5 is an urban pushchair specifically designed for busy parents, making it a fabulous choice for Sky News presenter Olivia Wayne, and her More

How to dye an egg with a silk tie

How to Dye an Egg Using a Silk Tie

Make sure you follow my Easter board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. I have to More

paper plate easter bags

Nanny Anita’s Paper Plate Easter Bags

Easter is just around the corner and I am so excited! Now that our slime month is over we are getting ready for our More

TUTORIAL: How To Achieve The Perfect Blow-Dry at Home

TUTORIAL: How To Achieve The Perfect Blow-Dry at Home

Jelly Diary Part 26 GTT

The Jellie Diaries Part 26: The Glucose Tolerance Test, Ectopic Heartbeats and Gestational Diabetes

It’s been a problematic week for Jamie and Ellie, all beginning with the dreaded glucose tolerance test. Find out what week 28 of pregnancy More

Nanny Anita’s Easy And Eggcellent Ways To Decorate Eggs This Easter

Over the past few years, Nanny Anita has experimented with plenty of Easter egg decorating techniques. These are her ultimate favourites.

window to the womb

The Jellie Diaries Part 25: The 28 Week 4D Scan

Part 25 Jellie Diary: It’s 28 Week, and Ellie and Jamie head down to Window to The Womb in Chessington for a 4D scan to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Making Spring Inspired Slime with The Kids

Make sure you follow my slime board on Pinterest for more ideas and don’t forget to save the pin for later. We are coming More

Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards

Make sure that you follow my crafts board on Pinterest for more ideas and don’t forget to save the pin for later. This year’s More

Bath Fizzers – The Perfect Homemade Gift for Mother’s Day

Trying to come up with a new Mother’s Day gift every year for my boss (errr, Leonora, – if you are reading this before More

taste safe slime

Taste-Safe Slime for Craft Eaters

Today I’ll be introducing you to my newest charge – BB. He is currently only a few weeks old, so although he really isn’t More

22 Week 4D Scan

The Jellie Diaries Part 23: Baby’s 4D Baby Scan at 22 Weeks

You can book a 4D scan appointment at any one of the branches of Window to the Womb, based all over the country.

Hama Bead Heart Mobile for The Most Romantic Day of The Year

I loved Hama (or fuse) beads when I was younger. I spent hours making designs, finding the colours and carefully placing them onto the More

Jellie Diary Part 22

The Jellie Diaries: Part 22: Black Eyes & Migraines at 22 Weeks

Check out part 22 of the Jellie Diary, as they hit 22 weeks of pregnancy. Products featured in the video are included below: My More

paper heart craft for Valentine's day

Paper Heart Craft for Valentine’s Day

As YC was on a playdate the other day she missed out on doing our secret love notes.  Therefore we needed to come up More

Invisible ink Valentines cards

Invisible Ink Valentine’s Cards

EC loves anything that could be remotely spy related, so when I suggested that we write our Valentine’s cards in invisible ink, he jumped More

Pregnancy Diary Part 21

The Jellie Diaries Part 21: Woah, We’re Half Way There… The 20 Week Scan

Check out this week’s Jellie diary, they’ve finally reached the half way point, at 20 weeks, and they head back to the Royal Surrey More

fire breathing dragon craft

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft for Chinese New Year

I’m sure some of you have seen this craft floating around on Pinterest for a while; it certainly keeps popping up on my feed. More

Hormonal Changes During PregnancyHormonal Changes During Pregnancy

Will Hormonal Changes Affect Your Beauty During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the period when your whole life is turned upside down and everything you knew before becomes different, ranging from emotions to relationships. More