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Introducing The Toy That’s Set to Top Christmas Lists This Year

Recently awarded the Red Dot design award for the MURO is the toy I’m championing this Christmas at My Baba. What I love about it, is firstly – it’s not plastic. Secondly, it provides endless play value for a range of ages, and thirdly – as toys go, this one just so happens to aid development and learning too. I interviewed Jeremy, the founder of MURO this week to grill him for a little more info.

Tell us about MURO – what inspired the design?

The original inspiration for MURO came from a busy board that my brother built for my nephew. This was the first busy board I had ever seen and was immediately taken with the concept. Seeing my nephew engage with what my brother had made and use the latches, locks and sliders on it, made me realise the value of play stations for children. They foster interest and curiosity and also are places where creativity in play can be explored.

When I looked into busy boards I found that whilst there were thousands of homemade versions on Pinterest there was no complete version available to parents and I guess that was my ‘light bulb moment’.

MURO has been billed as a revolutionary play platform that can supercharge learning, how does this toy aid development?

Playing is fundamental to development

We believe that playing is fundamental to a child’s development and this encourages wider learning of themselves and the world around them. Our objective with the product is to be a vehicle for play and exploration.

Where MURO differs is in offering a completely open ended product that invites both parents and children to play and create through both the attachments and the arrangements of them, on our boards or cubes.

Child-led play

What MURO is great for is child-led play. The MURO gives children the freedom to explore a physical product, to change and adapt it to how they see fit.

To flip that on its head, MURO also offers parents a multi-dimensional focus point to engage in their child’s play. Use the attachments as teaching points so their child can begin or refine skills like colour-matching, fine-motor and hand-eye coordination.


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What makes the MURO a brilliant toy for such a large age group – from 12 months to 4 years?

For two reasons, up to around 18-24 months children interact with the activities as setup by their parents.  As they develop the strength and coordination in their hands, MURO then opens up and they can start to arrange the toys themselves, creating their own unique play spaces.

Our aim in the next 18 months is actually extend that age range so that the physical board, or cube, become home to attachments suitable for even older children and there isn’t the need for parents to move anything on or get rid of. Muro can be something that grows and changes with children.

Which MURO set should I buy?

The MINI is designed to be a starter pack with the accessories that the youngest children will love and engage with.

The MIDI is again aimed at the youngest children but comes with a few more things.

The MEGA is a similar size to the MIDI but aimed at older children and includes a Xylophone and Abacus.

The MASSIVE is an all-inclusive bumper pack which includes all 14 currently available attachments.

Why should the MURO be on my child’s Christmas list this year?

MURO is the toy that grows with your children, a quality piece that will get you playing and learning together.


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