There are so many new and updated dolls on the market every year, it can be difficult to know which your little one will love the most.

My favourite doll of all-time was my red-headed My Child ‘Alice. I still have her, safe in the attic in a bin bag; it’s the one toy I’ve always hoped will make a come back. There is some good news though, the Cabbage Patch Dolls have made a return, and my little girl is definitely going to be getting one of those for Christmas.

Here’s our pick of the best dolls for 2019; we fully expect at least one of these to be on every Christmas list this year!


Kindi Kids Dolls, Smyths

These preschoolers are full of fun. Kindi Kids dolls have wobbly heads that move around when handled and gorgeous sparkly eyes. They come with cute accessories and changeable clothes and shoes. Have fun with the extra play-sets available (sold separately) to add to play value. There are four dolls to collect.

Suitable from 3 years.



Baby Annabell Newborn Heartbeat Doll, Amazon

The Baby Annabell Newborn Heartbeat Doll is the perfect doll for very young children. It has a super soft body and is suitable from birth. She also makes soft soothing heartbeat sound as she goes to sleep, just like a real baby.

Suitable from birth




Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella, JoJo Maman Bebe

Baby Stella is a fantastic first doll for children. It comes with a detachable dummy, magnetic bottle, soft bear and paper storybook. You can also purchase further accessories and clothing separately to add to the play value.  If you rub the doll’s tummy it produces a soothing lavender scent, perfect for cuddles at bedtime.

Suitable from 12 months.


Baby Annabell Brother, Smyths

The new Baby Alexander Doll is better than ever before. With amazing life-like functions, you can feed him, burp him and lull him to sleep. He can drink real water and cry real tears, if you then gently bounce him he will soon cheer up and giggle. The new Baby Alexander doll is also ticklish! It has realistic baby sound effects and cute little movements. A perfect way to introduce little ones to the idea of a new baby coming along.

It comes with a few accessories and is also compatible with Baby Annabell Doll accessories.

Suitable from 3 years.




Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Closed Eye Doll, Argos

The Tiny Treasures Closed Eye Doll from Chad Valley is just like a real baby. She comes in a crib shaped box wearing a hospital tag. She also includes a star comforter and a fleece blanket. She is dressed in a gorgeous pink babygrow and a matching hat. If you hug her close you can hear her heart beat.

Suitable from 3 years.



Baby Born Soft Touch Doll, Argos

The Baby Born Soft Touch Doll is a doll that can be fed, bathed and put on the potty. This doll has in total nine lifelike functions so is a great toy for hours of play. It comes with a 11 accessories including a potty. There are also other accessories available separately to really add to the play value.

Suitable from 3 years.



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Cabbage Patch Kids, Smyths

Something I remember from my childhood and wish I had kept, the Cabbage Patch Kids have made a comeback!

The dolls come with soft rooted hair, soft bodies and beautifully detailed faces just like the classic toy of the 90’s. Each doll comes with a key which unlocks the love that your little one and your new doll will share. It’s also compatible with Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimal Pets which are available separately.

There are several styles available so you can get collecting.

Suitable from 18 months.



Baby Wow Interactive Baby, George Asda

Baby Wow is an interactive toy that learns in stages just like a real baby. The more you play, the more it can do. It’s capable of 12 functions and responds to ten voice commands. It comes with a dummy and a ball which it will play and interact with. He even has a ticklish tummy!

Suitable from 3 years.




Our Generation Doll Holly, Smyths

Our Generation Dolls are great for letting little girls show their personality. Each doll comes with its own unique fashion and some come with accessories too. Holly comes with a fur coat over a frilly skirt, matching tights and shoes.

Suitable from 3 years.




Baby Born Brunette Sister, Argos

The Baby Born Brunette Sister doll from Zapf creations is an older sister to Baby Born with beautiful long brunette hair that can be styled. She can cry, drink water and can even take a bath. She comes with her own sippy cup and 10 other accessories.

She is the same size as Baby Born so can share her clothes and accessories.

Suitable from 3 years.




Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby, Amazon

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is an interactive doll with over 50 phrases in either mummy or daddy modes. She can drink from her bottle, use her potty and then pretend to wash her hands with the soap dispenser accessory. She also comes with a potty, sticker chart, comb and bottle.

Suitable from 3 years.




Cry Baby, Amazon

Cry Baby is exactly that. Take away its dummy and it will cry! Cry Baby will drink water from a bottle and then produce real tears until the dummy is returned. They all come with a unique onesie.

Suitable from 18 months



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