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Best Dolls For Girls & Boys 2023

Owning a doll is a rite of passage for every child and opens up a world of joy and imagination.  Children can develop their nurturing skills as they care for and nurture their tiny friends. They can invent stories, dress them up in stylish outfits, and even role-play different professions and scenarios. Dolls provide a canvas for self-expression, allowing kids to project their dreams, aspirations, and emotions onto their cherished companions. Through imaginative play, children learn empathy, creativity, and problem-solving skills, all while having a fantastic time.

We’ve come up with our list of the best dolls for 2023. Each would make the perfect birthday present, Christmas gift (if you’re starting super, super early!) or simply a special treat.

My Baba’s recommendations for the best dolls 2023

Baby Annabell, Zapf Creation

Introducing Baby Annabell, the epitome of cuteness among baby dolls. This lovable little girl possesses remarkable features that bring her to life. When she’s upset, she sheds genuine tears, and when she’s tired, a gentle rocking motion lulls her to sleep. She even imitates the act of sucking on her pacifier. Furthermore, her mouth moves realistically while drinking water from her bottle, and she emits adorable sounds that convey her mood.

Engage Baby Annabell in playful activities such as tickling or bouncing, and she will joyfully giggle, perhaps even emitting a delightful baby “pop!” Her soft body and endearing countenance provide a truly enchanting experience for any child who becomes her doll parent.

Baby Annabell represents the ideal companion to foster a nurturing bond between a child and their baby doll. Through the care and attention required to look after her, your little one will develop a genuine sense of responsibility. With Baby Annabell as their very own baby doll, children can embark on a journey of caregiving and cherish the special moments they share together.

Suitable from 3+ years

BABY born Little Boy, Zapf Creation

Introducing the incredibly cool BABY born Little Boy, the ultimate trendsetter among kids!

This delightful companion is designed to captivate young hearts with its array of seven lifelike functions, taking pretend play to new heights of realism.

Prepare to be amazed as this handsome little boy drinks water, wets his nappy, sheds genuine tears, successfully uses the potty, and even joins in the bath for exciting water play adventures! With his flexible arms and legs, little ones can pose him in any position, ensuring even more enjoyable cuddles. And when it’s time to wind down after a day of play, lay BABY Little Boy down, and watch as he gently closes his eyes, entering dreamland.

But that’s not all! BABY born Little Boy arrives with an impressive collection of seven accessories, including a potty, nappy, bottle, plate and spoon, dummy, and even a birth certificate. The possibilities for imaginative play are endless!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as your child’s creativity and nurturing instincts come to life with BABY born Little Boy, the coolest kid on the block.

Suitable from 2+ years

Berenguer Boutique La Newborn Deluxe Gift Set, Smyths

Experience the uncanny resemblance of the La Newborn baby doll, so lifelike that it could easily be mistaken for a real baby. Designed with your little one in mind, this unique baby doll is perfectly sized for gentle holding, cuddling, and rocking to sleep. The set includes a wide range of accessories, allowing for engaging role play and imaginative storytelling games.

Nurture your La Newborn doll by feeding her with the realistic baby bottle or soothing her with the comforting dummy. The pink dummy holder features a convenient carry handle, making it ideal for on-the-go adventures while ensuring the doll’s favorite pacifier remains secure. As a cherished keepsake, the included La Newborn certificate allows little ones to personalize their baby doll’s name, capturing the essence of her first day.

Envelop your La Newborn doll in warmth with the cozy wrap blanket, adorned with a beautiful white ribbon that can be tied in the front. She is dressed in an adorable onesie, complete with a snug hat and matching pink socks, ensuring she’s always fashionable and ready for playtime. The included La Newborn certificate further enhances the experience, allowing children to commemorate their baby doll’s special journey.

Embrace the realistic charm and endless possibilities of play with the La Newborn baby doll and accessories set. Encourage your child’s nurturing instincts and creativity as they embark on heartwarming adventures with their very own La Newborn, creating treasured memories along the way.

Suitable from 2+ years

Baby Born Magic Girl, Zapf Creation

Get ready to meet the enchanting BABY born Magic Girl, a doll that will take your little one’s imaginative play to a whole new level!

With a plethora of lifelike features, this delightful companion lives up to her magical name. Magic Girl has the remarkable ability to go to sleep without the need for lying her down first. When she appears tired, simply place her dummy in her mouth and twist it one way to close her eyes, and the other way to open them. It’s as if pure magic is at play!

Caring for this adorable little girl will bring immense joy to your child’s heart. Magic Girl can drink real water, shed genuine tears, eat, and even use the potty! Give her tummy a gentle press, and watch as she really wees and poops. With her super-movable limbs, she can cuddle, stand up, and sit down all on her own. Magic Girl is one clever companion!

After a day filled with play and adventure, Magic Girl finds pure delight in a splashy bath. She will truly enliven your little one’s bedtime routine, making it a special and enjoyable experience.

Get ready to witness the magic unfold as your child engages in imaginative play with BABY born Magic Girl. With her lifelike features and interactive abilities, she will become a beloved companion, fostering creativity and endless fun.

Suitable from 3+ years

Marie, Gotz

Everywhere you look, wishes abound, and Marie is in constant motion, gracefully swinging her magic wand. With her delicate wings carrying her from house to house, and her shimmering glitter outfit reflecting the moonlight, feathers may just flutter in her wake. Yet, amidst all the whimsy, Marie remains composed and effortlessly exudes chic and glamour, just like a true fairy.

These remarkable jointed standing dolls offer boundless possibilities for creative play. With a remarkable total of 9 high-quality joints in their shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and neck, these dolls possess unparalleled flexibility. They can effortlessly assume a multitude of positions, engaging in activities like yoga, horseback riding, climbing, or immersing themselves in any imaginative scenario. The dolls’ bodies are completely movable and poseable, enabling seamless playtime enjoyment.

With Marie and her companions, the world of make-believe comes alive. Their versatile joints empower children to explore their imagination to the fullest, crafting unique stories and adventures. Whether striking dynamic poses or undertaking gentle activities, these dolls bring endless joy and creativity to every play session.

Let Marie and her friends ignite the spirit of play, inspiring young hearts to dream big and embark on extraordinary journeys of imagination. These dolls, with their exceptional flexibility and poseability, ensure that no limits exist in the realm of creativity.

Suitable from 3+ years

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Must-Have Dolls’ Accessories For Endless Fun And Imagination

Vera Baby Doll, Blue Almonds

Meet Vera, an exquisite baby doll with luscious dark hair. Adorned in an adorable floral dress, complemented by a matching wool jacket and cozy socks, she is a sight to behold.

Crafted with utmost care, all Llorens dolls are proudly made in Spain. With their remarkable mechanical crying feature, this baby doll offers an incredible playtime experience that is sure to captivate your child’s heart. Vera will quickly become a cherished companion and one of your little one’s favorite toys.

Engaging in pretend play with the Llorens crying baby doll is an excellent opportunity to foster your child’s nurturing instincts, teaching them valuable lessons in care, empathy, and responsibility. Just like a real baby, this doll provides an authentic experience, inviting your child to embrace the role of a caring caregiver.

Indulge in the joy of imaginative play as your child forms a deep connection with Vera, the stunning Llorens baby doll. Through their interactions, your child will develop a profound understanding of love and compassion, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Suitable from 3+ years

Baby Annabell Sweetie For Babies, Zapf Creation

Introducing Baby Annabell Sweetie, the perfect first doll for your precious little one, right from birth. Designed with an integrated rattle and an irresistibly cuddly body, this doll offers a delightful sensory experience.

Made with the softest pastel pink fabric, Baby Annabell Sweetie is ideal for snuggles and gentle embraces, providing comfort and companionship to your baby. The adorable hat with bunny ears adds an extra touch of charm and serves as a wonderful target for those early attempts at grabbing and holding objects.

Nestled within her soft tummy, a hidden rattle awaits. Give Baby Annabell Sweetie a gentle shake, and the soothing sound will captivate and entertain your baby, offering moments of joy and relaxation. Measuring 30cm, this sweet baby doll is also handwashable, ensuring easy cleanup in case of any dribbles or spills.

With Baby Annabell Sweetie, your little one will embark on a journey of discovery and sensory exploration. This first doll will become a treasured companion, providing comfort, stimulation, and opportunities for play and learning from the earliest days of infancy.

Suitable from birth.

BABY born Brother, Zapf Creation

Introducing the ultra-cool big brother of BABY born, the trendsetter in his beanie hat, eagerly seeking a playmate to share in his mischievous and exciting adventures!

With his bendable knees, this clever young lad can effortlessly stand or sit on his own, showcasing his independence and versatility. His realistic, high-quality hair is just waiting to be styled in some seriously cool ways, and little ones can easily achieve this using his comb.

BABY born Brother is an absolute pro at keeping it real. He can drink water from his beaker, producing genuine tears to express his emotions. And that’s not all—this fun-loving brother is always up for a splash in the bath, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to playtime.

Dressed in trendy jeans and a snazzy T-shirt, featuring an awesome graphic of a skateboarding bear, BABY born Brother exudes effortless style. As a delightful bonus, he comes with six fantastic accessories, including two friendship bracelets—one for him and one for his new best friend forever!

Prepare for endless hours of imaginative play as your child joins forces with BABY born Brother, sharing laughter, creativity, and lifelong memories. Together, they will embark on countless escapades, fostering friendship, and inspiring limitless fun.

Suitable from 4+ years

Baby Annabell Little Sophia, Zapf Creation

Behold the stunning mane of Baby Annabell Little Sophia! With her soft body and high-quality hair, Little Sophia eagerly awaits your child’s creativity, as her long blonde locks can be styled in countless ways, providing endless hairstyling adventures.

Her 2-in-1 pink cardigan and patterned dress offer a delightful sensory experience, with a soft and textured feel, perfect for inquisitive children who love to explore through touch.

After a day filled with play and dress-up, Little Sophia will need her well-deserved rest. Simply lay her down, and her pretty eyes will gently close, signaling a peaceful evening slumber.

Designed with the slightly smaller size of 36cm, Little Sophia is perfectly suited for exploring toddlers aged one and above. They can grasp and cuddle her to their heart’s content, fostering a sense of companionship and comfort.

Baby Annabell Little Sophia is seeking a caring caregiver who can nurture empathy and compassion through cuddles and an abundance of love. Together, they will embark on a journey of emotional growth, creating a deep bond that will last a lifetime.

Suitable from 1+ years

Interactive Lucille Doll by Corolle, Amazon

Meet Lucille, a delightful 17-inch interactive baby doll with a soft body, designed for the imaginative play of aspiring moms and dads who want to experience the joys of caring for a baby. Lucille’s remarkable features, including multiple sensors and four accessories, allow her to react and respond to your child’s actions, creating a lifelike experience akin to caring for a real baby.

Lucille Interactive is ready to captivate young hearts with her realistic interactions. From giggles to babbling, and even gentle snores, Lucille mirrors the responses of a real baby, making playtime all the more immersive and engaging.

With her four included accessories, Lucille further enhances the pretend parenting experience. Whether it’s feeding her with a bottle, changing her diaper, or soothing her with her favorite pacifier, your child will have all the tools needed to nurture and care for Lucille just like a real parent.

Watch as your child’s nurturing instincts come alive, fostering empathy and responsibility through their interactions with Lucille. This interactive baby doll is the perfect companion for imaginative play, allowing children to engage in a world of make-believe and create lasting memories as they care for Lucille like a cherished member of the family.

Lucille interactive has 8 features and makes 20 sounds.

Suitable from 2+ years

Tiny Treasures Doll, Argos

Introducing the stunning Tiny Treasures baby doll, standing at an adorable 44cm tall, perfectly resembling a newborn weighing 2lbs 10oz. This remarkable doll not only captures the look but also the feel of a real baby. With a realistic new baby smell, super soft blonde hair that’s perfect for brushing, and sparkling blue eyes that gently close when lying down, this doll offers a truly immersive play experience.

Dressed in a delightful pink jersey all-in-one outfit, featuring a super soft appliqued bunny face and cute 3D ears, this beautiful baby exudes charm and sweetness. To add an extra touch of cuteness, the outfit includes a matching oversized pink bow headband.

The Tiny Treasures baby doll arrives in a beautifully designed car seat style box, complete with real straps for added play value. The box is crafted from FSE certified cardboard, and once the straps and buckle are removed, it can be fully recycled, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Unwrap the joy and excitement as you open the packaging to reveal this precious Tiny Treasures baby doll. With attention to detail and a focus on quality, this doll is ready to be cherished and loved by your little one.

Immerse your child in imaginative play and foster nurturing instincts with the Tiny Treasures baby doll. This beautifully packaged doll is not only a source of endless fun but also an opportunity for growth and development.

Suitable from 3+ years

DesignaFriend Pearl Mermaid Doll, Argos

Greetings, I’m Pearl! I’m an ocean enthusiast who adores all things aquatic, and guess what? I’m as magical as a mermaid! Take me outdoors, and you’ll witness the enchantment as my hair changes color before your eyes! Standing at a height of 18 inches, I come dressed in a charming pink sweatshirt, mermaid print leggings, holographic trainers, and a delightful mermaid headband. Additionally, I arrive with a fabulous mermaid swimsuit, perfect for seaside adventures.

My extra-long hair is truly remarkable—it’s solar activated, which means it changes color in the sunlight. Styled in two beautiful plaits framing my face, it adds to my mermaid allure. My eyes sparkle a mesmerizing shade of blue, further enhancing my magical presence.

I have a sturdy, hard body that allows me to assume lifelike positions. Watch as I raise my arms and legs, creating an engaging play experience for your little one.

As Pearl, I bring a touch of whimsy and wonder to your child’s imaginative playtime. With my captivating features and ability to change hair color, the possibilities for imaginative adventures are endless. Let’s dive into a world of enchantment together!

Suitable from 3+ years

Missy Kissy Talking Baby Doll, Smyths

Introducing Missy Kissy, the delightful talking doll by JC Dolls who is sure to capture the hearts of children everywhere. With 10 interactive activities and sounds, caring for Missy Kissy becomes an exciting and engaging experience.

Missy Kissy loves to chat and play with her little companions. She’ll ask for a kiss and delightfully return the gesture. Singalongs become a joyous affair as Missy Kissy showcases her musical talents. For even more role-play fun, burp your Missy Kissy doll, change her outfit, and feed her with the included bottle.

Watch in amazement as Missy Kissy drinks from her bottle and sings a charming song while using the potty. Simply ensure that her back is in full contact with the potty, allowing the magnet within to trigger the potty song and sounds.

As bedtime approaches, Missy Kissy adds a touch of magic to the nighttime routine. Her sleepy eyes gently close when she’s laid down for a nap or bedtime, and a soothing lullaby plays when you give her the dummy. Goodnight, Missy Kissy, and sweet dreams!

With Missy Kissy, children will immerse themselves in a world of imaginative play and caring for their beloved doll. From interactive conversations to bedtime routines, Missy Kissy brings joy, companionship, and endless possibilities for playtime fun.

Suitable from 2+ years

Rose Doll, Lilliputiens

Meet Rose, an incredibly well-behaved little girl who, like any baby, craves affection and attention. Luckily, your child loves playing the role of a caring parent! Under her fashionable dress, which can be easily removed and re-dressed, Rose wears a nappy that requires regular changing. When Rose feels upset, comfort her with her magnetic dummy, offering soothing reassurance.

This delightful fabric doll, measuring 36 cm, is filled with soft polyester stuffing, providing a huggable and lovable companion for your child. Suitable for children aged 2 years and up, Rose is the perfect size for little hands to hold and care for.

Expand Rose’s wardrobe with our collection of clothes and accessories specifically designed for 36 cm dolls, allowing your child to explore their creativity and enhance their imaginative play.

With Rose by their side, your child can embrace the nurturing parent role, fostering empathy, responsibility, and endless hours of fun. Let the adventures of parenthood unfold as your child creates cherished memories with this adorable and cuddly doll.

Suitable from 2+ years

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