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Travelling To Australia With Your Baby And All About Your Visa

For many parents, travelling abroad with a baby for the first time can be a very stressful experience. And if your travel destination is as distant as Australia, there is even more reason to stress. It’s a long trip and there are many things to take care of before and during your holiday. To help you travel with complete peace of mind, we’ve put together is a list of tips on how to organise your trip to Australia with a baby. For instance, you should apply well in advance for you and your baby’s Australia visa.

Choose a direct flight

Ideally, it is advisable to make a non-stop flight when flying with babies. Babies and small children can have trouble with the pressure changes in the cabin. Of course, a non-stop flight to Australia is not always possible, so you might have to make a stop-over somewhere. In that case, opt for a stopover instead of waiting at the airport for a long connection. This will give your baby the chance to sleep and be well rested for the second flight. If you have a short layover between flights, try to leave at least an hour between the arrival of one flight and the departure of your connecting flight.

Take the baby’s car seat on the plane

Children under the age of 2 can sit with their parents on the same seat. As you can imagine, bouncing a baby on your lap for more than 20 hours can be quite an exhausting experience, so if finances allow, book an extra seat and install your baby on their car seat there. This way, your baby will feel comfortable and secure, so you and the rest of the passengers in the plane have a peaceful flight. It’s worth bearing in mind that some airlines have restrictions on the use of car seats, so check with your airline about their policy on this before you book.

Bring twice as many baby-supplies

You never know what can happen during such an intercontinental trip. Your flight might be delayed, cancelled, or you might have to transit for a longer time than expected. In that case, the last thing you want to have is a dirty, thirsty or hungry baby with you. So, to cater for every eventuality, make sure you pack twice the amount of formula, nappies, and baby food that you would normally need in your carry on luggage. You will not regret it!

Family-friendly destinations in Australia

If you’re still not sure what places you should visit with your baby in Australia, here are some tips:

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast in the northeast of Australia is an ideal place to travel to as a family, especially if you have young children. It is pleasantly warm, there are plenty of activities to do, and it is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Australia. There are many holiday parks and lodges along the Sunshine Coast, which have all the comforts of a home. There are also plenty of baby-friendly activities for both you and your little one to enjoy, such as boat trips on calm waters.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located in the northeast of New South Wales and like the Gold Coast, has pleasant temperatures and offers a wide variety of activities for families. In addition, Byron Bay specialises in boutique shopping, and many of the handmade items sold are aimed at babies and younger children.


Tasmania is an island located south of Australia. A verdant island with a pleasant cool climate for most of the year, Tasmania is home to many national parks, where your baby will not only get a good dose of fresh air, but also have the chance to see native animals up close. Parks such as Mt Field National Park and the Hobart area around Mount Wellington are accessible to pushchairs and prams and the cooler temperatures mean you can keep your child in the pram for longer.

Apply for an Australia visa for you and your baby

To make sure your trip starts as stress-free as possible, it is advisable to apply for your visa for Australia well in advance.

Validity Australia

The e-visitor visa Australia is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and UK travellers can apply online 24/7. The maximum duration of stay with this visa is three consecutive months. Please note that children must also have their own passport and visa in order to fly, so do not forget to apply for your child’s Australia visa.

Enjoy your trip!

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