Recently I finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo (which is an incredible book if you are looking for your next read) that has an element of hidden treasure, which inspired me to make treasure maps with my charges. Of course if you are making treasure maps, you have to use tea bags to age the map.

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To make your own treasure map you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil/crayons
  • Tea bag and cup of water
  • Matches/lighter (optional)

The order you do this in really depends on what you use to draw the map; if you use pencils then I would draw first and then use the tea bag.  If you are using crayons I would use the tea bag first and then draw. Which ever way you do it make sure that you completely cover the whole piece of paper with the wet tea bag and leave it to dry properly.

To give it an older look use a lighter to burn the edges, obviously this is for the grown up to do and makes the perfect opportunity for us to talk about fire safety.

Not only was this a fun activity to do, it was also a lesson for my charges in adding more details to their pictures. We talked about what sort of things they may find on their map and discussed how to draw it, they came up with some amazing things. EC’s was full of dangerous things and YC decided that she wanted hummingbirds on hers!