I bought my first Stokke® Tripp Trapp® when my son was born almost a decade ago. My husband and I laughed as we replaced one of our kitchen chairs with this beautiful customised highchair. We wondered “how many of these Tripp Trapps would replace our kitchen chairs over the next few years?” The answer was two in very quick succession. This time however, we went for a powder pink number for my daughter with one of the most genius accessories I’d ever seen: the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set.

My son had moved on to the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set with a cosy little cushion that came in a huge range of colours and designs for me to choose from. Something I absolutely love about Stokke® is the ability to not only select from a wide range of colours and finishes, but all of the funky accessories that go with them.

The Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set was a real game changer for me; it meant my baby could sit up to the table with the whole family from day one! It was incredibly easy to install and Newborn Set could be whipped off in seconds, turning the base back into a chair. My daughter quickly moved on to the Baby Set followed by the Tripp Trapp® Cushion, so the Newborn Set was put away in the attic.

But the main reason this Newborn Set has been so special for me is because a few months ago – after quite a gap – I had another baby. I ventured back into the attic six years on, dusted off the Newborn Set and once again had the joy of having my whole family sitting around the kitchen table. When Stokke® say that their product is for life, they’re absolutely right!

I get so much joy out of this wonderful range and I love seeing how these products develop as my children grow. Now the only thing the children argue about at mealtimes is who gets to sit next to the baby!