As parents, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure our baby is happy and content but there is absolutely no harm in sourcing an extra pair of hands when it’s needed, especially during this challenging period of staying home. There may be times when your baby’s discomfort results in the whole house being turned upside down to try and find a solution.

Babocush’s Newborn Comfort Cushion is the ultimate ‘at-home’ aid to provide much needed moments of calm for you and your unsettled little one.

What we love about the babocush is that it’s multi-functional. It can be used to help relieve pain associated with colic and reflux, as well as trapped wind or gas in newborn babies. It also doubles up as a fantastic base for the all-important practice of ‘tummy time’, making it a more than worthy addition to every baby’s daily routine at home.

What IS the babocush?

It’s the first and only comforting cushion that holds your baby securely, tummy down – just as if you were holding them in your arms and against your chest.

The babocush releases gentle vibrations to the soothing sound of a heartbeat to mimic their experience in the womb. These familiar sensations and sounds work together with the soothing pressure of being placed tummy down onto the cushion. This position will provide your baby with much-needed relief from tummy ache or wind, as well as giving them a soft and completely safe place to relax. The cushion will make your baby feel safe, snug and reassured.

What is the babocush made from?

The cushion is made using a premium foam mattress together with a quilted mattress protector and a luxuriously plush cover for extra comfort. The cushion’s cover is machine washable and can be easily unzipped and removed for regular washing.


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How to use the babocush

Place the babocush on a non-slip surface. Gently but securely fasten your baby to the cushion with its tried and tested five-point harness for ultimate security. The harness is easily adjustable to support your baby as they grow, making it the perfect daily companion for newborns to babies up to six months old.

The cushion is portable, so you can use it with your baby in different areas of the house to mix things up, and during lockdown, a change of scenery (even if it’s in the home) is always welcome!

Why is ‘tummy time’ so important for babies?

Tummy time helps your baby to develop the muscles they need to lift their heads, strengthen their core, and give them the physical control they need to be able to sit up, crawl and eventually walk. Tummy time is crucial during the first six months of your baby’s life – even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time, at different intervals throughout the day.

Your baby can start practising tummy time very soon after birth and that’s what makes the babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion the ideal companion for your baby. It’s a soothing and safe way to introduce tummy time to even the teeniest babas, while you find yourself hands-free to be able to really interact with each other.

Our top tip for tummy time

Let your baby practise tummy time little and often throughout the day – at least at first. As your baby gets used to doing this, add an extra 30 seconds or a minute to each tummy time session every few days to help your baby develop further.

All of this in one cushion? Indeed.

What we really love about this clever yet comforting cushion is that it’s a great place to interact with your little one, whether it’s singing a song, reading a story, or even a game of peekaboo as they lay down on their tums.

All in all, this innovative solution is a fabulous multi-functioning investment for your little one and a brilliant way to make the most of the extended lockdown period as you spend time together at home.

The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion is available directly from the Babocush website for £107.00 (price correct at time of writing the article).


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