I was lucky enough to be treated to this luxurious treatment by my husband who realised that with three children and another on the way, I was getting more than frazzled!  I was 27 weeks pregnant at the time of the massage, which I felt was perfect timing, but to be honest, you could treat yourself at any time after 12 weeks.

The Mandarin Oriental is not known for doing things by half, and this certainly applies to this treatment. As soon as you walk through the doors of the spa, you are welcomed with a delicious cup of chamomile tea and a warm towel to freshen up. After changing into a warm soft bathrobe, you are taken into the relaxation room for a few minutes in an effort to get you to relax before your treatment. It works! I was fearful of lying down in there as I could feel my eyes getting heavy!

My therapist, Agata, was very careful to ask where I felt I needed the most help in the treatment and if there were any areas to avoid. In all of my pregnancies I have suffered from bad hips and lower back tension, so I was happy to let her tackle those areas specifically.

The treatment begins with a warm body scrub – all the products used are by Aromatherapy Associates, and for this treatment are mainly their Renew Bath & Body range. Agata expertly scrubbed my back, legs and décolletage before showing me to the shower in the corner of the room. Once dry, I was shown how to lie on the expertly positioned cushions, face down with my bump (which is rather large) fully supported. I had been a little worried about this position, but it was seriously comfortable and meant that Agata could really work on all the areas without me getting too uncomfortable. I have suffered quite badly in this pregnancy with varicose veins and broken veins, on my legs, and Agata expertly massaged those areas and made them feel a thousand times better.

I must admit that the middle part of the treatment is a bit hazy and whilst I wasn’t fully asleep, I was definitely not all there! The treatment draws to an end with a wonderful face and head massage, using the Revitalising Face Oil, which topped off a perfect couple of hours of luxury. 

Although some might find the price alarming (it is £210 for 1 hour and 50 minutes), I don’t think you could find a pregnancy massage anywhere that is better value for money.  In any case, who needs justification – you’re pregnant, you absolutely deserve it!

By Polly Ingestre