Sensory bags are fabulous way for little ones to explore the world around them.  They are cheap to make and easily slipped into a bag to take out to restaurants and places. There are many different ideas that you can do, so for this one I did an under the sea sensory bag.

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To make your own under the sea sensory bag you will need:

  • A small zip lock bag
  • Shower gel
  • Under water themed toys
  • Craft gems
  • Duck tape

Fill your zip lock bag with shower gel (I used a cheap Disney Princess one from Sainsbury).

Next put in your themed toys and any craft gems.  I used a few rubber ones that I had which are readily available from toy shops like Toys R Us.

Then squeeze out any excess air and close.  Make sure to use some duck tape to secure the top.

I found that quite quickly the shower gel became very bubbly.  Next time I will use hair gel and just add a bit of glitter to make it shimmer.

If you want to remove any logos or writing from the zip lock bag to use some nail polish remover.

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Under the sea sensory bag for babies and toddlers.