It seems the colder weather has hit, we actually had snow last week! I don’t ever recall getting snow in Autumn before, spring yes, but not Autumn. It was rather a shock. As the colder and wetter weather sets in it is time for us to start thinking about putting out food for the birds. BB and I have been busy making a little plant pot bird feeder for the garden. Which would could also be used as a bird bath in the spring and summer.

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To make your own plant pot bird feeder you will need:

  • Terracotta plant pot
  • Terracotta plant pot saucer
  • Gorilla glue
  • Acrylic paint (optional)

Turn your plant pot upside down and put a liberal amount of gorilla glue on the base. Next add the plant pot saucer and press down firmly. Leave this to dry for at least 24 hrs. You might want to put some heavy books on top of it.

plant pot bird feeder

Once the glue has dried you can paint it. We avoided painting the inside of the plant pot saucer because that is where the bird seed would go.

Next day we put it out (with seeds in) within sight of the kitchen window so we could watch the birds.

Tips for feeding birds

  1. Place the feeders where you can see them.
  2. Once you start feeding them, don’t stop.
  3. If you want a wider diversity of birds then offer a variety of food, such as mealworms, fat balls, suet cakes, and fruit.
  4. It is better to use high quality bird feed. Birds will scatter the filler of cheaper bird seed blends to find the more nutritious stuff. That scattered food can attract unwanted pests like rats.
  5. Don’t forget water.
  6. Clean your plant pot bird feeder regularly. Hopefully you will get lots of birds visiting your station, which means there is a real risk of spreading diseases. By cleaning it with warm soapy water you can minimize the risk and keep your birds fit and health.
  7. Relocating the feeder occasionally can stop the accumulation of bird droppings

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Upcycled plant pot bird feeder.  A fun activity for children to get involved with.