“I’ve no idea where to start when it comes to decorating my baby’s room, what do you suggest?”


Tempting as it may be, before jumping in and starting to choose colours and furniture for your baby’s room, consider the practicalities. If you have a choice, choose a quiet room close to your bedroom so you can hear crying and don’t have to walk far at night. Newborns are sensitive to light and temperature, so check you have enough sockets, install a dimmer switch, and enable adequate temperature control and ventilation. Make sure you can darken the room with black-out blinds or lining to curtains.

Now you’re ready to start thinking about the décor. My golden rule is to stay true to your style. In the first year it’s you, more than your baby, who will take pleasure from the room’s decor, so make sure it’s a place you love to be in.

Next, keep it simple. There will plenty of opportunity to personalise the room when your baby gets older. Think child-friendly, not childish. Decide on a single focus early on, at it’s easy to over-decorate. Choose a neutral background and mix in age-appropriate accessories and you’ll reduce the need to redecorate every few years.

When planning the room’s lay-out, start with the position of the cot, and plan changing, a feeding chair and storage around this. To add personality to the room, mix and match furniture rather than buying a coordinated set.

Finally, using non-toxic materials where possible, try finishing works at least a month before your baby arrives, so any harmful fumes have time to dissipate.

Happy decorating!

x Ursula from Room to Bloom