Inspired by 1960s black-and-white fashion photography, monochrome decorating is a popular style that’s very much back in vogue right now. This simple black and white style forms a great background for colourful kids’ stuff and is easy to pull together. Stop it from looking flat and unwelcoming with my decorating tips for monochrome kids’ rooms:

1. Make white the predominant element of your room, and add black as an accent. A good rule of thumb is 70% white to 30% black.

2. Add pattern. Clashing patterns with black and white are the hallmark of this style and stop it from looking flat. Think bedcovers, cushions, prints or any other accessories.

3. Add texture to create layers of interest. Try woven rugs, chunky knits, tactile fabrics, contrasting gloss and matt surfaces.

3. Add grey to soften the scheme – it’s made up of black and white so it’s not cheating.

4. Add wood to warm it up. Wooden furniture or accessories are the easiest way to do this if you don’t have a wooden floor.

5. Still too clinical? Add some colourful accessories to jazz it up. Unless you are very strict, this will happen naturally as your child’s possessions accumulate.

6. Too much colour creeping in? Add storage – the kind that hides stuff away. Built-in cupboards, containers, anything with a door or lid – and no see-through plastic!

To get you inspired here are some images of monochrome kids’ rooms that I’ve enjoyed (see more on the Room to Bloom blog and my monochrome board on Pinterest).

Happy decorating!

x Ursula from Room to Bloom

monochrome-black-and-white-kids-room 1

monochrome-black-and-white-kids-room 2

Image sources links:

Image 1 clockwise from left to right:

Zigzag wall
Grey bed
Mini library

Image 2 clockwise from left to right:

Scallop wall
Zigzag wall
Car track
Star wallpaper

Image for landing page:

Left (drawn headboard)
Right: (miniwilla poster)