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We often get the paintbrushes out to do painting, but today we tried something a little bit different. Instead of using normal paintbrushes we made our own natural ones using flowers that we had in the house.

It was fun to watch EC and YC experiment using these new tools. EC immediately started using his flower to paint a flower!


Then he dissected it and used the pieces to paint the different parts of his flower; he used the stem to paint the stem, the leaves to do the leaves etc. YC liked to use hers to print and make different shapes and patterns.


They definitely enjoyed this super fun method, but by the end of the painting session YC had moved onto finger, hand, and foot painting.

You will need:

  • Flowers/leaves/grass etc
  • Paint
  • Paper

Just let them experiment and paint some wild pictures using their natural paintbrushes.

EC tried his hand at using the stem as a quill.

EC tried his hand at using the stem as a quill.

EC's finished flower picture.

EC’s finished flower picture.

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Use flowers and leaves to make natural paintbrushes to paint and experiment with.