The 8th – 14th May is Sun Awareness week, so we thought we would put a list together of some great clothing that will help protect your child against the harmful rays from the sun this summer. With protective rash vests, hats and all-in-ones we have your little one covered.

Sunuva UPF50+ Girls Tropical Butterfly Rash Vest from Harrods

Sunuva UPF50+ Boys Aqua Shark Rash Vest from Harrods

UPF 50+ Girls Modern Dot Skirt Rashkini from Rockley Cove

Snapper Rock Pink Flamingo UPF 50+ Swimsuit from Alex and Alexa


Aquarium Sunsafe from Mothercare

UPF 40+ Sunsafe Keppi from Mothercare

UPF40+ Molo Boys Surfboard Hat from Childrensalon

UPF 50+ Mini Rodini Boys Yellow Mr Mouse Swim Shorts from Childrensalon

UPF 50+ Kate Mack & Biscotti Girls Pink Sun Protective Tankini from Childrensalon

UPF 50+ Deux Par Deux Boys Blue Sun Protective Swim Shorts from Childrensalon

Elephant One Piece Sun Protection Suit from JoJo Maman Bebe

Shark 2 Piece Sun Protection Suit from JoJo Maman Bebe

UPF 40+ Baker by Ted Baker Girls’ Light Blue Underwater Floral Print Sun Safe from Debenhams

Sun Protection UV40+ Swimsuit Set from George Asda


Girls Jasmine Rash Vest from Heidi Klein

Boys Oliver Rash Vest from Heidi Klein