For the past few weeks (actually pretty much from January 2nd) my inbox has been filled with all sorts of Valentine’s related ideas, mostly craft ideas, but some maths and English ones as well.  I decided to jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon and made a Valentine’s Bingo game!

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To make your own Valentine’s bingo game you will need:

Print out the Bingo sheets as many times as you need.

Cut out the hearts and write on the numbers.  There should be 30 hearts.

Fill in the Bingo sheet with random numbers, just make sure you have a heart cut out with that number on.

To play this Valentine’s bingo  game, either you or your little one should pull out a number heart and shout out the number.  If you have the number on your bingo board, cross it out.  The first person to cross out all their numbers has to shout “BINGO”!

I played it with my youngest charge after nursery the other day, and she got so excited about shouting ‘bingo!’.  Every time she crossed off one of her numbers she would mutter “I can’t call it out yet, I still have spaces…”.

When she had finished her bingo sheet I gave her a small prize of a few Teddy Grahams, which she probably was more excited about.  I can’t wait to play this with my eldest charge, as he would love the idea of trying to beat me and win his prize.

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Valentine's Bingo Game for preschoolers to help with number recognition.