During one of my planning sessions I was trying to think of an original way to make a Valentine’s Day card this year; I finally settled on the idea of using rose petals to decorate the cards. The next problem was how to attach the petals to the cards. While my little ones were at school/nursery I tried using glue on once card and sticky contact paper on the other one. Both of them produced nice results, but it was easier to attach the hearts using the contact paper, so this maybe a better option for younger children. As both looked good I left it up to my little ones to decide what one they wanted to do; they both chose to use the sticky contact paper.

While I was preparing everything, I tried using my heart shape hole punch on the petals, which actually turned out really well. As they tended to be curled up I flattened them by pressing them between some heavy books for a few hours.


To make your own Valentine’s Day petal cards you will need:

  • Black/ Red Card
  • Glue* or contact paper
  • Rose petals
  • Optional – heart shaped hole punch

* You will need strong glue like mod-podge or PVA rather than a Pritt stick.

To help them make their heart shapes I drew a heart on a piece of paper and placed it under the contact paper.


When they had finished they placed some card on top to stick everything down, they then smoothed out any bubbles.


Next they cut out their hearts and glued them onto another piece of card.


If you cut the petals try to use them that day as they do tend to wilt slightly, therefore these cards might be better if you make them a few days before Valentine’s day rather than a week.