My eldest charge was sent home from school the other day with flash cards so that we can practice his phonics every day. Don’t get me wrong, flash cards are a great and quick way to refresh his memory, but using them every day is, well, boring and uninspiring. What we needed was something to make his phonics fun again. What we needed was hide and seek, I don’t think that I have met a child who doesn’t like hide and seek and my two little ones are no exception, so this was an activity that both of them could easily do.

For your own phonics game you will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen

Cut out your hearts and write your letters on them, I also wrote some blended sounds on some like th, sh, ch etc.

For this particular game, as both my charges were playing, I hid all the hearts at once in the playroom and told them which sound that they had to find first, then when they brought me the correct heart, I told them the next sound. Obviously you can play this game however you wish, my eldest charged asked if we could play it again so that he could find all the letters that his sister had found! He obviously enjoyed the game then.

When I do activities like this, that involve phonics or maths I will normally only play the game once, even if they ask to play again, because that way they don’t get bored of it and the next time I pull out the activity they are still excited to play it.


Hiding Places


Looking for the ‘Y’


Getting warmer!