I first came across sugar painting during one of my first lessons at Norland. I have to confess, I haven’t actually done it since that particular lesson. Which is a shame, because it does produce beautifully glossy looking pictures.  It was high time to revisit this lost art form and make some Valentine’s sugar paintings with BB for his Valentine’s gifts to his parents.

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For these Valentine’s sugar paintings you will need:

• Water
• Sugar
• Food Colouring
• Paper
• Paint pot
• Paintbrush
• Crayons

Mix together warm water, sugar, and food colouring.

Valentine’ Sugar paintings

Before we started painting we used crayons to draw with on the paper. That way when we painted the crayons repelled the water and came through.

Valentine’s sugar paintings

BB really enjoyed painting his pictures. He kept adding more and more water to his pictures so that they became a soggy mess at times. But just loved dipping his paint brush into all the colours.

When they are done leave them somewhere warm to dry. I also tipped any excess water off that had pooled there. That way the paper was less likely to rip later on.

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Valentine’s sugar painting - it produces a wonderfully glossy effect.  A great craft for toddlers and preschoolers.