Taking things like Lego on a journey can be such a pain as those little pieces are so easily dropped and lost. I can’t count the number of times of had to search the floor of an aircraft/ train/ restaurant for missing items, which if are not found can bring on the tears. Although this busy bag cannot replace the joy that Lego brings, it can hopefully be fun (and easily replaced) substitute that will keep little ones entertained while waiting for food or whiling away the time on a trip.

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You will need:

  • A bag to keep it all in
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Stick on Velcro
  • Scissors

Cut out strips of Velcro; make sure that they are roughly the same width as the stick.

One each stick attach the Velcro. For the most part I stuck it one side (each stick had the corresponding sides), but for some of them I stuck it on both sides, round the tops and bottoms and some had the same side on them. It just adds a little bit of variety so that they can build amazing constructions out of their popsicle sticks.

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velcro building craft sticks busy bag


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