The VW Touran is a very practical option when it comes to choosing a family car. The Touran carries 7 passengers with its extra easy-to-use fold-flat seating system, allowing the two back seats to be folded flat to maximise boot space. In our opinion, the rearmost row is best kept for small children or very occasional use, as leg space is tight. With the 6th and 7th seat in place, the boot space is obviously reduced by quite a bit.

We reviewed the SE Family 1.6 litre TDI 6 speed manual, and being used to driving smaller vehicles, the Touran did seem quite bulky at first, but it’s equipped with lots of driver aids that make parking, reversing and seeing blind spots a piece of cake, so manoeuvring is easy.The new Touran is rated Euro NCAP 5 stars, with great safety scores for both adults and children, and the vehicle is also equipped with 9 airbags. The car is so sensible when it comes to space, there’s plenty of room in the second row, with space for three 6ft+ adults to sit comfortably, and they’ve also crammed in a grand total of 47 storage compartments, so there are lots of nifty nooks and crannies for all your belongings.

My favourite part of the Touran has to be the really large panoramic sunroof – it was so much fun rolling around the streets of Bath, it almost felt like we had the top down. All in all, I’d recommend the VW Touran, it’s a fantastic option for every day use.