I’m lucky to travel to the countryside with the family most weekends and something we do every Saturday without fail is walk the dogs.  When I say walk the dogs, this isn’t a little meander around the garden but a proper family adventure.  We normally head out before lunch to justify eating one of every pudding on the menu.  Come rain or shine, we’re out and that’s why I like to be prepared.  We wrap up the children but not with too many layers as you actually get pretty hot when you’ve been climbing hills and searching for the Gruffalo in the woods.

This is a funny time of year because it’s not too cold but you never know what to expect. I go by the rule that we’re in England so it will probably be raining!  Wellies aren’t great at this time of year as they tent to get stuck in the mud so my kids are sporting these new Cham Low Lace Waterproof Shoes from Cotswold Outdoor.  They’ve got a good grip and although they’re waterproof, they’re still breathable. Perfect for the English countryside!  They’re easy to get on and have a traditional lace fastening to keep little feet securely in place.


Whatever my kids are wearing on the day, unless it’s really dry out, I make them wear waterproof trousers.  I get ours from Jo Jo Maman Bebe and Mini A Ture and I can’t tell you how sensible they are.  The kids love splashing around and inevitably end up falling bottom first into a puddle.



Lastly, we never venture out without their Muddy Puddles 3 in 1 Explorer’s Jackets. The jacket is also waterproof and has a cosy fleece lining that can be unzipped in the warmer months. They have reflective patches for visibility, zip up pockets and elasticated cuffs to keep the weather out.  The good news is that they’re in the sale so I’ve bought the next few sizes up!


I like to walk from Bledington through the woods to Daylesford, where the dogs are welcome to sit outside with a big bowl of water and other dogs to play with.  There are loads of good trails around with signs on the fences but if we feel like something different I check out the websites below which have dozens of printable walks to choose from spanning all over The Cotswolds. They show the mileage which always helps with kids in tow and have helpful descriptions with tips and advice. Enjoy!