I originally made these walking paper horses last year during the first lock down, but we did so many crafts and activities during those months, that I was absolutely overloaded with posts.  That doesn’t really matter though, it gave me the perfect opportunity to use them this year during some of my quieter months.

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To make your own walking paper horses you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Piece of cardboard or chopping board.
  • Couple of books

Definitely use card stock for this.  Normal paper is just too light, and your walking paper horses won’t stand up, let alone walk.

walking paper horses

To make them follow the pattern and measurements in the picture.  This is a good way for children to practice measuring and drawing out accurately.  Cut the dotted lines and fold the bold lines.

For the head, fold the paper middle flap on one side over at the top.  And for the tail, use a pencil to curl the middle flap on the opposite side to the head.

The tricky part of this activity is not the making of them but getting them to actually walk.  That takes a bit of patience and experimentation.

These wont walk on flat surfaces, it needs to be ramp.  This is when you can experiment with the surfaces you use.  Is the surface too slippery?  Is it at the right angle?  You will also need to play around with the angle of the paper horse’s head and tail.

When you finally get it all figured out you can have a mini horse race and see who will win.

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Walking paper horses - fun activity for kids.  Make your own horse race.