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We love playing with water beads here. They are just so relaxing. I can’t wait to use them with BB, but because of the risks they pose if swallowed, we will be sticking to making a water bead sensory bottle.

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To make your own water bead sensory bottle you will need:

  • A big bowl
  • Water beads
  • Bottle
  • Glue

Before I go into how to make the sensory bottle PLEASE make sure that you don’t use water beads with children who are prone to put things in their mouths. If swallowed they will continue to grow as they pass through the intestines, which may cause an obstruction. This also means if any drop on the floor don’t let any pets eat them.

Right now on to the fun part.

Make up the water beads by placing them in a large bowl of water for up to 24 hours.

I forgot to take a picture when I first sorted them, so these are the left over beads.

To make a rainbow water bead sensory bottle sort out the colours into different bowls.

It is better to use a bottle that has a wide opening; I really like the Voss water bottles.

Pour your water beads into the bottle one colour at a time.

If you want all the colours to get mixed up then make sure you leave some space at the top of the bottle for them to move around when shaken. I quite liked it staying in its rainbow pattern so I filled the bottle up completely.

The water beads will eventually dry out, so add some water to the bottle as well. I made another water bead sensory bottle using all the left over blue and green hues, then filled it with baby oil. I’m not totally convinced by how this looks, but BB likes it, so that’s what counts really.

These bottles look really cool, especially if you shine a light through them. I think I will have to get out our light box and use them with it.

If you enjoyed this water bead sensory bottle be sure to check out my gelatine streaking craft and oil and water sensory bottles.

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Rainbow water bead sensory bottle

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