When it comes to making presents, I find myself thinking, “will they actually use it, or will it just end up forgotten about in the corner somewhere” more often. That is doubly true when it is for things like Father’s Day. This year, we’ve have found a happy medium in making these watercolour quotes.

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To make your watercolour quotes you will need:

* This works on normal paper, but it is better on watercolour paper.

You can either print out one of the quotes that I have made up, or you can print out one that you find.

watercolour quotes

Colour in one side of a zip lock bag; it doesn’t need to be neat, but fill all the spaces.

watercolour quotes

Next spray the part you have just coloured with water.

watercolour quotes

Carefully place the zip lock bag, coloured side down, onto the piece of paper and carefully rub the colours to mix them. You don’t want to go overboard, as you’ll end up with just a brownish colour.

Carefully peel the bag off, and then pat excess water off the picture with a tissue.

After making the watercolour quotes we continued painting with this watercolour technique. This would be an easy craft project to pack into a busy bag.

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plastic bag watercolour technique to make watercolour quotes.