During the half term YC and I were having an artsy morning.  We got out a variety of materials and started creating.  She decided to make a dolls house out of a shoe box, whereas I decided I wanted to try doing some waterdrop art.  BB was in the room playing with his cars while we were doing this, but he decided that he wanted to try and have a go with the waterdrop art too.  Not going to lie, it’s very therapeutic.

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To make your own waterdrop art you will need:

  • Watercolour paper
  • Pipettes
  • Water
  • Watercolours
  • Thin paintbrush

You really need watercolour paper to do this.  It is thicker and will keep the water in their droplet form.  Normal paper or card stock will absorb it.

You will also need to do this at a table where you can leave the paper to completely dry, which might take a day (depending on how hot it is), without it being disturbed.

waterdrop art

Start by carefully using the pipette to drip droplets of water onto the paper.  It is a good activity for helping children develop their fine motor skills.  BB really tried to squeeze the pipette gentle so that he didn’t end up with a big puddle of water on his page.

waterdrop art

Next, using a fine tipped paintbrush, saturate it in your paint colour and carefully dip it into a water droplet.  The colour from the paintbrush should dye your droplet.  BB and I had great fun experiment with trying to get different shades of the colour in the droplets.

waterdrop art

“The sea with crabs in it” by BB

Once you have finished filling in your water droplets (remember any that aren’t coloured will eventually disappear without leaving a mark), leave them to dry.  We weren’t sure what was going to happen.  I was kind of expecting the droplets to merge to make one giant one, but the next morning when I came to check we had perfect remains of what had been the drops the day before.

waterdrop art

This was mine half dried.

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