I absolutely love making sun catchers, they are such a happy craft. It has been about a year since we last made one. The weather this week has been so gorgeous that it was high time that we started taking advantage of it and adding a little more colour into our room with some wax paper sun catchers.

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You will need:

As the weather was sunny we went outside to do this craft. If you decide to take it out then you will need to tape the paper down. Ours kept flying away.

Begin by tearing off a couple of sheets of paper. You need to decide how you are going to fill your window as this will determine how much wax paper you will need.  Are you going to completely fill it, part of it, or cut out shapes.   As you are using wax paper the paint wont actually stick to it. You need to screw the paper up. This makes marks across it for the paint to stick too.

wax paper sun catchers

All you need to do is just cover it each piece of wax paper with paint. At the end of each one we used a piece of kitchen paper to dab any excess paint off.

Originally we were going to cover the whole window but in the end only did half in a decorative way. To stick it up double sided tape works really well especially as it can’t be seen once up.

wax paper sun catchers

This is such an easy craft to do, plus it really looks beautiful when the sun is out and shining through it. BB even got involved, he seems to really enjoy painting after his experience the other day with taste safe paint.

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Brighten up your room with these easy to make wax paper sun catchers.

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