I am fairly sure that we have done wax resistant painting before, but never as a Valentines activity.  It is always an easy activity to do.  BB and I had fun writing Valentines notes to each other, which morphed into writing “help me” notes for his Paw Patrol game.

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To make your own wax resistant Valentines painting you will need:

  • White crayon or white pastel
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Paintbrush

On your piece of paper draw or write your picture/note.  I recommend using card stock for this activity.  Especially if you are doing it will younger children who may get the paper really wet.  Card stock is less likely to tear.

was resistant valentines painting

Then paint over the top of your drawing.  We used block watercolours as they work nicely.  I am not sure how poster paints would turn out; you may need to water them down a bit.  But it would be fun to try different paint types.

The sweetest Valentines message

As you paint the message or picture should reveal itself.  We found that it was better with darker colours, rather than paler ones.

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Wax resistant Valentines painting - send your Valentines a hidden message.