So, last night we had to talk to George, who is three years old in April, about erections. I was busy entertaining my one year old daughter Maisie in the living room when George suddenly needed the potty for a wee. My husband Doug took him over, pulled his trousers and his bright new yellow and blue boxer pants down.

George sat himself down quietly. A few minutes later George shouted “I CAN’T DO A WEE!” Doug went over to him and saw that he had an erection. “Oh, have you been touching your willy?” he asked, to which George replied “yeah” without hesitation.

“Well, that’s why you can’t go, its called a ‘boner'”. He said with a smile.

I immediately jumped in “No! You can’t call it that!” and George agreed.  “No, it isn’t, Daddy!”, probably because of what I had just said.

I went over to George and quietly explained to him. “It’s called an erection. When you touch your willy, it gets big and that’s why you can’t go for a wee, but if you leave it alone it will go down and then you will be able to pee.” To which George simply replied, “Okay, Mummy”.

And surely enough, after two minutes, normal service resumed, and a big ‘sunshine’ appeared in the bottom of the potty.