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3 Easy Weaning Recipes For Busy Parents (Purées, Muffins & More!)

Weaning is an exciting time for any parent – and a big step for little ones as they venture into a new world of tastes and textures. We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to prep and cook homemade food, so we’ve teamed up with BÉABA to bring you three easy weaning recipes, complete with YouTube how-tos!

BÉABA Babycook Solo Express

We’re always in favour of making parenting easier, and BÉABA’s new generation fastest-ever cooker/blender certainly does that. In fact, this nifty piece of kit is set to be your very own personal chef, with countless easy weaning recipes at your fingertips.

The BÉABA Babycook Solo Express is super-stylish economical 4-in-1 baby food that’s faster than ever before. With 2-cooking modes (express and eco), it steams, defrosts and reheats, plus mixes, blends and chops to create delicious, nutritious home-made baby food in minutes.

Pair that with these three recipes and et voila. You’ve got a banquet fit for a 6-month-old!

Easy weaning recipes for busy parents

How to make a pear, apple & mint purée

  • Suitable from 6 months
  • Makes 4 servings
  • Prepare 5 mins
  • Cook 10 mins

Is your baby bored of traditional purées? Beaba has added mint to fruits and yoghurt to give your baby the opportunity to experience a totally new flavour. Trust us, it’s completely dreamy!


  • 675g pears cubed
  • 120g apple cubed
  • 1 tablespoon yoghurt
  • 3-4 mint leaves chopped


  • Place the pears and apple in the steamer basket.
  • Pour water into the tank (level 2 for Original, Solo, Duo and Neo), (Solo Express; Express Mode 140ml, Eco Mode 160ml).
  • Start the steaming cycle.
  • Once the pears and apples are cooked, put them in the blending bowl with yoghurt and mint.
  • And some of the cooking liquid to bring the purée to the desired consistency and blend.

Savoury carrot muffins for 6 months +

  • Suitable from 6 months
  • Makes 6 muffins
  • Prepare 25 mins
  • Cook 50 mins


  • 500 g Carrots
  • 3 Free range eggs
  • 1 tsp Maple syrup
  • 100 g Cream cheese
  • 25 g Refined olive oil
  • 150 g Wholemeal flour
  • 50 g Oats
  • 1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
  • 3 Basil leaves, chopped


  • Pour water into the water reservoir of your Béaba Babycook (level 3 for Original, Solo, Duo and Neo), (Solo Express; Eco Mode 140ml).
  • Peel and grate your carrots and insert them into the steaming basket of your Béaba Babycook ® and start the steaming cycle.
  • In a bowl, mix the oats, flour and bicarbonate of soda.
  • Once the carrots are nice and soft, remove the steaming basket and reserve the liquid left at the bottom of the bowl to thin the batter if it looks too thick.
  • Pour the cooked carrot into your Babycook ® bowl and pulse a few times to obtain a purée. Transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the eggs, syrup, cream cheese and olive oil and mix well.
  • Add the oats, flour and bicarbonate of soda mix to the carrot bowl. Mix gently so the wet ingredients are just incorporated into the dry mix. Do not overmix or the muffins will turn out tough.
  • Add the chopped basil and mix very gently once more. Add reserved cooking juices if required.
  • Spoon the mixture into silicone cupcake moulds or your Béaba Multiportion ® and bake at 180°C or 160 °C fan oven for 50 mins.
  • Let your muffins cool down in the mould for about 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool down completely.

Smashed Avocados and Eggs on Toast for babies 9 months +

  • Suitable from 9 months
  • Prepare 5 minutes
  • Cook 15 minutes


  • ½ ripe avocado (peeled & cubed)
  • 1 egg (shell on)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread


  • Pour water into the water reservoir of your Béaba Babycook (level 3 for Original, Solo, Duo and Neo), (Solo Express; Eco Mode 160ml).
  • Place the egg into the Babycook steaming basket and cook.
  • Once finished, discard any juices and stand the egg in a separate bowl of cold water to cool before peeling. Be careful, it will be hot!
  • At the same time, toast your bread.
  • Place the avocado in the blender with a squeeze of lemon juice and pulse.
  • Spread the smashed avocado onto your toast.
  • Slice or cut the egg into small pieces and place on top of your smashed avocado and toast.
  • Slice into soldiers.

Shop the BÉABA Babycook Solo Express

Your best pal for easy weaning recipes, the Babycook Solo Express has eco-credentials coming out of its ears. The BÉABA Babycook Solo Express uses 30% less water and electricity in its cooking process when using the Eco function 2 at full capacity and 23% fewer CO2 emissions when using the Eco function 3 at full capacity.

The Babycook Solo Express by BÉABA has both Express and Eco cooking modes. With its large 1,250ml bowl and patented technology, you can steam, blend, defrost and reheat baby food enabling you to create quick delicious and nutritious meals. Its gentle heat modulation preserves nutrients and flavours, whilst the in-curved double blade allows a variety of textures adapted to the age of your baby.

Other features include:

  • Patented paddle within the steaming basket rotates every 30 seconds for faster cooking.
  • Lid with double lining for better insolation and faster cooking.
  • Large water tank opening with a magnetic lid and clear water level marks makes it easier to use.
  • It conveniently beeps, flashes and automatically switches off at the end of cooking.

Available in grey at selected retailers with an RRP of £140. Click here to find out more about the BÉABA Babycook Solo Express.

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