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Which Wet Wipes Are 100% Biodegradable, Plastic-Free And Best For My Baby?

It takes 100 years for a typical wet wipe to degrade in landfill, and every year, as a nation it’s thought that we get through approximately 11 billion of them. Leading wet wipe company Aqua Wipes is on a mission to change these stats, and help parents shop more sustainably. They’ve been busy perfecting the best plastic-free, biodegradable wet wipes in new recyclable packaging so you can shop consciously with ease.

The best biodegradable wet wipes

Up to 90% of wet wipes contain plastics that take decades to decompose, leaving harmful microplastics behind. The good news is that awareness of this problem is growing, as well as the demand for plastic free alternatives.

Aqua Wipes are constantly looking for new ways to give us parents more choice while protecting our planet and our little ones. Their new range of products goes even further to protect both baby and the planet, using industry-leading barrier technology and improved recyclable packaging. And from the 1st of September, Aqua Wipes are launching a new easy-to-use subscription service to make buying biodegradable wet wipes even easier. The new eCommerce platform will allow you to choose a delivery frequency to suit your family’s needs.

What’s more, proceeds from the new range will support a long-term donation partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, so you can feel even better about your wet wipe purchases!


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Which wet wipes are best for my baby?

All Aqua Wipes are formulated for care. They are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and just the right size for the job. Thick, soft and just wet enough to look after even the most delicate skin. Unlike the majority of wet wipes on the market, Aqua Wipes biodegrade in just 15 days.

They’re made from natural materials, so they can go in your compost bin or to landfill, so, you can simply throw them into your regular rubbish bin! For tips on how to dispose of your wet wipes so they biodegrade most effectively, click here.

How to dispose of your wet wipes

Aqua Wipes research found that two-thirds, that’s 66 percent of parents, wrap soiled wipes into the dirty nappy after changing their baby. This will not provide the correct climate for a biodegradable wipe to decompose and even biodegradable nappies might still include certain materials that can compromise the process.

Dr. Mark Little, Aqua Wipes Managing Director explains: “Aqua Wipes need oxygen to biodegrade as quickly as possible… Left exposed in compost conditions, Aqua Wipes will decompose in 15 days and importantly will not release any microplastics into the environment. The only correct way to dispose of Aqua Wipes is to place them directly into a compost bin or the general waste bin. You must never flush them down the loo.”

Aqua Wipes exciting new product portfolio includes three tiers of wipe – here’s how to choose:

Premium 3-in-1

The best biodegradable, plastic free baby wipes with barrier protection technology to soothe and protect sensitive newborn skin. Available in 48 wipe pack sizes, these wipes use barrier technology adapted from Aqua Wipes partner brand and market-leading Clinicept Patient Continence Wipes, supplied to and trusted by the NHS for over 10 years.


The original biodegradable, plastic free baby wipes with Aloe Vera for newborn skin, trusted by the NHS, are available in 64 wipe packs and 12 wipe Travel Pack sizes. This range also includes Gentle Eyelid Wipes in pack sizes of 20 sterile wipes.


Providing biodegradable, plastic free baby wipes at everyday prices in various bundles of a 56-wipe pack size.

Shop now

Visit to see the full range of products that are now available to buy online. Aqua Wipes are also found in-store or online at BootsLloyds PharmacyOcado, WHSmith, Amazon and Superdrug.

Subscribe & save

Save up to 12.5% with Aqua Wipes Subscribe & Save services to make sure you never run out.


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