By Charlotte Pearl – founder of Pink Lining, currently expecting baby number 4… any day!

It’s so exciting to be packing and able to use my changing bags again with the imminent birth of baby number four hopefully happening any day now!

Rufus and I have 3 children, Amelia-Rose aged 10 years, Lucas, 7 years and Arthur, 5 years so it has been a while since I have personally been able to tote one of my own changing bags. I have chosen the Bramley Tote in pink flamingos, and combining some research with vague memories of what I needed last time (albeit almost 6 years ago!) here is my list of what I have packed for our baby girl: (bearing in mind most hospitals will have all the essentials if you happen to forget anything, plus if you end up spending more time in hospital than you had anticipated hopefully someone could pick up any extra items should you need them.)

The fundamentals:

? 2 plain white vests- John Lewis baby
? 2 plain white baby grows – John Lewis baby
? Baby knitted hat – Sue Hill
? Knitted booties – Hop Like A Bunny
Baby socks x 3 pairs – John Lewis baby
Knitted cardigan – John Lewis baby
3 Muslin cloths – Frugi
? Receiving waffle snug as a bug blanket – PL Child (Available mid April)
? A special, stripy, (warm  & woolly) leaving hospital baby grow – Mini A Ture
? …and an alternative outfit (she is a girl after all!) – John Lewis baby
? Her first snuggle bunny soft toy – PL Child (Available mid April)

The nappy changing essentials stowed inside the Pink Lining zip wet bag:

? A travel packet of water wipes (wet wipes for nappy changes without any nasty chemicals) – Water Wipes
? Cotton wool
? Beaming baby Biodegradable nappy sacs – Beaming Baby/Amazon
Soothing Bottom butter – Love Boo
Lucas Papaw ointment – The Paw Paw Shop

And stashed in the elasticated changing bag nappy pockets:

? 20x Naty newborn nappies – Naty

Top tip! For all things mother, baby & child related I find to be an invaluable source of information!

Charlotte Pearl (Founder & Creative Director) Pink Lining. London.

Charlotte Pearl (Founder & Creative Director) Pink Lining. London.